How Fast Is Wolverine? Compared to Other Fast Superheroes

How Fast Is Wolverine Compared To Other Fast Superheroes
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Wolverine is most notable for his healing factor and his adamantium retractable claws. But due to his mutant physiology, he has plenty of other enhancements that make him one of the deadliest mutants around. We know that he is extremely durable, strong, and a master combatant with unparalleled senses, but how fast is Wolverine? This is what we set out to explore today, Wolverine’s speed, and we’re also going to compare him with other characters that can be considered fast, in Wolverine’s power range, of course. Now let’s see how fast Wolverine can run.

Wolverine can run as fast as 30 miles per hour, which puts him at a low-superhuman level of speed. Wolverine’s speed is not that impressive when he is simply moving, but in combat, he has proven to be extraordinarily fast, often killing his targets before they can even register it. Wolverine’s speed can be compared to the speed of other enhanced humans, but nothing more than that.

Now that we’ve given you the answer to the main question let’s see some of Wolverine’s speed feats and how well his speed translates to combat. If you’re interested in more, stay with us and keep reading!

Wolverine is far faster in combat than while he is simply running

According to the official sources, Wolverine’s physiology provides him with enhanced speeds, but nothing near cosmic levels like some of the characters that are often mentioned in that context in the Marvel Universe. Wolverine has low-level superhuman speed, and he can reach speeds up to 30 miles per hour while running.

This is still impressive, considering that he has an Adamantium skeleton and weighs more than he would have otherwise if his skeleton was normal. Now, it’s clear that Wolverine is not as fast while he is running, but the thing is, over the years, Wolverine has proven himself to be among the most vicious combatants in Marvel, both in armed and unarmed combat, which is most likely why his combat speeds are so insane.

Spider man faster than wolverine

He is frequently capable of catching his targets off-guard, killing them before they even notice him. He is practically invisible while he moves in combat, and even Spider-Man and other fast characters often imply and notice that in combat, he could possibly be faster than them.


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Still, it’s quite difficult to calculate how fast someone moves in combat, and it’s even more difficult to calculate would that character be able to sustain those incredible speeds, so we’re going to stick with the official speed while acknowledging that this is Wolverine’s running speed only.

Besides being incredibly fast in combat, Wolverine can also leap and jump great distances. All of this is partly due to his mutant physiology and partly due to his years and years of experience fighting and mastering various combat techniques.

But the question still remains, how fast is Wolverine compared to other characters? This is what we’re going to analyze next. And no, Wolverine will not be compared to other characters that have vastly superhuman speeds and cosmic speeds, as that wouldn’t make sense, and the answer would be obvious.

Is Wolverine faster than Spider-Man?

moon knight spider man spider sense

Even though Spider-Man implied in the past that Wolverine might be faster than him, and Wolverine even managed to keep up with Spidey on occasion, he is definitely not faster. Spider-Man can move at speeds up to 700 miles per hour, and he is also insanely fast in combat. Often utilizes his webbing to escape enemies quickly or catch them off-guard.

This is due to his spider physiology and the fact that Spider-Man is capable of insane acrobatics and has insane reflexes makes him perhaps even faster than Wolverine in combat.

How fast is Wolverine compared to Black Panther?

Story of Black Panther

We actually analyzed this while we staged a hypothetical fight between Wolverine and Black Panther. We know that Black Panther is also enhanced human due to Heart-Shape Herb and Bast’s blessings which makes him enhanced human but not entirely superhuman in nature, and due to that and the fact that Black Panther can move at speeds that reach close to 35 miles per hour, you can see that Wolverine and Black Panther are more or less equally fast. However, this is where Wolverine’s mutant physiology and healing factor come in.

Wolverine can maintain his speed a lot longer than Black Panther, which means that he is also faster in combat.

Is Wolverine faster than Captain America?

captain america speed

Captain America is likewise only an enhanced human. He wasn’t inherently born with his speed or strength. He, instead, ingested a Super Soldier Serum that transformed him into a pinnacle of human evolution. On average, Captain America can reach speeds up to 30 miles per hour, which is exactly the same as Wolverine. However, Captain America was also known on instances to move as fast as 60 miles per hour when needed, which makes him vastly faster than Wolverine.

We don’t know Wolverine’s top speed, but we know that it isn’t 60 miles per hour.


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How fast is Wolverine compared to Deadpool?

deadpool comics featured

It’s difficult to determine how fast Deadpool exactly is. The official sources claim that Deadpool is as fast as a trained athlete, which is not much in the world of comics. However, he frequently displays the ability to dodge and stop bullets, which would make him insanely fast. So, we’re going to find a middle ground.

Deadpool is most likely as fast as Wolverine but can reach insane speed during combat. Deadpool can, like Wolverine, reach incredible speeds in combat because his healing factor repairs the damage and neutralizes fatigue toxins faster than other characters, which allows them to maintain their speed longer.

The fact that Deadpool’s own healing factor was derived from Wolverine’s makes matters all the more similar.

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