Here’s What We Know About ‘I Am Groot’ Season 3

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In a sea of superhero projects that have flopped recently, one lighthearted, sweet piece of Marvel Studios Animation keeps thriving and endearing fans worldwide. ‘I Am Groot’ Season 2 premiered this September with another set of five short episodes about the misadventures of Baby Groot, as fans endearingly call him.

Seeing that the show is quite popular despite its short nature, many fans wonder if we’re getting a Season 3, or maybe even more, from ‘I Am Groot’ and its creators. If you are wondering the same thing, too, you’re in the right place. Here’s everything we know so far about ‘I Am Groot’ Season 3.

What is ‘I Am Groot’ about?

‘I Am Groot’ first premiered in August 2022 as a five-episode series of short stories revolving around our young, beloved Groot. Baby Groot has been a fan-favorite since he appeared in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2,’ and has since become a pop-culture phenomenon – much like ‘The Mandalorian’s Grogu, aka Baby Yoda.

Throughout the first two seasons, the show heavily focused on the time frame between the ending of ‘GotG Vol. 2’ and its post-credits scene, where Groot is already a ‘teenager.’ We’ve already seen Groot take his first steps, grow his first leaves, develop his sense of smell, fulfill an ancient prophecy, and much more.

Despite this, however, the time between Baby Groot and Teenage Groot is vast, and there’s a lot of room to work with them and develop more stories about the fan-favorite character. So, is ‘I Am Groot’ Season 3 really happening?


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Is ‘I Am Groot’ getting a Season 3?

Let’s make things clear so there is no confusion – ‘I Am Groot’ Season 3 has not yet been officially confirmed by Marvel or Disney. However, there’s a strong belief that ‘I Am Groot’ is destined for another season – or even more – and there are several reasons why that is the case.

First of all, ‘I Am Groot’ had amazing reviews so far and was very well received by Disney+ users. One critic from SuperHeroHype gave Season 2 a ‘5 out of 5 rating’, stating that ‘These shorts may not advance the grand Marvel sagas forward, but as snippets of a space kid’s story, they’re both remarkably photoreal and perfectly charming.’

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This leads me to the second reason why I believe that ‘I Am Groot’ is getting a third season. The shorts don’t really play a major role in the grand scheme of the MCU. Regardless of what happens in the movies or other TV series within the MCU, ‘I Am Groot’ can stand alone as a lighthearted, fun series of shorts to put a smile on your face and cheer you up. As long as fans enjoy them, there’s no reason not to make more.

And finally, we have to address what the show’s creator, Kristin Lepore, had to say about the show’s potential future. In a recent interview, Lepore revealed that they have already given ‘loglines for 30 different episodes, and then the execs choose the ones they liked the most.’ She also added: ‘There’s definitely no shortage of ideas on our end.’

In other words, it all depends on whether Marvel executives want to do more of these sweet shorts or not. The main reason why executives choose to do or not do a project is its popularity and viewership numbers. Seeing that people genuinely adore ‘I Am Groot,’ we can almost certainly expect Season 3 (and perhaps even beyond that) to happen.

What could ‘I Am Groot’ Season 3 be about?

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The first two seasons of ‘I Am Groot’ gave us a great picture of what Season 3 could be about. Keep in mind there are already tons of loglines and ideas that were put out there by the show’s creators that haven’t been made yet.

What’s certain is that the show will continue with its lighthearted subjects and humor in a short format. Perhaps, in Season 3, they could dive into Groot’s life in between those Baby Groot and Teenage Groot years. Maybe we’ll get to see a Preschool Groot; who knows? 

The best part about it is that the showrunners don’t have to worry too much about continuity – they can just go ahead and make awesome stories like they did so far and enjoy exploring Groot’s childhood with the Guardians of the Galaxy.


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Will other Guardians of the Galaxy appear in ‘I Am Groot’ Season 3?

Season 1 of ‘I Am Groot’ had a great little cameo from Bradley Cooper’s Rocket. Season 2 also had a cameo from a very popular and respected Guardian of the Galaxy, whose name I shall not spoil right now since many of you might not have had a chance to check out Season 2 yet. So, will Season 3 feature other Guardians of the Galaxy?

If Season 3 happens, Lepore would certainly love to entertain that possibility: ‘That would be super cool. We definitely have had this tradition, I guess at this point, of having one special guest each season. So who knows?’

Where to watch ‘I Am Groot’?

‘I Am Groot,’ as all other MCU and Marvel Studios Animation projects are available for streaming exclusively on Disney+.

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