How Old Is Loki? In The Comics & MCU


MCU is home to some long-lived races and nearly-immortal characters, and among them, the most famous are the Asgardian God of Thunder, Thor, and his Frost Giant adoptive brother, Loki. Both Thor and Loki have been around for a long time, far longer than the average human being would be. Due to that, we decided to revisit some facts related to Loki concerning his age as well as to discover why Loki is able to live that long and how old is the alternative version of Loki anyway.

In the MCU, the original Loki was 1053 years old at the time of his death in 2018, given that he was born in 965 A.D. The new variant of Loki that resurfaced during the events of ‘Endgame’ is currently 1047 years old, being born in the same year and arrested by the TVA in 2012 during what would be the events of the original ‘Avengers’ movie. In the comics, Loki’s birth year was never exactly specified, but based on various stories, we can assume that version of Loki is far older, being thousands of years old.

Now that we’ve covered Loki’s age, it’s time to explain it. Numerous timelines, various accounts, and referenced events all make determining the characters’ ages slightly inconvenient; luckily, when it comes to Loki, everything is pretty straightforward. If you’re interested in more, stay with us and keep reading!

The current version of Loki in the MCU is slightly younger than the deceased Loki

We know that the MCU introduced several variants of ‘Loki’ both during the events of the Avengers movies and during the events of his own standalone shows. We have the original version of Loki that appeared during the events of ‘Thor’ and the version that appeared during the events of ‘Avengers: Endgame.’ Those are the two versions of Loki that we are interested in since determining the age of other variants would be nearly impossible. We don’t know their exact birthdates and at what points in time they were captured by the TVA.

So, the original and Time Heist versions of Loki were both born in 965 A.D., while the Asgard-Jotunheim war was in full swing. Their timelines were exactly the same except for that slight inconvenience of the original Loki dying during the events of ‘Avengers: Infinity War.’ Since ‘Infinity War’ took place in 2018, we can conclude that Loki was 1053 years old when he died.

Now, during ‘Endgame’ Avengers performed the Time Heist and went back in time to retrieve Infinity Stones. They transported themselves back to 2012 during the events of ‘Avengers’ and the Battle of New York while the Space Stone was in Loki’s possession. In that moment, Loki created the Nexus Event and stopped his death from happening since he was arrested by the TVA.

Even though the Time Heist version of Loki survived, he didn’t magically replace the old, dead version of Loki; he likewise didn’t age himself rapidly, so since his journey was interrupted in 2012, this means that the Time Heist version of Loki is 1047 years old, or six years young the dead Loki.

A similar thing happened with Gamora, whose Time Heist version is likewise younger than her deceased version.


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How is Loki able to live this long?

We already discussed whether Thor is immortal, and the answer was that he is not. He is just long-lived up to the point that he seems immortal to humans. The same thing can be said for Loki as well. Loki is not Asgardian; he is a Frost Giant, and despite being much smaller than the rest of his kind, he still has exactly the same physiology as your regular Frost Giant. While Frost Giants are not immortal, they are long-lived.

Loki is over a thousand years old, and he still appears to be in his prime. Loki’s father, Laufey, was who knows how old, and he still appeared to be in his prime when Loki killed him more than a thousand years later.

Loki is the same age as Thor in the MCU

At first, according to some accounts, Thor was perceived as several decades or centuries older than Thor, but the truth is far less complicated. Thor was born between 965 and 964 A.D., making him several months at best older than Loki. Thor’s recount of what happened when Loki transformed into a snake and bit him supports this version of events. Thor stated that both he and Loki were eight years old at that time, which supports them being the same age theory.

However, the age difference between Loki and Thor cannot be too small since Thor not knowing that Loki was adopted wouldn’t make sense in that case. The age difference between them has to be at least ten months, depending on how long gestation lasts among Asgardians. Either Thor knew all along that Loki was adopted, or something else was taking place. In any case, the MCU timeline is sometimes confusing.

How old is Loki in the comics?

It wasn’t hard to determine how old Loki is in the MCU. However, it’s much more difficult to determine his age in the comics due to Loki’s several origin stories, his time travel antics, and several different accounts of when certain events took place.


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According to Loki’s older origin story, he was discovered by Odin as a newborn child, and according to the most recent origin, Loki was adopted by Odin far older, an event that was kickstarted by Loki time traveling and deceiving Odin into adopting him.

But the best-case scenario is that Loki is at least a thousand years old, if not even several thousands of years old, as his exact birth year was never revealed.

How old is Loki in human years?

Considering that Asgardians are extremely long-lived when compared to humans and can live up to 5000 years old if we convert this to the average human lifespan and the time he has already lived, Loki would be 21.4 years old in human years, approximately the same age as Thor in human years. If we go by Tom Hiddleston’s current age, then he is 42 years old.

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