How Strong Is Black Adam Compared to Other DC Characters?


Black Adam, the iconic DC Comics character, has long been known for his immense strength and incredible powers. But just how strong is he compared to other DC characters? Does he stand out as one of the most powerful beings in the DC Universe, or could others match or surpass his strength? In this article, we’ll look closer at Black Adam’s feats of strength, exploring his abilities and comparing them to those of other notable DC characters. From Superman to Wonder Woman and beyond, we’ll examine the power levels of these heroes and villains and see where Black Adam fits in. So, let’s dive in and see just how strong Black Adam really is.

Black Adam is both incredibly powerful and physically strong. He has super strength, superhuman durability, and speed, as well as plethora of other highly versatile powers. Black Adam would have no trouble standing against some of the strongest characters in DC, and he is able to frequently match the might of Superman, Wonder Woman, and Shazam. To take down Black Adam, you mostly need the combined might of the Justice League.

Now that we’ve covered how powerful Black Adam is, it’s time to analyze how he matches up against other superpowered heroes and villains in the DC universe. If you’re interested in more, stay with us and keep reading!

Black Adam vs. Superman equals a pretty even match 

For a reason, Black Adam and Superman are known as DC powerhouses. Both characters have immeasurable strength and incredible speed. Both can fly, are extremely durable, and are experienced beyond comprehension. One thing where Black Adam prevails are weaknesses. Black Adam got his lightning powers from a blessing called The Power of Aton, which means that his lightning is magical in power, and Superman is vulnerable to magic, among other things.

This means that Black Adam’s main attack might be devastating for Superman. However, in another sense, especially when it comes to physical feats, the two are pretty evenly matched. And Superman can’t deal with Black Adam alone, and the same goes for Black Adam as well.


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Black Adam vs. Wonder Woman: both are experienced combatants 

Wonder Woman is among the best fighters in the DC comics. She uses a wide array of godly weapons, and her superhuman reflexes and centuries of experience make her quite a dangerous opponent. However, Black Adam is equally skilled and pretty much prevails in physical aspects due to being stronger, faster, and more durable. He is older than Diana, leading wars and protecting his land for centuries, resulting in more experience fighting deadly threats. The matchup against Black Adam is not something that Wonder Woman can win, at least not alone.  The verdict is Black Adam is stronger than Wonder Woman.

Black Adam vs. Flash: Flash is faster, but Black Adam is more powerful 

Black Adam is not considered to be a speedster in the DC universe, but he would definitely qualify as one, even if he is not connected to the Speed Force. Using the Speed of Haru, Black Adam is mind-blowingly fast which means that Flash would have a hard time abusing his speed against Black Adam.

Black Adam prevails regarding other attributes, such as strength and durability. He likewise has lightning powers, which are deadly enough to disable even the most powerful characters in DC comics. This wouldn’t be an easy matchup by any means, but Flash lost to characters significantly weaker than Black Adam, so this would be a relatively straightforward fight.  Flash is weaker than Black Adam, even with Speed Force at his side.

Black Adam vs. Shazam: Both are extremely powerful, but experience prevails 

Black Adam and Shazam have nearly identical powers. Black Adam was a former champion of the Wizard, but following his resurrection, he gained an almost identical set of powers from an Egyptian pantheon of gods. This means that, in theory, Shazam and Black Adam are evenly matched. But, Shazam is, at its core, a teenage boy and severely lacks experience in fighting that Black Adam has cultivated for entire millennia.

Black Adam is likewise willing to be brutal and use the full extent of his powers to deal with perceived threats, while Shazam is still limited in his morals. When it comes to a head-on battle between Shazam and Black Adam, Black Adam will prevail due to being more experienced and hence, more powerful.  

Black Adam vs. Batman: Would enough prep time be enough to deal with a godlike being? 

Batman is famous for his legendary “preparations” that allow him to deal even with the most powerful cosmic threats. It’s usually the case of “writers want him to win” because, in reality, Bruce Wayne would get annihilated fairly often due to not having superpowers at all. Still, Batman has his intelligence, his gadgets, and his “prep time.”

Black Adam has everything else, super strength, super speed, lightning powers, and inhuman durability. Still, Black Adam is also intelligent due to his Wisdom of Zehuti blessing. If we’re realistic, Black Adam would annihilate Batman completely. Given enough prep time, who knows? 

Black Adam vs. Darkseid: How does a godlike being measure up against New God? 

Black Adam is often described as godlike due to his immense powers, but what if it comes to a fight between him and a literal New God, Darkseid? I’m afraid this is a fight that Black Adam has no way of winning. Darkseid is stronger, equally fast, and vastly more durable than Black Adam, and he has far deadlier powers and abilities. Darkseid went up against cosmic threats in the past and ended up victorious. 


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Black Adam vs. Anti-Monitor: Power of Aton losses against reality-altering abilities 

Anti-Monitor is a near-omnipotent being. He can warp reality and is practically a god of his own separate universe. He can project devastating blasts of energy, alter his own size, and has nearly unlimited strength at his disposal. Black Adam is powerful, but he is not “rule your own universe” powerful. I’m fairly certain that Anti-Monitor can go up against the gods that gifted Black Adam his powers and win. 

As you can see, Black Adam would hold his ground against some of the most powerful DC superheroes, but when it comes to cosmic threats such as Darkseid and Anti-Monitor, he will lose as they are beyond the scope of his powers. 

What do you think? How does Black Adam compare to these characters? Let us know in the comments!

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