Hulk vs. Wolverine: Who Wins the Fight & How?


When talking about Marvel’s brawlers, it’s hard not to think about Hulk and Wolverine. Both are extremely durable and were known to take down threats larger than themselves. Hulk is a powerhouse with unrivaled strength, and Wolverine is extremely durable due to his mutant healing factor. We know that the fight between Wolverine and Hulk would be a tense one, but who would come out on top? This is what we’ve decided to explore today, so let’s see, when it comes to a battle between Hulk and Wolverine, who is stronger, and who wins? 

Hulk is stronger than Wolverine and would win in a fight. He is vastly stronger and more durable, even when compared to Wolverine’s healing factor. However, it wouldn’t be an easy fight by any means since Wolverine is the superior fighter between the two of them. Ultimately, however, Hulk would overpower him. Our conclusion is consistent with the fights that took place in the comics. In most of them, Hulk easily defeated Wolverine. 

Now that we’ve covered that Wolverine can’t go easy against Jade Giant, it’s time to analyze why. We’re going to compare their powers, abilities, durability, and other physical aspects so you can see why we came to our conclusion. If you’re interested in more, stay with us and keep reading!

Powers and abilities

Hulk’s most notable power is his strength; however, there’s more to him them merely his ability to tear down buildings. The Hulk, when enraged, has a unique ability to harness, control, and emit varying degrees of gamma radiation. Like his strength, the angrier he becomes, the more gamma radiation he emits.

He is likewise completely resistant to certain types of mental manipulation, meaning he has a unique advantage when it comes to fights with characters that rely on manipulation to gain the upper hand. However, against Wolverine, this would prove to be of little use. 

Wolverine has his healing factor; he is a mutate most famous for the ability to heal almost any injury. However, this will be discussed later in the durability section, and for now, we will focus on his other superhuman powers and abilities. Wolverine, like Hulk, is immune to most mental attacks, which means that his head is impenetrable, just like his body is. He can also retract his adamantium claws at will, which are nearly indestructible.

He has advanced senses and an increased sense of sight, smell, taste, and touch. He can also hear over long distances and pick up sounds completely silent for regular humans. Wolverine can also understand the emotions of animals. 

Hulk and Wolverine have “extra” powers, but neither of them would give them an advantage in a fight against the other. Wolverine can easily heal against the effects of manipulation, and Hulk can deflect the damage made to him by retractable claws. They are, however, capable of severely crippling each other with their attacks, so the point goes to both of them. 

Points: Wolverine (1:1) Hulk


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Strength and stamina 

Hulk’s altered physiology provides him access to unlimited strength. The golden rule with Hulk is the angrier he gets, the stronger he is, so in that sense, his strength levels are immeasurable. Only a few characters in the Marvel Universe can match Hulk’s levels of strength. His stamina levels are likewise unlimited. As long as he is angry, Hulk will continue fighting. Likewise, he doesn’t require any type of sustenance while angry, with anger alone fueling him. 

Due to his reinforced adamantium skeleton, Wolverine can lift up to 2 tons, which is far more than an average human being but definitely not enough to face Hulk. When it comes to his stamina, due to his mutant physiology, Wolverine’s body is extremely efficient when it comes to filtering fatigue toxins, which means that he can fight for a long time without getting tired. 

Both Hulk and Wolverine are strong and tireless and can keep fighting at their peaks for a long time. Still, Hulk’s unlimited energy reserves and unlimited strength are capable of overwhelming Wolverine. 

Points: Wolverine (1:2) Hulk


Despite Hulk’s bulky physique, he can move fast, far faster than you would have imagined. His super-strong muscles allow him to leap and jump incredibly high, and in some instances, Hulk was able to match Namor’s speed while swimming. This incredible speed translates well to combat as Hulk has faster reflexes and reaction times, even when extremely angry. 

Wolverine has somewhat enhanced speed and is definitely faster than a regular human being, even though he is classified as having “normal” running speed. The enhanced speed we’re talking about translates to his reflexes, reaction times, and combat situations. In combat, Wolverine is faster than many of his opponents, especially opponents who are not superhuman.  

With everything taken into account, Hulk’s speed is far superior to Wolverine’s. 

Points: Wolverine (1:3) Hulk


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The Hulk is among the most durable characters in the Marvel comics. He is famous for his ability to tank incredible amounts of damage. Conventional weapons made out of Vibranium and Adamantium are the only known materials capable of penetrating his skin. However, even if you were to successfully wound the Hulk, his remarkable healing factor would quickly kick in, enabling him to recover near-instantaneously. Hulk’s healing factor is at its best when Hulk is angry, like most of his other abilities. 

Wolverine is famous for his healing factor, as its one ability that he acquired after his traumatic experience as a part of the Weapon-X program. Wolverine’s healing factor is why he is considered to be such a threat, as it’s problematic to disable and eliminate someone capable of regrowing entire limbs.

Wolverine also ages more slowly and is immune to all poisons, diseases, drugs, and human ailments. His healing factor is also incredibly fast, meaning he can recover from severe wounds in a matter of minutes, wounds that would have killed any other mutant, being, or superhero

This is a tough one. On one side, Wolverine is famous for his healing abilities, and on the other side, we have Hulk, who walks away unharmed when faced with Marvel’s greatest cosmic threats. Due to this, both get the point. 

Points: Wolverine (2:4) Hulk


Hulk is as dumb as a bag of bricks. But Bruce Banner is known to be among the most intelligent characters in the comics. He is a super-genius with immeasurable intelligence and an expert in various scientific fields, from nuclear sciences to physics. 

Wolverine is, on the other hand, perfectly average in intelligence. He can is a master tracker due to his advanced senses and has plenty of experience fighting, most of it stemming from his unnaturally long life and the fact that he took part in several wars. 

Everything considered, Wolverine doesn’t have intelligence feats, but neither thus Hulk. Still, due to Bruce Banner, he gets the point. 

Points: Wolverine (2:5) Hulk

Combat Skills 

Hulk is a skilled fighter but mostly relies on his physical strength. He has been trained by some of the best hand-to-hand combatants in Marvel, which means he is quite formidable in unarmed fights. 

Wolverine, on the hand, is a master combatant, and in most cases, he is the one who gives the training. He mastered all known forms of armed and unarmed combat. He is also skilled in several assassination techniques, and his superior reflexes allow him to predict the movements and accurately counter everything his opponents can throw at him. He was a samurai, a spy, and a mercenary and got in contact with the projectile, bladed, and other types of weapons. 

Wolverine’s combat skills are unparalleled; Hulk doesn’t stand a chance. 

Points: Wolverine (3:5) Hulk


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Wolverine vs. Hulk: Who Won in the comics? 

Wolverine and Hulk fought in the comics several times, and most of the time, Hulk obliterated Wolverine. Recently, Hulk’s strength is enough to break adamantium, which means that Wolverine’s retractable claws are no longer dangerous.

However, there was one fight that Wolverine managed to win, and it was on a technicality. Hulk consumed the Old Man Logan version of the Wolverine. Due to his healing factor, Wolverine managed to regenerate inside of Hulk and tore him up, resulting in a grisly scene.

But the overall point is the history in the comics, and our analysis are unanimous. Hulk is more powerful than Wolverine and is capable of beating him 9 out of 10 times. 

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