How Fast Is Captain Marvel? Compared to Other Fast Superheroes

How Fast Is Captain Marvel Compared To Other Fast Superheroes

Captain Marvel is known to be a true powerhouse in the Marvel Universe. Most of this is owed to her Human/Kree hybrid physiology that allows her to utilize and project incredible amounts of energy and achieve unreachable feats to average human beings. She is strong and durable, but how fast can she move? We set out to explore this today, so join us as we figure out how fast Captain Marvel can move and how she compares to other superheroes in the Marvel Universe. 

Captain Marvel’s top speed is unknown, but she can go at least as fast as 17,000 mph. Captain Marvel frequently takes interplanetary flights, which is the greatest proof that she can move above the speed of sound. Compared to other characters, Captain Marvel is definitely faster than most superpowered characters, but she falls short when compared to cosmic beings like Silver Surfer and powerhouses like Sentry. 

Now that we’ve covered how fast Captain Marvel is, it’s time to compare her to other fast Marvel characters. If you’re interested in more, stay with us and keep reading!

Captain Marvel is known to be among the fastest Avengers 

Captain Marvel has hybrid human/Kree physiology that grants her near-divine powers. She is capable of lifting incredible weights, she can endure enough damage to be equivalent to a nuclear bomb going off, and she can frequently be seen taking interplanetary flights with nothing but skin on her back. 

Her powerful muscles can propel her into the atmosphere fast enough to utilize the planet’s electromagnetic field and sail along with it until she reaches outer space.  

Danvers’ top speed is truly unknown, especially if we take her Binary form into consideration. However, it’s known that she can reach ultrasonic speeds, and since she is classified as level 5 in terms of speed per official sources, this means that she can move as fast as Mach 2 speed and reach up to orbital velocity speed. To put it in more simple terms, Captain Marvel can move as fast 17 000 miles per hour. 

Captain Marvel flying

These speeds are unimaginable to most characters in Marvel Universe, so let’s take a look at how Carol Danvers would stack up against them. 


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Is Captain Marvel faster than Thor? 

Thor flying comics

Thor is among the fastest Avengers primarily due to his Asgardian physiology and lineage that provides him with godlike powers, abilities, speeds, and strength. It’s not easy to compare these two powerhouses since Thor often uses Mjolnir to reach speeds that go faster than the speed of light. 

With Mjolnir and utilizing other means to traverse cosmic distances, Thor is far faster than Captain Marvel, but unaided and using only his muscles? We cannot say Thor has incredible speed feats in the comics, but they are rarely done without the use of the Bifrost bridge and Mjolnir. But, due to the comics history, we’ll give this one Thor. Captain Marvel can’t go against the God of Thunder. 

Captain Marvel wouldn’t be able to catch Silver Surfer in a cosmic race 

silver surfer

If any character has more reasons to regularly engage in interplanetary travel, it’s Silver Surfer. Silver Surfer uses his surfboard to jump between faraway places in the Universe in a matter of minutes or even seconds. He spends most of his days trying to stop cosmic catastrophes, like Captain Marvel, or finding suitable planets for his master, Galactus, to feast on (unlike Captain Marvel.) 

Silver Surfer is known to be among the fastest characters in Marvel comics, and due to his unique physiology as the herald of Galactus as well as his magical enhancements, he can achieve warp speeds faster than light. It’s clear that Silver Surfer is faster than Captain Marvel. 

Is Captain Marvel faster than Sentry? 

Sentry flying

Robert Reynolds got his powers when he accidentally consumed a Golden Sentry Serum, something similar to super-soldier serum. Instead of granting him enhanced human physiology, the Golden Sentry Serum gave Reynolds the power of a million exploding suns. This means that not only is Sentry among the most powerful characters in the Marvel Universe he is also among the fastest. 

Sentry can fly at speeds that far surpass the speed of light; he was shown to be able to traverse the distance between Earth and the Sun in a matter of seconds when it takes light itself 8 minutes to cross the same distance. On land, Sentry was seen moving far surpassing hypersonic speeds. 

Both Captain Marvel and Sentry are exploding powerhouses, but Sentry is still much faster than Captain Marvel. 

Quicksilver can’t hope to catch up to Captain Marvel 


Quicksilver is the most famous Marvel speedster. He is a mutant with speed physiology, which means that not only he is able to reach incredible speeds, he is likewise built perfectly to do it. 

Quicksilver specializes mostly in the running, as his flying abilities are not so advanced even though he is able to do it in short bursts. He once ran from Tibet to Indonesia in a few seconds. With everything said, Captain Marvel is likely faster than Quicksilver since her top speed hasn’t been confirmed yet. 


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Is the current Captain Marvel faster than the former Captain Marvel? 

Monica Rambeau flying

Monica Rambeau was the second character in Marvel comics to hold the mantle of Captain Marvel. She got her powers while she was beating an energy disruptor machine with her bare hands that bombarded her with extra-dimensional energy.  

Soon after, Monica Rambeau figured out she could convert her entire body mass into various forms of energy and that she was now among the fastest characters in the comics. Why? Because she can convert her body into light form and, like this, can easily reach the speed of light naturally. This might be considered to be cheating, but still, the fact that Carol Danvers is not known to reach the speed of light regularly, Monica Rambeau is faster than Captain Marvel. 

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