Hulk to Appear in Solo Movie & ‘Avengers: Kang Dynasty’ According to Recent Rumors

Hulk to appear in Kang Dynasty

Despite being one of the most popular Marvel characters and a core character in the MCU, Hulk has a record small number in stand-alone projects compared to other Avengers. 

This is due to complicated intellectual and distribution rights in which both Marvel Studios and Universal are involved. Marvel let Universal Pictures make a Hulk movie in 2003, but Universal couldn’t make a sequel, so the character rights went back to Marvel. In 2008, Marvel and Universal teamed up for ‘The Incredible Hulk,’ but Universal kept distribution rights for 15 years. That’s why there wasn’t another Hulk movie at that time. The deal said Universal could distribute any Marvel movie with Hulk as the main character, so Hulk stayed a secondary character in MCU films to avoid giving distribution rights to Universal instead of Disney.

Fans are buzzing about Hulk’s rights as ‘The Incredible Hulk’ joins Disney+. Its absence was due to Universal holding distribution rights. Now, with it on Disney+, fans anticipate Marvel’s potential plans for the Hulk. The deal with Universal’s distribution rights, lasting 15 years from the 2008 release, seems to have concluded as that time has passed. Now, according to CanWeGetSome Toast, there are plans to make a stand-alone Hulk movie as well as to include the Hulk in a bigger role in ‘Avengers: Kang Dynasty.’ 

Recently, we covered the rumor that the much coveted ‘World War Hulk’ movie is not in development and will never happen, and the biggest argument in that rumor was the fact that the rights surrounding Hulk are still incredibly confusing. For a new Hulk movie in the MCU, Disney must either get rights back from Universal or strike a deal like they did with Sony for Spider-Man. However, Universal isn’t keen on a new Hulk film, and Disney doesn’t want to share potential profits. 


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The report suggested that the Hulk’s story will unfold in other MCU projects, similar to his development in past Avengers films and ‘Thor: Ragnarok.’ This makes sense as far as Hulk’s role in the ‘Kang Dynasty’ goes, but the other part of the rumor, the part where Hulk is getting a stand-alone project, confuses the fans because ‘World War Hulk’ has been deflected numerous times in the past. 

In any case, Feige is the only person who knows how Hulk’s story will unfold in the MCU, and so far, he is being tight-lipped. The only thing uncovered is that his story will continue. But through what means remains unknown. 

Would you like to see Hulk’s stand-alone movie in the MCU? Let us know in the comments below!

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