‘I Am Groot’: Marvel Studios Reveals Official Trailer for Season 2

i am groot s2

While the Marvel Cinematic Universe fans are usually busy anticipating the biggest projects, such as the upcoming movie ‘The Marvels’ and the second season of the Disney+ series ‘Loki,’ which we’re both going to watch this Fall, we didn’t forget that the most loveable tree ever will return in the second season of his own series of animated shorts.

Groot first debuted in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in 2014’s ‘Guardians of the Galaxy,’ in which he was ultimately killed and replaced by Baby Groot in 2017’s ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.’ Baby Groot became a fan-favorite character and a great merchandise material. In his next appearance in ‘Avengers: Infinity War,’ Groot has already reached his teen growth again, so ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2’ remained the only live-action project featuring Baby Groot.

Still, Marvel Studios provided us with another chance to hang out with this adorable character thanks to ‘I Am Groot,’ a series of animated shorts which premiered on Disney+ on August 10, 2022. The first season consisted of five shorts.

The official trailer for the second season of ‘I Am Groot’ has been revealed!

While the fans are waiting for three MCU projects that we’re going to watch in October and November, ‘Loki’ Season 2, ‘The Marvels’ and ‘Echo,’ Marvel Studios made sure that we won’t spend September without MCU content since the second season of ‘I Am Groot’ is set to be released on September 6, 2023.

Check out the official trailer for ‘I Am Groot’ Season 2 down below:

In five brand-new upcoming shorts, we’ll see Baby Groot on some new adventures, and judging from the trailer, The Watcher from the animated series ‘What If…?’ will also have a cameo in this new season. In the first season, each of the shorts was only six minutes long (credits included), so none of them provide anything storywise or any character development, but they’re a nice way to see our favorite tree having fun.


Here’s How Much Vin Diesel Got for Voicing Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy

Vin Diesel, who’s been voicing Groot in the Marvel Cinematic Universe since the character’s introduction in 2014, returns again to voice Baby Groot in ‘I Am Groot’ Season 2. Five brand-new animated shorts will be streaming on Disney+ on September 6, 2023.

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