Iron Fist vs. Spider-Man: Who Would Win in a Fight?

spider man vs iron fist who would win in a fight

In today’s vs. post, we’re going to compare the legendary Iron Fist and Spider-Man. When it comes to Iron Fist, nothing screams unbelievable, quite like being able to channel all your energy (Chi) into a boxing glove-like fist, able to knock out just about anyone (Floyd Mayweather included). Obviously, Spider-Man has been around and has a plethora of fans out there (specifically in the teenage market) and is one of the most recognizable figures in comics. Now that we vent over the basics, it’s time to see, if it ever came to a battle between Iron Fist and Spider-Man, who is stronger and who would win?

Iron Fist would win in a battle against Spider-Man. Iron Fist is simply the more experienced fighter and has a lot of tactics to avoid Spider-Man’s web shooters. Iron Fist is simply one of the best hand-to-hand combatants in the Marvel Universe, and when it comes to clean fights without any special powers, he would certainly win.

With that out of the way, let’s look at each of their qualities and traits and see the analysis of our conclusion, shall we? We’re going to compare the endurance, experience, and special powers the two characters have. If you’re interested, keep reading!

Powers and abilities

Iron Fist is an expert martial artist. He uses a mystical Iron Fist to channel his inner Chi. His mastery of Chi is so great it unlocks access to special, even superhuman, types of abilities for him. He has enhanced physical traits and healing powers, and he is able to use telepathic mind fusion.

Iron fist

Spider-Man, on the other hand, has superhuman strength, speed, and agility. He is a highly intelligent individual and has a unique “spidey sense” that warns him of danger. He also has access to special web shooters on his wrists that mimic the abilities of a spider. When it comes to the powers and abilities category, both of them get a point.

spider man web shooters

Points: Iron Fist (1:1) Spider-Man

Experience versus youth

I have to give the edge to Iron Fist. With age comes experience and between the two, there is no denying that Iron Fist is a little bit older and has run the gamut of life just a little longer. Spider-Man is still a teenager (albeit one who has barely aged 60 years) and is often left trying to find his place in life.


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Of course, on the flip side of this, because Spider-Man is quite a bit younger, he might very well be more agile and flexible, thus more likely to be able to avoid an Iron Fist attack. That being said, I still have to give the edge to Iron Fist. Age and experience will outlast agility and flexibility any day of the week. In Iron Fist vs. Spider-Man, this means…

Points: Iron Fist (2:1) Spider-Man


Not to contradict me, but in the realm of endurance, age is a factor. As mentioned, Spider-Man is not only younger but potentially able to withstand a long battle more than Iron Fist. Trained in Martial Arts or not, I believe that Iron Fist would tire long before Spider-Man would break a sweat. Yes, in the colossal battle of Iron Fist vs. Spider-Man, Iron Fist, with all his training, would tire.

Iron fist healing
Iron Fist can heal with his Chi

I feel that without a shadow of a doubt, Spider-Man is much quicker on his feet and, because of his Spider-Sense, able to detect an attack long before Iron Fist could even get a shot off. Because he wouldn’t tired, he could easily avoid the attack, and the longer the battle went on, the less damage Spider-Man would take.

Points: Iron Fist (2:2) Spider-Man

Chi versus Web Shooter

How does a weapon whose ammunition can be burned stand up to a guy that has a fist which lights up? It doesn’t. If not tired or physically and mentally drained from its usage, Iron Fist could easily disintegrate any and all Web Shooter attacks simply by stopping them with his fist.

I can’t speak for you, but if I was up against a foe who could stop one of my most trusted attacks with his fist, I don’t even think I’d show up. If I was stupid enough to show up, I’d run around like an idiot in hopes of tiring him out and gaining the advantage through my endurance. That aside, a fist that can burn the web…

Points: Iron Fist (3:2) Spider-Man


Spider-Man is fast. He is probably too fast for his own good. Iron Fist is fast. He is probably too fast for his own good. I can’t stress this enough. As fast as Iron Fist is, Spider-Man is faster. Look, Spider-Man squares off against enemies who fly, soar around on gliders, and shoot electricity.

spider man comics speed

If he can catch up to and dodge those, he’s good enough to be faster than a Martial Artist. Eventually, Spidey will run out of webbing if he is to avoid Iron Fist’s martial arts techniques.

Points: Iron Fist (3:3) Spider-Man


Iron Fist tires easily if he uses Iron Fist for extended periods of time. So if a battle against Spider-Man were to last longer, it would definitely be a problem. Especially if he uses Chi to deaden pain or heal any wounds.


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Spider-Man, however, can run out of webbing, and his spidey sense occasionally doesn’t work. These seem to be the more dangerous weaknesses and the point goes to Iron Fist.

Points: Iron Fist (4:3) Spider-Man

Iron Fist vs. Spider-Man: Who wins?

Experience and a fist that eats webs for breakfast trumps endurance and speed any day of the week. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t an easy victory, and this battle would bring both competitors to the break of defeat, but in my heart and mind, in the battle of Iron Fist vs. Spider-Man, Iron Fist would walk from this encounter the victor. And if he didn’t…well, then, in that case, the comic needs to be rewritten.

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