How Strong Is Loki? Compared To Thor, Kang, Doctor Strange, Thanos, & Hulk


Loki is most notable for being a Frost Giant, a regular enemy of Thor and Asgardians in general, a powerful mischievous deity, and many other not-so-positive things. But did you know that he is also incredibly physically strong? Even though Loki was adopted into the Asgardian royal family, his inborn physical potential wasn’t that far off from the characters that he surrounded himself with. We know that he is among the most powerful magic users in the Marvel Universe, but how strong is he? Especially when compared to other physically powerful characters. 

Loki has superhuman strength, and he can lift up to 50 tons due to his Frost Giant physiology. Even though Loki most often relies on his magical powers, illusions, and shapeshifting, he has enough strength to overpower some of the strongest characters in Marvel Comics. Loki is strong enough to collapse buildings and overpower your average Asgardian. 

Now that we’ve covered the extent of Loki’s physical might, it’s time to explore how he is so strong and, most importantly, to compare him to some other powerful characters in Marvel Comics. If you are interested in more, stay with us and keep reading!

Loki has Frost Giant Strength

Loki’s origin story is well known. He was born to King Laufey of Frost Giants but adopted into the Asgardian royal family to grow up alongside Thor and the rest of the divine Asgardians. Loki’s heritage was, for a long time, a secret, but the physical differences between him and Thor were obvious, and as such, even if he was trained in traditional combat arts, Loki decided to practice magic.

However, these physical differences between Thor and Loki were minimal because, despite his smaller size than other Frost Giants, he was still extremely physically strong as he inherited their might. In fact, Loki was stronger than most Asgardians by default, even without relying on his mystical powers to empower himself. 

Loki can lift up to 50 tons, with some newer sources claiming that he can lift even more. This is due to his superhumanly dense tissues that are allegeldy three times the density of average human tissues. Loki is not only stronger than your average being or average Asgardian, but he is also heavier and more durable. 

With his superhuman strength, Loki can shatter rocks, knock over cars, tear down metal sheets, etc. And even if most of Loki’s feats are magic-oriented, and he rarely chooses to fight with his fists alone, he did once manage to briefly match Silver Surfer’s physical strength and even overpower Thor. 

Now that we’ve covered the source of Loki’s strength, it’s time to see how he compares to other strong characters. 


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Is Loki stronger than Thor? 

Loki is not stronger than Thor. Differences in strength, when you compare Asgardian and Frost Giant, are not so great as when you compare Asgardian and Human, but they still exist. Thor, due to his godly status and race, can lift up to 100 tons, possibly even more. As such, he is placed in the upper echelons of Marvel Comics, at least regarding physical strength. 

Thor’s was strong enough over the years to overpower the likes of Silver Surfer, Hulk, Galactus, and numerous other beings larger than life. He would deal with Loki easily. 

How does Loki compare to Kang the Conqueror? 

Kang the Conqueror doesn’t have a godly or superhuman background. He was a brilliant inventor who acquired a powerful alloy from the 40th century, with which he crafted his neurokinetic suit. This suit allows Kang to lift up to 5 tons effortlessly and provides him with numerous other benefits and powers.

Still, his super-advanced armor cannot measure up to Loki’s Frost Giant genes. Kang is much physically weaker than Loki in every sense of the word. 

Is Loki stronger than Doctor Strange? 

Comparing two sorcerers is always fun since they are usually human and don’t possess significant physical strength, and Doctor Strange is no exception to this rule. Doctor Strange has all the magical potential imaginable. He can manipulate various magical sources, including divine and black magic.

Even with all the enhancements in the world, one aspect of Strange is severely lacking: his physical strength. Strange can lift his own body weight, which makes him incredibly weak, at least when compared to characters on this list. Strange can always empower himself and lift heavy objects through telekinesis and other mystical means, but the fact that he is much weaker than Loki remains. 

How strong is Loki compared to Thanos?

Thanos is neither a Frost Giant nor an Asgardian God. He is something far more dangerous, an Eternal-Devinat Hybrid. If you’ve thought that Loki’s body tissues are strong, dense, and durable, one look at Thanos’ bulky physique gives you enough clue as to what Loki would be dealing with. 

Thanos can lift in excess of 100 tons, possibly even more. The exact limits are not known, and he can always empower himself through other means. Thanos is among the physically strongest characters in the comics, and due to his long history, he overpowered the likes of Hulk, Thor, Silver Surfer, and many other characters that you would consider godlike in nature. Thanos is much stronger than Loki. 


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Is Loki stronger than Hulk? 

Hulk is, according to many fans, the strongest character in Marvel Comics due to his strength that scales with his anger. There are no limits to Hulk’s strength. As long as he keeps getting angry, he will be getting stronger.

It’s impossible to deal with him physically, and the longer he fights, the more potential he is able to unlock. Besides, we all remember the “puny” god scene in the MCU where Loki got absolutely annihilated by the Jade Giant. That scene was enough to answer this question: Hulk is far stronger than Loki. 

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