How Strong Is Galactus Compared to Other Cosmic Beings?

How Strong Is Galactus Compared To Other Cosmic Beings

Marvel Universe is home to some beings of unimaginable powers. They are often cosmic in nature and have vast energy manipulation and reality-breaking abilities. Such beings are often untouchable when it comes to regular superhuman characters, and their physical strength is often immeasurable. We know that Galactus is one of the most iconic cosmic beings in Marvel, being the herald of Black Winter. Galactus is far older than our Universe and has a vital role in its survival and maintenance, but how strong is Galactus? And even more important, how strong is he compared to other cosmic beings?

Galactus’ strength is immeasurable and infinite. It doesn’t even make sense to quantify his strength because with Power Cosmic, he can make anything, and everything weighs practically nothing through molecular manipulation and reality-altering. Galactus is often said to be at the level of Odin, Zeus, Celestials, and the Stranger. He is, however, weaker than Master Order, Lord Chaos, Mistress Love, Sire Hate, Eternity, Infinity, and Living Tribunal. It really doesn’t even make sense to rank cosmic beings by their physical strength since such a concept doesn’t even apply to them. 

Now that we’ve covered, to the best of our abilities, how strong Galactus is, it’s time to explore it in a bit more detail. If you’re interested in more, stay with us and keep reading!

How much can Galactus lift? 

Before we explain the extent of Galactus’ abilities, we need to explain his origin and present to you why it doesn’t make sense to even discuss this. Galactus predates our Universe, and even though he was a humanoid alien named Galan, everything changed when he was transformed into a herald of Black Winter and gained access to Power Cosmic. Power Cosmic is key to Galactus, both physical and power supremacy. 

Galactus Herald of Black Winter

Galactus is a cosmic being, and as such, he has immeasurable strength at his disposal, so the proper answer to the question of how much Galactus can lift would be – everything. Galactus rarely has to rely on his physical abilities alone because, once again, he has Power Cosmic at his disposal, and through it, he can manipulate reality (make things lighter), he can manipulate the molecular structure of certain things (once again make things lighter), he can also employ size alteration (make himself bigger when compared to everything else and his strength will scale).

When you can create your own planets or destroy planets, I would say that physical strength is no factor at all. 

The only exception to this rule is that to display his powers and physical abilities to the fullest, Galactus needs to be properly fed. Weakened Galactus has suffered defeat at the hands of enemies far weaker than him in every sense. It’s his greatest weakness. 


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But how would Galactus fare against other cosmic entities, considering that pretty much all of them have infinite strength at their disposal? Well, this is what we’re going to analyze in the rest of this post. Keep in mind that the analysis will not include superhuman characters since their levels of strength are far below cosmic beings, and it wouldn’t be fair to compare the likes of Captain America to Galactus. 

Galactus is said to be on the level of Odin

Odin Galactus

In his usual form, Odin can lift far more than your average Asgardian. This is partly because he is divine in nature and party because he has access to Odin-Force, and cosmic force in itself that provides him with a measure of cosmic abilities that are near being equal to Galactus himself.

Without Odin-Force, Odin is capped at being able to lift 75 tons more or less, but with Odin-Force, his strength is limitless, although this requires him to enter Odin-Sleep

Odin managed to knock out Galactus when the two fought, and even though he was forced to enter Odin-Sleep following the battle, it proved that he was at the same level as him. 

How strong is Galactus compared to Celestials? 

Odin vs Celestials

Galactus is often confused with Celestials due to his enormous size, but he doesn’t belong to the race of those ancient cosmic beings, as Celestials are younger than Galactus and have totally different roles to fill. If fed properly, Galactus can face Celestials and even kill them.

Galactus has been shown capable of fighting four Mad Celestials and destroying one of them, although when they fused together into a powerful Voltron Celestial, he was defeated. But generally, properly fed Celestial and Galactus are at the same level of strength and power. 

How does Galactus compare to Dormammu? 


Dormammu is the ruler of his pocket universe, his Dark Dimension, and has unspeakable powers over sorcery, rivaling even the most powerful beings in the Universe. Even though generally, Galactus’ Power Cosmic is superior to Faltine sorcery. The two can be considered at the same level when considering physical abilities since strength means nothing to them. 

Is Galactus stronger than Eternity? 

Eternity Marvel comics

Eternity is one being in Marvel Universe that can be considered an abstract entity, as it doesn’t really qualify as merely a cosmic entity. Eternity is omnipotent in nature, meaning that its powers are able to nullify Galactus’ cosmic power and completely depower him.

Eternity has the ability to manipulate space, time, matter, and energy for any purpose possible, and hence, Eternity can make Galactus appear weaker. There’s really no discussion here. Galactus is weaker than Eternity because Eternity is an abstract entity. 


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Who is stronger, Galactus or Living Tribunal? 

Living Tribunal

Living Tribunal is one more abstract entity that serves as the personification of multiversal law and represents the impact of One Above All on the Universe. Living Tribunal holds all imaginable power in the Universe, and it’s likely that it can erase Galactus from existence with a mere fraction of a thought. Living Tribunal doesn’t care about strength, and strength means little to it. The Living Tribunal is the “strength” and decides on the laws of physics. The Living Tribunal is definitely far stronger than Galactus. 

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