Who is the Fastest Flash? All Speedsters Ranked

fastest flash

The Flash is a title given to a DC character with access to the Speed Force and can run faster than most other characters in the DC universe. That is why there are a lot of different versions of the Flash dating back to the 1940s. Of course, all of these versions of the character are iconic in their own right and have done some of the craziest speed feats in the history of DC. After all, a character would have to be one of the fastest in comic books to earn the title of the Flash.

That said, not all characters carrying the Flash name are equal because some are faster than others. As such, some of the versions of the Flash tend to stand out more than the others, especially regarding how fast they are. Some of these characters are evil, while some of them are heroes. So, with that said, let’s look at who is the fastest Flash out of all of the versions of the Flash.

10. Jay Garrick

Jay Garrick

Often forgotten because he doesn’t wear the same costume as the other versions of the Flash, Jay Garrick is the OG version of the character and is the very first person to carry the name of the Flash in terms of real-world chronological events. That’s because he has been around since the 1940s and is one of the first speedsters ever appearing on the pages of comic book history.

Jay Garrick is the prototypical do-gooder who can run faster than anyone else, although he isn’t as fast as the current character versions. Nevertheless, he eventually returned to DC during the Silver Age of comic books, when he helped give birth to the multiverse concept of DC. This allowed him to become a mainstay in DC as one of the oldest characters human characters in DC. And he is also seen as an icon that many of the other heroes look up to even though he isn’t nearly as fast as the other Flashes.


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9. John Fox


Not many fans are familiar with John Fox because he isn’t the most popular character to ever carry the Flash mantle. Nevertheless, he is a future version of the Flash from the 27th century and could tap into the Speed Force when exposed to tachyon radiation. Wally West met him in the future when he traveled through time, and that was when John returned to the past as he feared that Wally would change the course of history. John took Wally’s place as the Flash for a while.

While John Fox isn’t the most popular Flash, he is still pretty much as strong or even stronger than the other Flashes. He is capable of time travel without the need for any device, which is a very impressive accomplishment because only a few versions of the Flash can do that.

8. Wallace West


Wallace West isn’t as well-received as the other versions of The Flash because he became a controversial character when he was introduced as the current version of Kid Flash. That’s because he was made to replace Wally West as the Kid Flash in ‘The New 52’ universe. Nevertheless, DC didn’t give up hope on Wallace as he became a great character that critics eventually learned to love.

While Wallace is fast, he isn’t as fast as the other versions of the Flash as he is still quite young. He is still learning the limits of his powers, which means he can still go faster. Of course, once he gets the hang of things, he will eventually become fast enough to rival the most iconic Flashes of all time. 

7. Barry Allen

The Flash - Barry Allen

The most iconic character to ever wear the costume of the Flash is Barry Allen, as he is almost always the guy that people think of whenever they refer to the Flash. Barry Allen is the poster boy of the Speedster world of DC and is one of the fastest characters that can gain access to the power of the Speed Force. And the different events of DC will show you just how fast he is.

Barry Allen is fast enough to blow Superman in the dust with his raw foot speed. On top of that, he has shown the ability to travel through time unaided by any devices. It was eventually revealed that he was the source of the Speed Force, as this entity existed after Barry gained his speed. Barry’s Every step allows the Speed Force to grow stronger through time and space. And that is why Barry is so iconic and is arguably the most important Flash in the history of DC.


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6. Bart Allen


Bart Allen is a future version of the Flash that returned in time. He is the grandchild of Barry Allen, which means he is naturally blessed with the ability to tap into the cosmic power of the Speed Force to move incredibly fast. Bart can absorb the full power of the Speed Force, allowing him to reach speeds that can exceed the maximum speeds of his own grandfather.

Because Bart was born with the natural gifts of a speedster, he quickly became comfortable with his powers, unlike the other speedsters that needed to adjust to their abilities. Using his powers was natural to him, and that’s why he doesn’t have to exert a lot of effort when it comes to reaching speeds that are crazy fast.

5. Iris West II

iris west ii

Like Bart Allen, Iris West II is a speedster’s child, which means she is naturally gifted with the ability to tap into the Speed Force. Iris West II is the daughter of Wally West, who we know is one of the fastest versions of the Flash in the entire DC universe. That means her potential as a speedster is almost unmatched.

Initially, Iris West II thought she didn’t have powers, but eventually realized she had a strong connection to the Speed Force. So, she could keep up with her father’s speed when she mastered her powers. The craziest part is that she is still so young and full of potential. That means that there’s a good chance that Iris West II could eventually surpass her father’s speed.

4. Black Flash

black flash

The Black Flash proves that no one can outpace death because this entity is one of the avatars of death and is exclusively the being that ferries Speed Force conduits to the afterlife. And because the Flash is fast enough to outrun just about anyone and anything, the Black Flash is blessed with the power of the Speed Force as well to make sure that not even the fastest versions of the Flash are capable of outrunning death.


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That means that the Black Flash can reach speeds that allow him to catch up to any version of the Flash because no one should be able to outrun death. As such, when a Speed Force conduit dies, the one that ferries that person to the afterlife is the Black Flash. Nevertheless, we know that Barry was able to outrun the Black Flash once by running to the ends of the universe. But in most cases, he is faster than any other Speedster as he was able to easily keep up with Wally during one of their encounters, as it was only when Wally ran to him hard to the end of the universe that he stopped existing.

3. Wally West

Wally West

Speaking of Wally West, he is often considered the fastest good guy Flash in the world of DC because he has shown the ability to move at speeds faster than the iconic Barry Allen, who used to be one of Wally’s mentors. Initially, he was slower than Barry but eventually worked hard enough to build a strong connection to the Speed Force.

So, after working his butt off, Wally eventually became so fast that he could effortlessly outpace Barry’s maximum speed. At one point in the ‘Justice League’ animated TV series, Wally showcased the ability to circle the globe in less than a second, as doing so nearly allowed him to merge with the Speed Force itself.

2. Walter West


Known as the Dark Flash, Walter West is an evil alternate version of Wally West from a different universe. That means he has the same potential as the original Wally West. But Walter sought guidance from Savitar, an expert in the Speed Force, to become faster. After learning everything he wanted from Savitar, Walter killed him and became the Dark Flash.

The Thing that makes Walter so fast is that he is Wally West but has the knowledge of the Speed Force that made Savitar one of the strongest speedsters in DC. As such, he is the combination of the things that make Wally and Savitar strong. That is why the Dark Flash is one of the fastest versions of the Flash in history.

1. Reverse Flash


There are different versions of the Reverse Flash in DC, and Eobard Thawne is the one that stands out as the strongest out of all of them. He is a speedster from the future and was one that became so obsessed with Barry Allen while working in a museum dedicated to him. That was why he sought to give himself the same powers as Barry. And the surprising part was that he could obtain powers far greater than any of the other versions of the Flash.

The Reverse Flash traveled back in time to make Barry’s life a living hell, as he was the one that killed his mother. He even orchestrated the Flashpoint event by manipulating Barry into going back in time to save his mother, which changed the entire course of history. And in an animated Suicide Squad movie, the Reverse Flash showed how strong he was when he cheated death by vibrating his molecules so fast that the bullet that Thomas Wayne shot through his head didn’t make contact with his brain due to how fast his molecules were moving.

Who do you think is the fastest Flash? Let us know in the comments below!

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