How Fast Is Captain America? Compared to Other Fast Superheroes


Captain America, The First Avenger, is known for his enhanced physiology due to the experimental super-soldier serum that gave him peak human abilities in terms of strength, speed, and durability. Captain America is not superpowered in a traditional sense, but he still is significantly more powerful than an average human being. This is why we’ve decided to analyze some of his abilities in a bit more detail, focusing primarily on his speed. Due to that, let’s see how fast Captain America is so we can compare him to some other fast characters from the world of comics.

Captain America can run as fast as 30 miles per hour, although he was known to reach almost double this speed, reaching 60 miles per hour. He likewise has enhanced reflexes, agility, and reaction speeds that are far above regular human beings, thanks to the super soldier serum. Compared to other fast characters from the comics, Captain America is not that fast, and he would likely be outpaced by all of them, even on his best day.

Now that we’ve covered that Captain America’s speeds are impressive for humans but not that impressive for speedsters, it’s time to see why and how. If you’re interested in more, stay with us and keep reading!

How fast can Captain America run?

We all know the origin story of Captain America: Steve Rogers was injected with a super-soldier serum that enhanced all of his natural abilities and turned him into a peak version of a human being. He is stronger, more durable, and faster and performs at the physical level of a peak Olympic performer.

Regarding speeds, Captain America can run, on average, 30 miles per hour. Of course, his ability to run and the speeds are totally dependent on his stamina and level of fatigue at the moment. Even though Steve has enhanced stamina, it is not limitless by any means. It simply means he will tire much slower than a regular human being.

Captain America is known to do a 40-yard dash at his best in 3.82 seconds. To put it in more simple terms, he can run at 60 miles per hour in the best condition.

His running speeds are not the only thing that is enhanced. While in combat, Captain America has enhanced reflexes; he can move with much more grace and fluidity, and likewise, he can react to movements faster.


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But how would he compare to other speedsters from Marvel universe?

Captain America can’t hope to outrun Quicksilver

Quicksilver is by far one of the most famous speedsters in the Marvel Universe. Pietro Maximoff was born with speed physiology, a mutant gene that allows him to reach speeds otherwise impossible to regular human beings. Quicksilver is known to reach orbital velocity speeds; with the power and speed of his movements, he is likewise known to be able to fly short distances. He once ran from Tibet to Indonesia in a few seconds.

How does Captain America compare to this? Not good, I’m afraid. Steve Rogers is nowhere near reaching the speeds that Pietro is able to reach, and likewise, Rogers’ physiology would never be able to adapt to those speeds. Quicksilver is many times faster than Captain America.

Captain America is far behind Silver Surfer

He is not a classical speedster since Silver Surfer is far more famous for his Power Cosmic. Still, he is one character known to reach mind-boggling speeds, so we decided to put him on this list.

Silver Surfer, with his surfboard enhanced by Galactus, is capable of warp speeds and can move faster than light. This is needed in Surfers’ line of work since he constantly traverses the Universe, looking for new planets for Galactus to devour.

When compared to Captain America, Silver Surfer can move as fast as Steve Rogers can think. Captain America is slower than Silver Surfer by many times.

Is Captain America faster than Iron Man?

Iron Man

For most of his powers and abilities, Iron Man has to rely on his incredible technology and suits. His suits allow Iron Man to reach orbital velocity speeds and be counted among the fastest Avengers.

Not only is Iron Man capable of reaching lightning-fast speeds while he is flying, but his suits likewise react to any enemy movements nearly instantly, meaning that he has the upper hand in combat as well. Due to this, it’s clear that Captain America is much slower than Iron Man while he is in his suit.

Can Captain America catch up to Spider-Man?

Spider-Man is not your classical speedster, although he can move extremely fast while using his webbing to traverse large distances quickly. Even so, Spider-Man can reach speeds of up to 700 miles per hour, which makes him, well, extremely faster than Captain America.

Due to his unique Spider-Man physiology, Peter’s body is perfectly adapted to moving at such speeds, and if he is high enough, he can appear to fly while using his webbing. With everything said, Captain America is much slower than Spider-Man, and he would certainly not be able to win against him in any speed-related contest.

Captain America can’t match the speed of a Human Torch

Among other extremely fast characters in Marvel Comics, people often forget about Johnny Storm. Due to his exposure to cosmic radiation, he acquired the powers of pyrogenesis and, among many others, incredible speed. The Human Torch’s plasma contains high levels of hydrogen. It is surrounded by a cloud of mono-atomic hydrogen atoms that provide positive buoyancy for him to float and reach mind-blowing speeds.


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He can achieve normal flight speeds of 140 miles per hour and supersonic speeds by forming a jet from his feet, allowing him to catch up with faster beings such as the Silver Surfer in Earth’s orbit. Johnny Storm is just one of many characters that can reach orbital velocity speeds, so he is much faster than Captain America.

How fast is Captain America compared to Daredevil?

Daredevil is like Captain America, classified as an enhanced human and not a superhuman even though he has superpowers, but those are mostly focused on his senses and not on the physical aspects of his characters.

As an enhanced human, Daredevil has Olympic-level physical performance, meaning that he can run faster than your average human, but not by much. His speeds were never explicitly stated in the comics, but we can assume that Daredevil is slower than Captain America because his physical aspects were slightly more enhanced.

In summary, Captain America is not that fast, as he can’t surpass the speeds of most superpowered characters in Marvel Comics.

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