How Powerful Is Trigon? Compared to Other DC Characters


There are plenty of powerful entities in the world of comic books, and a lot of them tend to come from DC. Of course, one of the most powerful entities in DC is Trigon, who is the demon-looking being that’s capable of destroying and devastating entire planets in a hurry. Trigon is also one of the enemies that the Teen Titans and the Justice League came across and had a hard defeat. So, just how powerful is Trigon?

Trigon is one of the Divine and is so powerful because he has merged with the Heart of Darkness and absorbed the energy of nearly 100 galaxies. As such, he is one of the most powerful entities in the DC universe, easily ranking right up there with Spectre in terms of how powerful he is.

As a demonic entity that serves as one of the manifestations of evil and darkness in the world, Trigon is an incredibly powerful entity that not a lot of characters in the DC universe could actually stand up against or have a chance to defeat. He simply is on an entirely different level compared to the more mainstream DC characters. In that regard, let’s look at how strong Trigon is.

How Powerful Is Trigon?

When it comes to the DC universe, there are simply a lot of different characters that are capable of unimaginable feats of strength. A lot of these characters tend to be cosmic and interdimensional in terms of their power. One such character that we have in mind is Trigon, who is one of the very first demonic entities that ever existed in the history of the DC universe.

Trigon is often seen as one of the greatest enemies of the Teen Titans because of his relationship with his daughter, Raven. In that regard, he has always been a thorn in the side of the Titans and has caused them problems beyond their usual capabilities. That’s due to the fact that he possesses powers that are almost unimaginable.

While he may have demonic features and lives in a dimension that’s similar to Hell in terms of its appearance, Trigon is more of a dimensional entity rather than a demon. He came from an unknown planet and is a descendant of a celestial group of aliens called the Divine. However, he ended up absorbing the powers of the Heart of Darkness after the Divine tried to cleanse his soul of evil. 

After absorbing the Heart of Darkness, Trigon used its power to absorb the life energy and evil of nearly a hundred galaxies. This allowed him to obtain powers that were beyond the powers of the Divine. As such, he used his powers to defeat the Divine. But the Divine, in a last-ditch effort, trapped him in a barrier that kept him from easily traveling from one dimension to another, and that’s why Trigon needed people to summon them into their own worlds so that he could travel there.

As what happened with Raven’s mother, Trigon also summons women from different worlds all over the universe so that he can mate with them and produce offspring that he can use to spread his darkness. And it is this darkness that a lot of people all over the galaxy fear because Trigon is an incredibly powerful entity.

Due to his status as an embodiment of evil and darkness in the DC universe, Trigon has powers that allow him to be nearly godlike as he has the physiology of an incredibly powerful entity that allowed him to live for nearly 14 billion years as of this writing. He has the ability to use fire powers at will, as he is powerful enough to generate extremely hot flames that he can project from his hands or his mouth.


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Of course, Trigon is also so invulnerable that his physiology surpasses the capabilities of the Kryptonians, who are some of the strongest races in the DC universe. There have been instances where both Superman and Superboy couldn’t even hurt him with their punches. As Superboy said, hitting Trigon was like trying to destroy an entire mountain with a teaspoon, as not even the punches of a Kryptonian could do any damage to him.

On top of all of his other demonic and interdimensional powers, Trigon is powerful enough to disintegrate matter at will. He can manipulate matter at a molecular level, as that was what he did to the Divine when he disintegrated their bodies and reconstructed their flesh into a cloth that he wore. And he could even reconstruct his own body to take on different forms, as he could sometimes be a human or a giant-sized demonic entity that could level entire mountains and cities.

In that regard, Trigon is an incredibly powerful being that ranks as one of the strongest entities in the DC universe. It would take a joint effort from multiple heroes to actually have a chance at defeating him.

How Does Trigon Compare to Other DC Characters?

To determine how strong Trigon is, it is important to compare him to some of the strongest beings that we’ve seen in the DC universe.



Darkseid is often seen as one of the arch-rivals of Superman and the Justice League and is powerful enough to force the entire League to work together to defeat him. However, Superman, whenever he is in a very powerful and angry state, could actually defeat him. That means that Darkseid is somewhere at a power level that’s slightly above Superman and other Kryptonians. This also means that Darkseid is nowhere near the power of someone like Trigon, who is powerful enough that not even Superboy’s punches could do any damage to him.

However, Darkseid exists as an entirely different entity beyond the normal DC universe, as he is said to be the embodiment of evil in the DC multiverse. As such, the Darkseid that we often see in DC are merely avatars of the true Darkseid. As such, the true Darkseid, who is a multiversal threat, should be stronger than Trigon.


The Monitor, one of the entities that watch over the DC universe, said that Trigon is powerful enough to match the capabilities of Spectre, who is one of the strongest entities in the entire DC universe. Spectre, of course, is the very embodiment of the vengeance of God or the Presence. That means that he has a small portion of God’s power.


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Of course, the fact that Trigon is said to have power that’s equal to the Spirit of God’s Vengeance means that he is incredibly powerful. And we’ve seen time and time again just how powerful Spectre is in the DC universe.

Lucifer Morningstar

If you’re looking at an entity that’s the true embodiment of demonic powers and Hell in the DC multiverse, then you have to look at Lucifer Morningstar. We are including Lucifer here because he is the actual ruler of Hell, and that means that the hellish dimension where Trigon resides isn’t even the actual Hell.

Lucifer Morningstar is a lot more powerful than Trigon, as he has powers that are nigh-omnipotent. In fact, Lucifer is the second-most powerful being in the entire DC multiverse, as only the Presence is able to defeat or match his powers. So, as powerful as Trigon may be, his powers pales in comparison to the ruler of the true Hell in DC.

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