How Strong Is Black Panther? Compared to Other Strong Superheroes

How Strong Is Black Panther Compared To Other Strong Superheroes
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Black Panther is a fairly old character created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby back in 1966, but it wasn’t until his recent inclusion in the MCU that he saw a rise in popularity. We know that Black Panther mostly relies on magical empowerment to defeat various villains that plagued him over the years, but what is the extent of his physical powers? This is what we set out to discover today, so now, without further ado, let’s see how strong Black Panther is, especially if we compare him to other strong superheroes from Marvel comics. 

Black Panther has peak human strength, and he can lift up to 800 lbs. Black Panther’s strength is usually comparable to characters such as Captain America, that are empowered by various kinds of Super Solider Serums. Even though Black Panther is relatively weak when we put him up against some of the physically strongest characters in Marvel Comics, he has been known to break his own records occasionally. 

There have been many versions of Black Panther over the years. Some of them had cosmic levels of power, but we’re going to focus on T’Challa today, the mainline and current version in Marvel Comics. If you’re interested in more, stay with us and keep reading!

Black Panther has peak human strength, which makes him stronger than the average human 

Even though Black Panther does have some incredibly awesome tech at his disposal, most of it is based on vibranium. Historically the main source of his powers is the Heart-Shaped Herb which provides him with enhanced speed, strength, and durability. 

Black Panther is not classified as superhuman, rather, he is an enhanced human, and this is where the limit of his powers is. Despite being “limited” when compared to some other characters like The Hulk and Captain Marvel, Black Panther still had some impressive feats over the years. 


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It’s estimated that Black Panther can lift up to 800 lbs which is around 363 kg, and is borderline superhuman but not quite. Despite this limit, Black Panther is known to wrestle with enemies far stronger than he is. 

In the past, Black Panther was seen overpowering a 1.3-tonne black rhinoceros and a 5-ton black rhinoceros. He effortlessly lifted a man with one arm, tearing through a wall using only one hand, and successfully wrestling a 20-foot-long crocodile with both hands.

Black Panther bulldogging 3000 lbs rhino

Black Panther’s strength is superior to that of Olympic-level weightlifters, but how does he compare to other characters?

Please keep in mind that we won’t compare Black Panther to superhumans and cosmic entities, as it wouldn’t exactly be fair, and the answer would be obvious. 

Is Black Panther stronger than Captain America?

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Just like Black Panther, Steve Rogers is not superhuman per se. He is an enhanced human. His super-soldier serum merely pushed his physiology to attain peak human performance, and he wasn’t exactly known to be among the physically strongest characters in Marvel Comics. It’s estimated that Captain America can lift, on average, 1 tonne. He can sustain 800 lbs comfortably, but it’s estimated that he can go even further if he pushes his limits.

Even though Steve Rogers and T’Challa are in the same “enhanced human” category, it’s clear that Captain America is stronger than Black Panther, but not by much when you take into account how much other characters can lift, bench press, etc. 

How strong is Black Panther compared to Black Widow?

Black Widow

Like Captain America, Black Widow received a version of Super Soldier serum aimed to enhance her physical abilities until she surpasses what is humanly possible. The soviets made this version of serum and were, therefore, weaker. Black Widow can consistently overhead press 500 pounds. Strength was never her biggest advantage, as she received additional Red Room training to make her lethal in other aspects.

Just like Black Panther and Captain America, she is nearly an enhanced human. There’s not a superhuman drop of blood in her entire body. Her reflexes are vastly impressive, and her knowledge of espionage is unparalleled; however, her strength can’t be measured with Black Panther’s. She is weaker. 

Black Panther vs. Daredevil: who is stronger? 

daredevil nicknames featured

Daredevil never received super soldier serum or power enhancing planet, but he was splashed with radioactive chemicals that rendered him blind

Daredevil was never exactly known as a strong superhero. Sure, he has an incredibly unique radar sense that creates an image of his surroundings in his head, which allows him to see without seeing, and he is among the best martial artists and hand-to-hand combatants in Marvel Universe.

But how strong is he? Daredevil regularly tips cars, throws people around and uses extremely heavy weapons (or street signs) in combat. Still, it’s estimated that he can lift up to 450 pounds, which is not much at all when we consider other enhanced humans. Due to this, Black Panther is much stronger than Daredevil.


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Is Black Panther stronger than Hawkeye?


Hawkeye’s biggest “strength” is his archery skill, and he is known to be among the best arches in comics in general. But in terms of physiology, he was never exactly superhuman, not even close. He never ingested any type of “Super Soldier Serum,” but he managed to attain Olympic-level strength due to his extensive years of training.

Hawekeye’s strength surpasses the strength of your average human being, and it’s estimated that he managed to pull his 250 lbs bow with ease. According to the official in-universe classification, Hawkeye is stronger enough to lift his own body weight. Due to everything said, Black Panther is physically stronger than Hawkeye.

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