How Strong Is Spider-Man? How Much Can He Lift?


Spider-Man, the iconic Marvel Comics character, has had some incredibly impressive feats in both the comics and films. But how much can he lift? How much can these different interpretations of the character lift compared to each other? Are both Peter Parker and Miles as strong as each other? In this article, we will look at Peter Parker’s and Miles Morales’s strengths, how they compare to one another, and how strong they are in the films compared to the comics. So, here’s how strong Spider-Man is and how much he can lift! 

In the comics, both Peter Parker and Miles Morales can lift ten tons, making them as strong as each other. With the symbiote, Peter Parker has been shown to lift upwards of 20-30 tons. However, Peter Parker is far more experienced than Miles, with him being Spider-Man around 8-10 years longer. In the films, Spider-Man has been shown to lift as much as 20 tons depending on the version of the character. 

Now that we have briefly discussed how strong Spider-Man is in the comics and films, let’s analyze it in more detail! If you are interested in more, stay with us and keep reading!

Spider-Man’s strength in the comics

How strong is Peter Parker?

Officially it has been shown that Peter Parker can lift ten tons. There have been times in the comics where it has gone up to 20 tons without the symbiote. Spider-Man might be a street-level hero, but he has gone up against powerful threats like Thanos, Red Goblin, Morlun, and Hulk. While Spider-Man is incredibly strong, he is fast, agile, and with a spider sense that warns him of oncoming danger, he can avoid almost all attacks from opponents.

One of Peter Parker’s biggest strengths is his sheer willpower. He has been shown to push past his limits on multiple occasions when he has been close to death or if loved ones and innocents are in danger. This is shown in ‘Amazing Spider-Man #33’ when Parker is stuck under rubble.

When Spider-Man is close to giving up, he realizes that if he dies, Aunt May won’t get the serum he has to save her life. As soon as he realizes this, he pushes past all the odds to push this rubble off his back and get to Aunt May.

Another thing that many people don’t realize is that Spider-Man holds back a lot when he is fighting common criminals. When Doctor Octopus takes over Peter Parker’s body in the fantastic ‘Superior Spider-Man’ run, he punches the Vulture’s jaw clean off. This was without him even trying, which shows how much Parker has trained himself to hold back when going up against non-super-powered opponents to ensure he doesn’t fatally hurt them.


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How strong is Symbiote Spider-Man?

Not only is the symbiote one of Spider-Man’s best-looking costumes, but it also makes him incredibly strong. When he is wearing the symbiote, he has been shown to lift upwards of 20 tons which is double the amount he can usually lift.

While the symbiote suit does make him stronger, which seems, in the long run, would benefit Spider-Man, the payoff is that it makes him a much darker hero, and he becomes less of himself. When he found out the suit was an alien parasite, he ripped it off, which led to the creation of one of his greatest foes, Venom. 

How strong is Miles Morales?

Miles Morales, just like Peter Parker, can lift 10 tons. However, even though he is just as strong as Peter Parker, some key differences set him apart. While he is just as strong, he does have much less experience. Morales became Spider-Man roughly 8-10 years after Peter Parker and is still learning much about his powers and seems to have more abilities than Peter Parker. Miles can go invisible and also has a venom sting. Miles may get stronger as he is still a very young Spider-Man and learning.

Spider-Man’s strength in the movies

How strong is Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man?

This version of Spider-Man is said to be the strongest of the live-action versions, with him being able to lift 20 tons, making him as strong as the symbiote Spider-Man from the comics. He has had many impressive feats like holding the cart with the children and Mary Jane with one arm in the first film, the train scene, and the wall at the end of ‘Spider-Man 2.’


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In Spider-Man ‘No Way Home,’ Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man stopped Tom Holland’s Spider-Man from killing Green Goblin with the glider. Not only that, but Tobey Maguire had no help from any gadgets or enhancements on his suit.

How strong is Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man?

While he had only two films, this version of Spider-Man managed to pull off some impressive feats. In the first film, he managed to hold a car with one arm to save a child on the bridge and effortlessly caught a police car in the air in ‘Amazing Spider-Man 2’. Like his comic counterpart, Garfield’s Spider-Man can lift around 10 tons which makes him weaker than  Maguire’s Spider-Man.

Though he might not be as strong as the original, Garfield’s Spider-Man seems to be the quickest, agile, and smartest. We see him build his own web shooters, develop the equation that turned Dr. Connors into the Lizard, and he regularly uses his spider-sense in battle.

During the battle with Electro in Times Square, Spider-Man uses his spider-sense to analyze where everyone is and who will touch the bar with the electrical current. When he figures it out, he uses his webs to save everyone before they can touch the bar, showing how smart and quick he is. 

How strong is Tom Holland’s Spider-Man?

When Spider-Man got announced for the MCU, fans got extremely excited. We finally got to see Spider-Man interact with the Avengers on the big screen, and this version of the character had some slight differences from the last two.

With his suit made by Tony Stark, MCU’s Peter Parker had many more gadgets for his suit, which greatly enhanced his strength. He can lift roughly 12.5 tons, stronger than Andrew Garfield but not as strong as Tobey Maguire. He had some impressive feats, like going up against Thanos and holding the boat together, but that was with an enhanced suit and gadgets.

In ‘Spider-Man’ Homecoming, we get one of Parker’s strongest feats when he manages to lift the rubble off his back without using any Stark tech. While we see him overpower the Green Goblin in ‘Spider-Man No Way Home,’ it seems more like a game to the Goblin, so how much control he had is unclear. However, we did see him able to hold back Captain America with his webs in ‘Civil War’ and effortlessly catch Bucky’s metal arm. 

There is a lot of room for him to improve over the next trilogy, and with the symbiote being teased, we will see this version of the character only get stronger. 

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