What Is Batman’s IQ & How Smart Is He Compared to Other Smart Characters?

What Is Batmans IQ How Smart Is He Compared To Other Smartest Characters

Much has been written about Batman and his superpowers, or lack of them, to be more exact. Still, it’s an undeniable fact that even though he lacks a superhuman aspect to his character, Batman manages to deal with the biggest threats in DC comics with nothing but his intellect. This is why we decided to dedicate this post to Batman’s intelligence. He is the second smartest character on Earth in the DC comics and has quite to background to prove it. Now, without further ado, let’s see what Batman’s IQ is & how he compares to other smartest characters in both DC and Marvel Universe. 

Batman’s IQ is around 192. This is the most widely cited number, with some sources going as far as to attribute to Batman IQ higher than 210+. The smartest version of Batman appears to be the DC One Milion version, with a recorded IQ of 1045. In terms of other DC and Marvel characters, Lex Luthor, Peter Parker, Tony Stark, and Reed Richards have higher IQs than Batman, with Bruce Banner falling short in this comparison. 

Now that we’ve covered what Batman’s IQ is, it’s time to analyze it in more detail. If you’re interested in more and how Batman compares to other characters, stay with us and keep reading! 

Batman is confirmed to be the second smartest human on Earth 

Despite not having superpowers, Batman always surprises us with his superhuman feats. He can lift more than an average human, run faster, and is far more durable. Some of these feats can be attributed to his decade-long training, which is accomplished via his gadgets since Bruce Wayne is an incredible engineer.

Not only is he a brilliant engineer, but Batman has, over the years, faced some of the fiercest villains in the DC comics universe and lived to tell the tale. His planning and prep time, as well as his contingency plans, are, at this point, legendary. So how does he do this? Simple, he is extremely smart. Well, at least smarter than almost all humanity. 

Batman second smartest character in DC

Batman’s IQ is estimated to be 192, with some sources attributing him even greater numbers. The only human that managed to surpass Batman’s intellect is Lex Luthor.


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Batman has feats to prove his intelligence as he knows his way around aviation, business management, chemistry, hacking, and disguise. He has an eidetic memory and frequently uses forensic pathology in his work. He is also an inventor with mechanical engineering skills, is famous for creating his own gadgets and has an iron-clad determination to achieve his goals.


He is by far among the best inventors and investigators in DC comics, and without this crucial quality, Batman wouldn’t be half as interesting a character as he is today.  

But how does Batman compare to other geniuses, and keep in mind that there are many of them in DC and Marvel comics? This is what we will analyze in the rest of this post, and please keep in mind that the characters that Batman will be compared to are human, as it doesn’t feel fair to compare ordinary humans to cosmic omniscient creatures. 

Lex Luthor surpasses Batman in raw intelligence 

Lex Luthor is considered to have a rated intellect between a 7th and 9th-level intellect. He shares several hobbies and interests with Batman as both have an eidetic memory and are “business owners” with great ambition. Both are extremely talented strategists and can take down some of the most powerful characters in DC with nothing but their intellect.

Lex Luthor intellect

Likewise, both have interests in several fields of science, notably chemistry, computer science, robotics, and mechanical engineering. Like Batman, Lex Luthor prefers to create his own solutions to his problems. Even though they are quite similar, Lex appears to be smarter when it comes to raw numbers, as Luthor’s IQ is 225. With this IQ, he is considered to be the smartest human on Earth. 

Joker falls short when compared to his nemesis 

Joker is known as one of the most unpredictable characters in comics. He is cunning and manipulative. He thinks strategically even though his trademark is basically chaos. He is also extremely creative and adaptable.

Joker Beats Ras Ghul at chess

All these qualities are found in someone with IQ, and Joker has a high IQ, but nowhere near Batman’s. The only reason why Joker manages to toy with Batman on occasion is that Joker is really good at exploiting human nature. Joker’s IQ is estimated to be between 140 and 160. Which is impressive for a villain but nowhere near Batman’s. 

Is Batman smarter than Iron Man? 

Tony Stark is not just a mechanical engineering prodigy who graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with honors at an extremely young age. He is also classified as a super-genius, making him one of the smartest people on Earth, in Marvel comics at least.

Iron Man builds suits

His intelligence goes beyond academics and extends to his insane problem-solving abilities, especially in challenging situations. Stark is most famous for his suits, which he designs and builds himself. Both Batman and Iron Man are similar because both are rich playboys with nearly unlimited resources at their disposal, but Tony Stark is smarter, at least on paper, as his IQ is estimated to be between 210 and 235.


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Reed Richards can outwit Batman 

Reed Richards, otherwise known as Mr. Fantastic, is one of the smartest humans on Earth, with a recorded IQ of 267. This is due to the plasticity of his brain, as he can stretch it on command. His expertise spans a wide range of fields, including engineering, chemistry, physics, biology, and more. He is renowned for his visionary ideas and exceptional skill in creating advanced machines and technologies. 

Reed Richards Brain plasticity

Reed’s knowledge extends beyond Earthly sciences, as he is an expert in other dimensions and interdimensional travel. Even Galactus considers him an interesting person to talk to. His intelligence is so valued that he financially supports the Fantastic Four through his patents. As numbers go, Reed Richards is definitely smarter than Batman. 

How does Batman’s IQ compare to Peter Parker’s? 

Spider-Man is extremely intelligent. He excelled throughout his formal education and, from an early age, proved himself to be an extremely capable and talented inventor. He has been acknowledged by prestigious institutions like Horizon Labs and praised by brilliant minds like Hank Pym.

Peter Parker IQ

Peter’s engineering expertise allows him to create innovative devices such as the Cryo-Cube 3000 and noise-reduction headphones. Considering that Spider-Man’s IQ is 250, he is far above Batman.

Is Batman smarter than Bruce Banner? 

Naturally, we’re going to compare Banner’s intellect without taking Hulk into account. Bruce is known among the best nuclear physicists in the Marvel comic universe. He demonstrated his brilliance by reprogramming complex computer systems with ease and infecting them with viruses that even Tony Stark couldn’t counteract. Tony Stark regards Banner as the most brilliant nuclear scientist, and other peers, such as Reed Richards, recognized Bruce Banner as one of the most intelligent people on Earth.

Bruce Banner intelligence

Bruce Banner is quite versatile as well since he has expertise in various other fields, including biology, engineering, and architecture. Since Bruce Banner’s IQ is estimate to be at least 160 that puts him far below Batman in terms of intelligence. 

What do you think about Batman’s IQ? Let us know in the comments below!

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