How Fast Is Thor? Compared to Other Superheroes


Thor, due to his Asgardian Physiology, has godly powers and abilities that far surpass even the most powerful superpowered humans in Marvel Comics. He is incredibly strong, has elemental powers, and is capable of tanking even the most severe amount of damage. But did you know that not only is Thor among the strongest Avengers, but he also is likewise among the fastest, and it’s not due to his physiology alone? This is what we’re going to set out to explore today. So let’s see, how fast is Thor compared to other fast superheroes? 

Thor is at his fastest when using Mjolnir. With Mjolnir, Thor can reach Mach32 speeds which is 87,738,945 miles per hour. Thor’s fastest recorded speed at this point is three times the speed of light while flying with Mjolnir. When it comes to running, Thor has been described as being able to run at speeds that surpass the speed of lightning, which is more than 224,000 miles per hour. In terms of combat, Thor has greatly enhanced reflexes and reaction times as well. 

Now that we’ve covered the numbers, it’s time to compare Thor to other speedsters from Marvel comics. If you’re interested, stay with us and keep reading!

Thor often moves so fast he is invisible to the naked eye 

Thor is most famous for his incredibly destructive discharges of lightning. I mean, the God of Thunder thing wouldn’t make sense otherwise. Besides being able to defeat his enemies with his array of powerful weapons or elemental magic or simply brawl them to victory, Thor is likewise able to outrun them. 

It’s partly due to his Asgardian physiology, which provided him with muscles able to generate such speed. It’s rarely that someone can keep up with him. And some of the speed is partly due to him throwing Mjolnir, with which he can fly through space at eye-watering speeds.

While on land and running unaided by Mjolnir, Thor can run at approximately the speed of lightning, sometimes even more which means that he is able to surpass the speed of 224,000 miles per hour. With Mjolnir, these speeds go to the extreme. 

With Mjolnir, Thor can reach Mach32 speeds, and he has been recorded to reach three times the speed of light. Generally, however, under an earth-like atmosphere, Thor is capable of moving 770 miles per hour which is the speed of sound. 

With everything said, let’s compare Thor to other fast characters. 

Is Thor faster than Silver Surfer? 

Silver Surfer, the herald of Galactus, is famous for his surfboard and the fact that he often engages in interplanetary travel in order to find the right planets for his master to consume. When it comes to Silver Sufer’s speed feats in the comics, hardly a character can match them as he enters hyperspace regularly.

Thor can match Silver Surfer’s speeds. That is true. However, I’m going to go with Silver Surfer on this one since he has better speed feats, Thor is not as fast as Surfer without Mjolnir, and Thor’s speed has been inconsistent in the comics most of the time. Silver Surfer wins in a race against Thor.  


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How does Thor match up to Beta Ray Bill? 

It’s common knowledge that Beta Ray Bill and Thor are pretty much on the same power level. The two fought many times and displayed similar strength, durability, and similar destructive abilities. What about speeds? Like Thor with Mjolnir, Beta Ray Bill with Stormbreaker can surpass the speed of light, and considering they are almost equal in every other aspect, I’m going to call this one a draw. Beta Ray Bill and Thor are equally fast. 

How does Thor measure up against Adam Warlock in terms of speed? 

Adam Warlock is known to be among the most powerful characters in Marvel comics with reality-breaking powers. His speeds are equally glorious and pretty similar to Thor, if we’re going to be completely honest. Under the earth-like atmosphere, Adam Warlock can go up to Thor’s level of speed, which is 770 miles per hour. In space, Adam Warlock can surpass the speed of light. Adam Warlock is likely faster than Thor since he flies unaided when compared to Thor. 

Quicksilver is not fast enough to catch up to Thor 

Quicksilver is Marvel’s most famous speedster. This mutant has speed physiology, and all of his powers and abilities revolve around attaining impossible speeds. His speeds might not be impressive in terms of gods or cosmic beings, but he is definitely among the fastest humans in the Marvel Universe. 

However, Quicksilver, with his supersonic speeds, can’t even hope to outrun Thor and his faster-than-light speeds. Thor is faster than Quicksilver. 

Is Thor faster than Sentry?

Robert Reynolds, aka Sentry, accidentally consumed the Golden Sentry Serum that gave him the power of a million exploding suns. Due to this, he is now considered among the most powerful Marvel superheroes, surpassing himself when the Void takes over.

In terms of speed feats, Sentry has many. He once flew from Earth to the sun in a few seconds, which means that he greatly surpassed the speed of light. Sentry is more likely many times faster than Thor, even when Mjolnir backs Thor. 


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Can the God of Thunder outpace the Hulk?

There is an eternal struggle in terms of strength when it comes to Thor and the Hulk. The Jade giant is famous for his strong muscles and his ability to attain infinite strength while enraged. However, despite being incredibly bulky, Hulk is among the fastest characters, well, if we’re going by his leaps. 

. He has leaped incredible distances, including transposing about 1,000 miles with a single leap and even jumping into Mars’ orbit. Despite his immense power, the Hulk has demonstrated remarkable precision with his jumps and landings, even grabbing missiles and landing on small islands. Hulk’s leap has been measured to reach 473 miles per hour which is not enough, however, to measure up to Thor. Due to this, we can conclude that Thor is faster than Hulk. 

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