10 Reasons Why Lex Luthor Hates Superman

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Lex Luthor is a fictional character and one of the best-known supervillains in the DC Universe. A brilliant scientist and businessman, Luthor is often depicted as Superman’s arch-enemy and is motivated by his intense hatred for the Man of Steel.

Lex Luthor hates Superman because he is jealous of his powers and considers him a personal and global threat. Even though Lex and Clark were friends as kids, that changed in the future. Luthor sees Superman as a threat to his own power and influence and is jealous of the adulation and admiration that the Man of Steel receives from the public. In many stories, Luthor schemes to destroy or discredit Superman, using his vast wealth and intellect to create elaborate plots and gadgets designed to bring the hero down.

However, there have been some variations on the character over the years, and in some versions of the story, Luthor’s hatred for Superman is fueled by personal animosity or past grudges rather than simply a desire for power. So, with no further ado, let’s see all the reasons why Lex hates Superman.

1. Lex Luthor is jealous of Superman’s powers


Luthor is a highly intelligent and successful businessman, but he feels overshadowed by Superman’s heroics and the adoration that the public bestows upon him. Luthor sees Superman as a rival for the attention and admiration of the world, and he resents the fact that Superman seems to have all the power and abilities that Luthor lacks.

2. Luthor is a narcisist

Lex Luthor intellect

Luthor has a massive ego and cannot stand the idea of someone else being more powerful or more important than he is. Superman’s god-like powers and ability to save the world regularly only inflate Luthor’s sense of inferiority, and he becomes driven to prove that he is the superior being.


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3. Lex is afraid of Superman’s abilities

Despite his own impressive intellect and resources, Luthor is deeply afraid of Superman’s power. He knows that Superman could easily defeat him in a physical confrontation, and he fears that Superman could use his powers to manipulate or control him. This fear drives Luthor to constantly seek ways to undermine Superman’s reputation and power in order to protect himself.

4. Superman is hard to control

Luthor is a control freak and cannot stand the idea of someone else having control over him or the world around him. Superman’s ability to fly, move at superhuman speeds, and perform feats of strength threaten Luthor’s sense of control, and he becomes obsessed with finding ways to assert his dominance over the Man of Steel.

5. Lex Luthor holds personal grudges

Luthor has a long history of personal animosity towards Superman, and he holds grudges against the Man of Steel for various reasons. For example, he may feel that Superman has wronged him somehow, or he may resent that Superman has interfered with his plans or thwarted his schemes. Whatever the reason, Luthor’s personal grudges fuel his hatred of Superman and drive him to seek revenge.

One giant grudge that Lex Luthor holds against Superman happened a long time ago, and although this event was retconned eventually, it’s still interesting to know. How you ever wondered why Lex Luthor is bald?

In one instance, a chemical fire broke out in Lex’s lab while he was working on a school project; Superboy used his super-breath to put out the fire but also, during the process, blew the chemical all over Lex’s head. This resulted in permanent baldness and, well, the worsening of the relationship between Luthor and Superboy.

Eventually, the origin story of Lex’s baldness was changed, but this former story is much more interesting compared to the current one.

6. Ideological differences

Luthor sees himself as a champion of humanity and believes that humanity can and should solve its own problems without the intervention of a god-like being like Superman.

He resents the fact that Superman seems to take over whenever there is a crisis, and he believes that Superman’s actions often do more harm than good. Luthor’s ideological differences with Superman fuel his hatred of the Man of Steel and drive him to seek ways to discredit or defeat him.

7. Lex dislikes outsiders

lex press1

Luthor is fiercely protective of his own world and his own way of life, and he resents the fact that Superman is an outsider who has come to Earth and taken on the role of protector. Luthor sees Superman as an interloper who does not understand or respect the norms and values of human society, and he becomes driven to prove that he, as a human, is more capable and deserving of power and respect than Superman.

8. Psychological issues

Luthor has been known to suffer from mental health issues, including narcissism and paranoia. These psychological issues may contribute to his hatred of Superman, as he may see the Man of Steel as a threat to his own sense of self-worth and security. Luthor’s mental health issues may also drive him to become increasingly obsessed with defeating or destroying Superman as a way of boosting his own ego and sense of power.


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9. Luthor seeks revenge

Luthor may also hate Superman to seek revenge for past wrongs or defeats. For example, he may feel that Superman has humiliated him or thwarted his plans in the past, and he becomes driven to get revenge by defeating or destroying the Man of Steel.

10. Lex Luthor is power-hungry

Luthor is a highly ambitious and power-hungry individual, and he may see Superman’s powers as a threat to his own ambitions. He may become obsessed with finding ways to acquire or replicate Superman’s powers in order to assert his own dominance and assert his own superiority.

The Bottom Line

Regarding everything mentioned, there are several reasons why Lex Luthor hates Superman. In some versions of the story, Luthor resents Superman because he represents everything Luthor is not: he is powerful, heroic, and selfless. While Luthor wishes to possess some of those traits, he has a hard time achieving that.

Luthor may also feel threatened by Superman’s abilities and the adoration he receives from the public, which could lead him to seek ways to undermine or defeat the Man of Steel. In other versions of the story, Luthor’s animosity toward Superman may stem from a belief that the superhero is a danger to humanity or that he is trying to take over the world. Ultimately, Luthor’s motivations for hating Superman are complex and may vary depending on the specific story in which they appear.

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