Wolverine vs. Black Panther: Who Would Win, Logan or T’Challa?

wolverine vs black panther who would win logan or tchalla

Wolverine and Black Panther are among the most iconic characters in the Marvel Universe. Wolverine is a roguish mutant, most famous for his retractable adamantium-infused bone claws. Black Panther, aka T’Challa, is a king of Wakanda and successor of the mantle of Black Panther, gifted with superhuman abilities additionally blessed by Goddess Bast. Both are powerful in their own right and capable of taking down some of the most formidable villains in the Marvel universe. If it ever came to a battle between Wolverine and Black Panther, who would be stronger and win? 

Wolverine would win in a battle against Black Panther. T’Challa’s enhanced senses and physiology are nowhere near what Wolverine offers. Wolverine’s superior healing factor, speed, and strength are likely to leave Black Panther heavily injured. Black Panther has nothing in his arsenal to neutralize Wolverine and can never deliver that disabling blow. Black Panther is, however, far smarter and faster than Wolverine can hope to be and has better resources at his disposal, and given enough time, he would find a way to deal with Wolverine just like he did in the comics. 

Now that we’ve given you a brief overview of the result, it’s time to analyze both characters in more detail. It’s always difficult to review hypothetical “who would win” scenarios, especially when it comes to fan-favorite characters such as Black Panther and Wolverine. However, by objectively analyzing both characters’ powers, abilities, and other attributes, we always end up with a rational conclusion. If you’re interested in why Black Panther wouldn’t be able to deal with Wolverine easily, keep reading!

Powers and abilities

Logan’s powers stem from the adamantium skeleton given to him during the Weapon X Program. His severe mutant powers were marked as a severe threat, and he is considered up there with the most powerful mutants in the Marvel Universe. Wolverine’s most notable power is his amazing healing factor, but we’ll discuss that in more detail in our “durability” section. For now, we’ll focus on his other powers and abilities. 

Wolverine is not only immune to most physical attacks, but he is also immune to mental attacks as well since he has built up considerable resistance to mental manipulation and psychic attacks.  

Wolverine powers and abilities

Besides his healing factor, Wolverine has one more popular ability: his retractable-at-will bone claws coated in Adamantium are capable of cutting through almost any material and are considered near-indestructible. His standard abilities also include superhuman senses such as sight, smell, taste, touch, and hearing. One peculiar ability of Wolverine’s is his power to understand the emotions of animals, it’s not important in this context, but it’s fun to know

Black Panther originally got his powers from the “Heart-Shaped Herb.” The herb gave him powers similar to Super-Soldier serum and made him perform at peak human level. His additional supernatural powers stem from the blessing he received from Goddess Bast. 

While Heart-Shaped Herb gave T’Challa all the wisdom and knowledge of the previous Black Panthers, King of the Dead T’Challa is capable of communicating with the dead, commanding them, and creating energy constructs by harnessing the same energy that Bast empowered him with. Black Panther also can sense when Vibranium is taken out of Wakanda and where it’s headed. Like Wolverine, Black Panther has enhanced senses as well. 

Black Panther using spirit magic

Wolverine’s and Black Panther’s abilities are completely different and not comparable. Bone Claws might be physically stronger, but T’Challa’s access to Spirit Magic might come in handy if you look at the fight from different aspects. Due to that, both get the point.

Points: Wolverine (1:1) Black Panther 


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Strength and Stamina 

Wolverine has a reinforced adamantium skeleton which means he can lift far more than an average human. He peaks at 2 tons, which is considered a limit to his lifting abilities. When it comes to stamina, due to his unique physiology, he is somewhat immune to fatigue toxins meaning he can fight without tiring for days on end. Wolverine is capable of tiring even the strongest Marvel superheroes as he is not limited by normal human processes. 

WOlverine lifting colossus

Black Panther’s enhancements allow him to operate at peak human efficiency, meaning that his strength is considered superhuman. He can press lift around 800 lbs, although he was seen to move even heavier objects and creatures than that. His stamina reserves are much greater than an average human’s, and he can fight for hours till weakness overwhelms him. 

Black Panther throwing boulder

With everything stated, it’s obvious that both Wolverine and Black Panther have superhuman qualities when it comes to their physiology. Only Wolverine’s physiology is much more drastic.

Points: Wolverine (2:1) Black Panther 


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Wolverine can move at speeds much faster than the human eye can follow, but it’s still considered to be on the “low” end of the superhuman spectrum. His speed is most pronounced during combat, and in combat, he can be faster than most of his opponents. However, his regular speed rarely exceeds that of peak human performance speed. 

Wolverine Combat speed

Black Panther shares approximately the same speed as Wolverine. He, too, is faster than the eye can follow and best utilizes his speed during combat. Both Black Panther and Wolverine are incredibly agile, which is partly due to their superior senses and, hence, superior sense of balance. When it comes to speed, both our heroes are pretty evenly matched.

Black panther speed

Still, the point goes to Wolverine ultimately since he can maintain his speed longer than Black Panther due to his superior stamina.

Points: Wolverine (3:1) Black Panther 


Wolverine is one of the most durable mutants in the Marvel Universe, and this is partly why he is considered such a threat since there’s no plan put in place that deals with the problem of “removing him” if he goes completely rogue. His healing factor proved unprecedented as he managed to tank hits from some of the strongest characters the Marvel Universe has to offer.

Wolverine healing factor

He was seen regenerating from incredible damage. He ages more slowly and is immune to all poisons, diseases, drugs, and human ailments. His healing factor is also incredibly fast, meaning he can recover from severe wounds in a matter of minutes, wounds that would have killed any other mutant, being, or superhero. 

Black Panther possesses enhanced healing to some extent. It can’t be called a “healing factor” since it’s mostly his enhanced immune system that does all the hard work and operates at peak human efficiency. Black Panther can potentially tank more serious damage than the average human being, but for most of his protection, he has to rely on his Vibranium suit. Regarding durability, Black Panther simply can’t measure with Wolverine. 

Points: Wolverine (4:1) Black Panther 


Wolverine is average in terms of his experience, although he can be considered a master tracker and has learned a thing or two during his long, unnaturally prolonged life. In terms of his intelligence, Wolverine doesn’t have some impressive feats, and he was never considered a mastermind in the Marvel Universe. 

On the other hand, Black Panther is considered a genius. He has a photographic memory, is a master of physics and engineering, and even invented his own scientific field called Shadow Physics which combines alchemy and physics and allows him to track Vibranium at a quantum level. Wolverine might have more life experience, but Black Panther is smarter between the two and is more capable of preparing himself for anything his enemies can throw at him. 

Points: Wolverine (4:2) Black Panther 


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Combat Skills 

Wolverine is known to be a master combatant in all known forms of both armed and unarmed combat. He is also skilled in several assassination techniques, and his superior reflexes allow him to predict the movements and accurately counter everything his opponents can throw at him. His experience as a samurai, spy, and mercenary gave him unique insight into most forms of weaponry, both ranged and bladed.

Wolverine combat skills

He also served as a mentor for some of the most notable X-Men members. He is considered among the greatest hand-to-hand combatants Marvel Universe has to offer. The only person that can stand against him is perhaps the Black Panther himself. 

Black Panther is considered to be among the best martial artist in the Marvel Universe. He was groomed and trained to be a warrior since birth, and his enhanced acrobatic abilities give him an upper hand against most opponents. He was frequently known to gain the upper hand in fights against Wolverine. Thus, this point goes to him. 

Black panther overpowering silver surfer

Points: Wolverine (4:3) Black Panther 

Wolverine vs. Black Panther: Who would win in a fight? 

It would be a pretty close fight. Wolverine would win due to being faster, more durable, with greater stamina reserves, and stronger. Black Panther has nothing to neutralize his healing factor, and it’s only a matter of time before Wolverine exhausts him. However, due to his considerably higher intelligence, Black Panther would eventually devise a plan to deal with him. As a better martial artist, he would have no problem subduing him during combat.

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