How Powerful Is Loki? Powers & Abilities Breakdown


Over the course of his MCU appearances, we had a chance to see that Loki was indeed considered to be extremely powerful and dangerous. Loki is not human. He is a Frost Giant raised as Asgardian and, as such, picked up a few skills along the way that complimented his natural powers and physical attributes. We’ve seen him challenging some of the most powerful characters in the MCU and leaving relatively unscathed. We’ve seen him wielding some of the most powerful weapons and become an extremely dangerous villain. Due to that, we decided to break down all of Loki’s powers and abilities to see how powerful he really is.

Loki is among the most powerful characters in the MCU due to his Frost Giant physiology, which provides him with superhuman strength, speed, and durability. He is also, due to his adoptive mother’s training, one of the most skilled magic users, and sorcery and trickery is what he relies on most often. Loki likewise does have access to Frost Giant powers, but he rarely uses them. Despite his strength and powers, however, Loki was never at the level of Thor, Odin, or even Thanos.

Now that we’ve covered how powerful Loki is, it’s time to analyze those powers in a bit more detail. If you’re interested in more, stay with us and keep reading!

As Frost Giant, Loki is a lot stronger than humans

Loki was raised as an Asgardian, but he truly belongs to another superhuman race, the Frost Giants. Frost Giants are known to possess superhuman strength and are vastly more physically powerful than humans, which allowed them to become the fabled warrior-races constantly looking out to conquer the Nine Realms. Loki was born as “runt of the litter,” meaning that he was far smaller and less physically imposing than the rest of the Frost Giants. Nevertheless, he still inherited that superhuman strength.

Over the course of his MCU appearances, we’ve seen Loki effortlessly overpowering numerous humans, slaying one of the most powerful Frost Giants, Raze, and completely overpowering Captain America. Loki’s physical strength, however, is inferior to that of Odin, Thor, Hulk, and Thanos.

It’s difficult to injure him

I know we are commonly under the impression that Thor, Loki, Odin, and the rest of the gang are immortal, but this really isn’t the case. They are long-lived, yes, difficult to injure, and extremely durable, yes, but they are not immortal and completely invulnerable, and the same goes for Frost Giants.

It was implied over the course of the movies that Loki is far more durable than your average Frost Giant. Even without wearing his iconic armor, Loki can withstand some serious damage. To start, Loki survived a savage pummeling from Hulk. He handled the Infinity Stone unprotected without suffering significant harm. He was able to absorb all the energy being blasted off from the Rainbow Bridge and clashed with Thor on several occasions, suffering little or no actual harm.
Ultimately, Loki’s durability proved to mean little during his “fight” with Thanos, as the Mad Titan almost effortlessly crushed his neck.

Regarding his immunity to damage from the Infinity Stones. It would seem that Loki’s immunity only goes as far as his physical body, as his mind was very much vulnerable to the corrupting effects of the Mind Stone he carried around in his scepter.

Loki is among the best magic-users in MCU

We’ve already covered how Loki was physically weaker than Thor, so not to make any differences between the two brothers, Frigga considered that Loki should have his own thing, and this is how Loki came to love magic.
Most of Loki’s magic focuses on creating elaborate illusions and tricks. It’s all smoke and mirrors, mostly. Loki fooled many opponents by casting projections of himself that were so realistic even superhuman eyes were deceived.

But even if Loki often relies on smoke and mirrors, he can mentally manipulate people even without access to Mind Stone. He can conjure various objects from out of thin air, such as daggers, Casket of Ancient Winters, and other things helpful at the moment. Loki can also notably shape-shift.

Loki also often relies on telekinesis, being capable of projecting powerful force blasts.

Loki does have access to Frost Giant powers, but he rarely uses them

Due to his heritage as a Frost Giant, Loki is connected to the elemental magic of ice manipulation. As soon as he discovered his true heritage, Loki figured that he should be able to access Frost Giant “magic.” He was able to freeze Heimdall in place, while it’s unclear to what extent he relied on Casket of Ancient Winters to achieve it.

Loki is also immune to the touch of other Frost Giants as it is normal for him, while humans and even Asgaradians would suffer debilitating frost burns. Loki is also largely immune to cold. This goes without saying.


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He had Asgardian combat training

While Thor decided to become a master warrior, Loki figured that magic was far more cunning and powerful, depending on the situation. He still underwent Asgardian combat training that allowed him to master several types of weapons. Loki most notably uses various daggers and spears.

We’ve seen Loki taking on plenty of targets in combat, relying on physical weapons instead of using his other types of magic at his disposal. It’s not that Loki avoids physical encounters. It’s only that he considers magic and deception a smarter way out.

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