How Strong Is Carapax Compared to Other DC Villains?

How Strong Is Carapax Compared To Other DC Villains

Carpax was never among the most notable villains in the DC universe. That might change in the future, however, as he is set to debut in the upcoming Blue Beetle movie, played by Raoul Trujillo. Carapax was in the comics, an archeologist named Conrad Carapax who, after researching Dan Garret’s death, discovered remnants of dangerous technologies. Upon activating a strange but powerful robot, he was electrocuted, and his mind transferred to an imposing metallic body. 

While we don’t know what kind of powers and abilities Carapax will have in the movie, we do know that in the comics, he has superhuman strength and durability due to his metallic body. He is powerful, but does it have what it takes to face some of the most iconic villains from the pages of DC comics? We set out to explore this today, so let’s see how Carapax compares to other powerful villains? 

Carapax vs. Lex Luthor: Conrad doesn’t have the resources to go up against Luthor 

Lex Luthor

Lex Luthor is not known for his superhuman strength, speed, or supernatural powers that allow him to blow up mountains or manipulate molecules, and despite this, he managed to find himself in the company of DC’s most powerful villains. Why? Because he has influence, technology, resources, and money. Lex Luthor is most notable for being Superman’s villain, but occasionally he did manage to go against some of the most powerful characters in the DC comics with moderate success.

Because of this, Carapax wouldn’t stand a change. Lex Luthor’s intelligence and ability to plan in advance and scheme are unparalleled in the comics, and despite Carapax’s supernatural strength and endurance, Luthor would ultimately defeat him. 


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Carapax vs. Brainiac: Both use technology, but Brainiac’s is better 


Brainiac is an incredibly intelligent and technologically advanced being with the ability to manipulate and control technology on a massive scale. His technomorphing abilities are unparalleled in the comics, and he is widely considered to be among the smartest characters in the comics. On the other hand, Carapax has an academic background; likewise, he worked as an archeologist before his untimely demise. He also widely relies on technology since he got his superpowers when he accidentally transferred his mind into a metallic suit. 

This would be a battle of technology, and Brainiac would ultimately defeat Carapax. Brainiac has far more advanced technology. He is simply a more evolved being and much smarter than Conrad Carapax. 

Carapax vs. Doomsday: Robot doesn’t have what it takes to deal with the scourge of Krypton


If there is one thing we know about Doomsday, it’s that he is seemingly unable to be killed. Every time you manage to get rid of him, his adaptive resurrection kicks in, and he is back, immune to the thing you’ve previously killed him with.

Carapax, being a robot, likewise has incredible durability and is capable of withstanding damage that would otherwise kill a regular human being. We don’t know what kind of powers exactly he will have in the movies, but he will probably have some kind of a technological suit that provides him with enhanced durability. The battle between Doomsday and Carapax would be a battle of durability and raw power, and Carapax doesn’t stand a chance. 

First, he is physically inferior, and second, Doomsday managed to kill Superman. This is how tenacious and strong he is. Doomsday has the means to deal with Carapax, but on the other hand, Carapax has nothing to deal with Doomsday.  


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Carapax vs. Darkseid: a brief battle with an obvious result 

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Darkseid holds the mantle of being among the most powerful characters in the DC comics. He attained godhood and frequently plans to subdue all of the Universe to his evil plan and influence. You don’t go around making claims like that without having enough power to back them up. Not only does Darkseid have superhuman strength, durability, speed, and reflexes and is considered indestructible, but he also has access to some terrifying powers in the domain of energy projection and anti-life equation. 

How does Carapax compare to Darkseid? Pretty badly, as it turns out. Darkseid frequently battles cosmic beings and beings far more powerful than Carapax, and he leaves the fight unscathed. I sincerely doubt that Carapax would even show up on Darkseid’s radar as a threat. 

With everything said, Darkseid would win. 

Carapax vs. Black Adam 

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Black Adam is one more known villain (sort of) that cemented his place in the DCEU. Sadly we might not see him return due to the upcoming rework of an entire cinematic universe. However, even if Black Adam and Carapax managed to meet (and fight) in the movies, the battle’s outcome would likely be on Black Adam’s side. 

Black Adam has godlike powers, quite literally. His magical lightning, superhuman strength, wisdom, durability, and speed come from the Egyptian pantheon. He is often considered to be among the strongest and fastest characters in the DC comics.

Carapax is really nowhere near the power level or notoriety of Black Adam, and he would likely lose the fight. 

Carapax vs. Reverse Flash: Carapax wouldn’t be able to outrun Reverse Flash 

Origin of Reverse-Flash

Reverse Flash is a notable Flash villain. He possesses a wide range of abilities, including super speed, time manipulation, and reality warping. Reverse Flash managed to go up against some of the most powerful characters in the DC comics, and he frequently fights characters that are much stronger than Carapax. 

Carapax is not known to possess super speed, nor is he known to be able to counter the effects of the negative speed force, so it’s safe to say that he is way outclassed in this battle. 

Carapax vs. Joker: Carapax is stronger, but Joker is smarter 

Batman and The Joker - The Man Who Laughs

Joker, like Lex Luthor, was never known because of his superhuman characteristics, although he does have them to some degree if you consider his tendency to escape death a superpower. Rather, Joker is known for his intelligence and homicidal tendencies. He is the most iconic villain Batman has ever faced, and his chaotic nature and unpredictability are what makes him dangerous. 


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The physical fight between Carapax and Joker would end up in Carapax’s favor, but the battle of wits would be Joker’s. Batman never managed to deal with Joker effectively, and compared to him, Carapax is a rather underwhelming villain. This is, of course, only in the context of comics. We’re yet to see Carapax’s demonstration of power in the movie. 

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