How Strong Is Black Flash? Compared to Other DC Villains

How Strong Is Black Flash Compared To Other DC Villains

In the world of DC Comics, villains come in all shapes and sizes, with powers ranging from mind control to super strength. One villain who has gained particular attention in the past few days is Black Flash, a grim reaper-like figure who serves as the personification of death for speedsters like The Flash. Black Flash is set to appear in the upcoming Flash movie, and we’ve decided to use this opportunity to check out just how strong Black Flash is compared to other DC villains. In this article, we’ll look closer at Black Flash’s abilities and see how they stack up against some of the most formidable foes in the DC universe.

1. Black Flash vs. Darkseid


Black Flash’s abilities are specifically geared towards speedsters like The Flash, allowing him to track down and “reap” speedsters who cheat death by manipulating time or space. While Black Flash’s powers extend beyond simply targeting speedsters, it’s unclear how effective his abilities would be against a character like Darkseid, who possesses a wide range of powers and abilities beyond just super speed.


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Darkseid is one of the most powerful characters in the DC universe, with incredible strength, speed, durability, and energy projection abilities. He also has control over the Anti-Life equation to some extent which means that his powers are able to outclass even Black Flash.

2. Black Flash vs. Reverse Flash

Origin of Reverse-Flash

Reverse Flash, also known as Eobard Thawne, is one of The Flash’s most iconic villains and possesses a wide range of abilities, including super speed, time manipulation, and reality warping. He’s also highly intelligent and strategic, making him a dangerous opponent in any fight. In a hypothetical battle between Black Flash and Reverse Flash, it’s likely that Reverse Flash would be able to take win here.

Reverse Flash has access to Negative Speed Force, which should be enough to take down Black Flash. However, it would be a close fight due to both characters essentially taking their powers from the same source.

3. Black Flash vs. Doomsday


A battle between Black Flash and Doomsday would be a clash of two very different types of power. Black Flash is a personification of death, and it reaps the souls of speedsters, Doomsday, on the other hand, is a highly durable and incredibly powerful being, with the ability to adapt to any attack that has killed him before. As you can see, Black Flash brings death, and Doomsday is able to cheat it easily.

One touch of Black Flash is said to be lethal. What’s interesting is that it would only work on Doomsday once. After that, Black Flash has nothing to throw at Doomsday which Doomsday can’t recover from. Ultimately, this fight would end in a tie since Doomsday can’t kill Black Flash, and Black Flash can’t “reap” Doomsday.

4. Black Flash vs. Brainiac


Brainiac is an incredibly intelligent and technologically advanced being with the ability to manipulate and control technology on a massive scale. He could be able to outsmart Black Flash, but I highly doubt that he could do anything against this supremely powerful entity. Black Flash is a force of nature.


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The duel would be highly unlikely since Black Flash specifically targets speedsters with a connection to the Speed Force and other forces that present a danger to Speed Force. However, if it ever comes to a battle between Brainiac and Black Flash, Black Flash would win due to mindblowing reality-altering powers.

5. Black Flash vs. Black Adam

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This would be an interesting matchup since Black Adam can be considered a speedster in the DC universe, but what makes him stand out is the fact that he is not connected to the Speed Force. At least not directly. Black Adam got his speed from the blessing provided to him by the Egyptian god Haru. This might give him an advantage, paired with his almost limitless strength and incredibly destructive lightning.

To what extent Black Flash could utilize his powers that usually work on speedsters is unknown. In any way, I’m confident that Black Adam would have found a way to deal with him due to his millennia of combat experience and dealing with far bigger threats.

6. Black Flash vs. Trigon

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A battle between Black Flash and Trigon would be a clash of two incredibly powerful and ancient beings. Trigon is a powerful demon lord with vast magical powers, including reality warping, energy projection, and the ability to manipulate and control minds. He is also highly durable and possesses immense strength. Black Flash is also known for his reality-altering powers, but considering Trigon’s “divine nature,” it’s likely that his set of reality-altering powers are on a higher level, and he would be able to counter Black Flash easily.

Likewise, Trigon isn’t connected to the Speed Force, which makes this matchup highly unlikely. Still, regarding the power hierarchy in the DC universe, Trigon is close to being in the top 10, which means that he would have prevailed in this battle.

7. Black Flash vs. Anti-Monitor

anti monitor

Anti-Monitor is a near-omnipotent being. He can warp reality and is practically a god of his own separate universe. He can project devastating blasts of energy, alter his own size, and has nearly unlimited strength at his disposal. He might be beyond the reach of Speed Force and Black Flash in general. There’s nothing that Black Flash can throw his way that Anti-Monitor cannot counter.

Even though Black Flash cannot be killed through conventional means, Anti-Monitor might have a pocket or two in his Anti-Matter universe where to trap him for the time being.

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