How Strong (& Fast) Is Mobius Chair Wally West? Compared to Other DC Heroes

How Strong Fast Is Mobius Chair Wally West Compared to Other DC Heroes

Wally West is the fastest speedster in DC comics, and through his connection to the speed force, he has access to near-unimaginable powers. With Speed Force, Wally West has superhuman speed, strength, healing factor, elemental manipulation, and plenty of other abilities, but what if there was a way to make him even more powerful? This is what we saw when Wally sat on the Mobius Chair and merged with its powers, and today, we’re going to analyze what exactly that entailed. Let’s see how powerful was Mobius Chair Wally, especially compared to other DC heroes. 

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Mobius Chair Wally West primarily had nigh-omniscience, cosmic awareness, and precognition since the Chair mostly grants incredible knowledge and insight. 
  • He also gained potent energy projection, and his speed increased a thousand-fold. 
  • With Mobius Chair, Wally West was far smarter than Batman and faster than all the other speedsters in the DC universe. His strength was as affected, however.

How did Wally West Gain access to Mobius Chair? 

Wally West was at one point following ‘Heroes in Crisis’ recruited by recruited by Tempus Fuginaut. He aimed to protect the Multiverse from Dark Matter emerging from the Dark Multiverse. During his adventures, he found closure in relation to what happened to Sanctuary, understanding heroes’ sacrifices. He also came in contact with Mobius Chair, which appeared to him during his travels across the Multiverse. 

Mobius chari descends

After reaffirming his love for Linda Park and purging darkness from Earths 32 and 13 alongside a speedster version of her named Lightspeed, Wally West unexpectedly reunites with his children, Jai and Irey West. To his misfortune, he discovers they inhabit a new Dark Multiverse Earth and that they were born from his own fears of losing them—a reality Tempus Fuginaut tasks him with destroying.

Wally West needs to destroy dark multiverse reality

Wally knows that he has to destroy that Universe, so he decides to spend one final day with his kids, sharing a heartfelt dinner and giving them a final kiss before making his move. He compels Tempus to promise to bring his children to Earth once he acts, leading Wally to sit on the Mobius Chair, gaining its knowledge and power. Tempus fulfills his promise, reuniting the twins with Linda and restoring her memories.

Wally West sits on the mobius chair

Now godlike and infused with Dr. Manhattan’s power, Wally observes the damaged timeline, witnessing forgotten heroes like the Justice Society and Legion of Super-Heroes reappear. Investigating further, he discovers repeated events in his life, realizing the damaged reality. With a plan to repair reality, Wally, armed with omniscient powers, aims to forge a new and coherent timeline. However, he faces a setback when Dark Matter surrounds him, revealing The Batman Who Laughs‘ corruption. Wally heads to Earth 0 to confront and stop The Batman Who Laughs that, at this point, threatens the entire Universe.


How Did Wally West Got His Powers & Become a Speedster?

Mobius Chair Wally West was incredibly powerful & fast 

When we talk about the powers that Mobius Chair grants, it’s important to take into account that those powers are, first and foremost, related to perception and knowledge. With the Mobius Chair, Wally had access to infinite knowledge and cosmic awareness, being able to notice the flow of the timeline and all the errors that accumulated within it. He had the ability to see into the past into the present at the same time, which granted him a greater insight into the workings of time. He also had the ability to peer into the timelines that were considered lost forever due to being altered or altogether erased. 

Mobius Chair Wally West

But Wally’s physical abilities were affected to some extent as well. He gained the ability to project energy on a massive scale. Wally West’s Speed Force energy fused with Doctor Manhattan’s Connective Energy, a positive cosmic force contrasting with the negative Crisis energy. This fusion allows Wally to send powerful signals and grants him interstellar travel capabilities, enabling him to traverse time and space at remarkable speeds even when separated from the Mobius Chair. He also had the ability to erase Dark Matter and create new planets and galaxies, meaning that in the scope of what he could do, he was nearly godlike in powers. 

Mobius Chair powers

When it comes to his speed, the powers of Mobius Chair affected his connection to the Speed Force, making him incredibly fast. Mobius Chair Wally West was fast enough to outrun speed force. 

Mobius Chair Wally West was eventually defeated by The Batman Who Laughs 

When Mobius Chair Wally West figured that The Batman Who Laughs was behind the corruption of the Universe, he went after him. The Batman Who Laughs managed to siphon the power from him, leaving him without his connection to the Mobius Chair and in a severely weakened state. 

Wonder Woman finds Wally West

Wally was then imprisoned in the Tartarus Pits below Themyscira, where he was found and rescued by Wonder Woman, who could barely recognize him. Wonder Woman found herself in prison because she was acting as a warden of the place for all the poor wretches that were imprisoned there in exchange for the lives of her fellow Amazons. 

Anyway, Wonder Woman helped Wally escape, and while they were escaping, they managed to defeat the Batman Who Laughs. 

Wonder Woman vs Batman who Laughs


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How Strong is Mobius Chair Wally West compared to other DC heroes? 

Since Mobius Chair primarily affected Wally’s cognitive abilities, we can say for sure that he was, at that point in time, the most intelligent and perceptive character in DC comics. Since Batman is Justice League’s benchmark for intelligence, we can say that he is far smarter than the Dark Knight. 

In terms of physical abilities, Mobius Chair Wally West was the fastest character in DC. However, his raw physical strength would still be inferior to the likes of Superman, Wonder Woman, and Martian Manhunter, for example. 

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