Top 15 Superheroes with Electric Powers in Marvel & DC (Ranked)

The Top 15 Superheroes with Electric Powers in Marvel DC Ranked

Marvel and DC Comics have been around for decades now and, in their long history, have birthed some of the most intriguing characters we’ve ever come across. From superheroes to villains, they feature super-powered individuals with distinguishing superpowers most of us can only dream of.

Of all the superpowers that characters in these comics have had, few have intrigued and mesmerized the fandom as electricity-based powers. There’s no denying the aesthetic value of arcing waves of electricity, be it on comic book pages or the big screen. Over the years, Marvel and DC have excelled in creating characters with electricity-based powers, to most fans’ delight. As a result, there’s a bevy of superheroes whose powers feature electricity manipulation in various forms.

This article will list Marvel and DC Superheroes who have electricity-based powers. So, if this piques your interest, stay tuned for what will be a “shocking” read!

15. Crystal (Marvel)

Crystal 1

Crystal Amaquelin is an Inhuman who is a part of the Royal Family of Attilan and first appeared in 1965’s Fantastic Four #45. She was also a member of the Fantastic Four and the Avengers and, at one point, was married to Quicksilver.

As an infant, she was exposed to the Terrigen Mist, which endowed her with great abilities. She’s a powerful elemental who can manipulate the four elements: fire, water, earth, and air.

One of her most notable powers is electrogenesis. This allows her to manipulate the atoms of elements and charge them electrically. Once charged, she controls the atoms and can drive electricity through them and summon electric bolts. 


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14. Black Adam (DC)

Victor Mancha

Black Adam was the original champion of the Wizard. He was, like Shazam, blessed by the gods but lost his powers when he turned on the Council of Eternity and killed every single member save for the Ancinet Wizard. Nowadays, Black Adam is empowered by the Egyptian pantheon of gods and still has access to the most powerful lightning strike in the universe.


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13. Living Lightning (Marvel)

Living Lightning

Miguel Santos, also known as Living Lightning, is an often-forgotten member of the Avengers. He first appeared in 1990’s Avengers West Coast #63 and is a very powerful Avenger.

Miguel’s father was a member of an extremist group called the Legion of the Living Lightning, whose goal was to topple the U.S. Government. After a mission goes wrong, Hulk defeats and kills most of the group’s members, including Miguel’s father.

Miguel would go to their secret base years later to save his father’s name. While trying to salvage what he could, he turned on a machine and accidentally got electrocuted. This didn’t kill him but turned him into a being of pure energy, aka a Living Lightning.

Thus, Miguel could transform his body into electrical plasma, allowing him to generate electrical shocks and bolts, fly at sub-light speed, and create electrical force fields.

12. Lightning Lad (DC)

Lightning Lad 2

Garth Ranzz, also known as Live Wire or Lightning Lad, is a founding member of the Legion of Superheroes. He and his siblings Mekt and Ayla were on a space joyride and were forced to land on the planet Korbal where Mekt, the oldest, figured they could use the local wildlife to recharge their ship.

However, Lightning Beasts on the planet surrounded and attacked them. Mekt and Garth gained electrical superpowers while Ayla was phased into a form of pure energy. Eventually, Garth would become Lightning Lad, Ayla Lightning Lass, and Mekt the villain Lightning Lord.

Garth can absorb electrical energy and re-channel it for attacks. He can also control electric fields and channel them through his hands. He can also manipulate electricity in non-terrestrial environments, like outer space. He can also produce electro-static effects by simply clapping his hands and even firing lightning bolts from his hands. He can also send electricity through conductive metals, thus magnetizing them.

During a battle with Imperix, his arm was amputated. Later, it was replaced with the Cybernetic 4000, which multiplied the magnitude of his powers many times over.

11. The Flash (DC)

The Flash

The Flash is one of the most popular superheroes of all time. While working late in his lab one night, Barry Allen was struck by a lightning bolt and tossed into a shelf full of electrified chemicals. This effectively gave him powers, turning him into the Fastest Man Alive. While running, he produces great arcs of electricity.

As a speedster, the Flash has a connection to the Speed Force, which is an extra-dimensional source of dark matter energy that provides speedsters with their powers. One power that the Speed Force grants the Flash is electrokinesis which allows his body to generate electricity. By moving at super speeds, the Flash can generate electric energy, which he can use as a lightning blast against enemies.

The Flash also boasts the power of electricity absorption. This means he can charge himself with electricity from nearby sources to boost himself when running or throwing lightning.

10. Spider-Man/ Miles Morales (Marvel)

Miles Morales

Miles Morales is a teenager who was bitten by a radioactive spider and became Earth 1610’s Spider-Man after the death of Peter Parker in that reality. His powers somewhat mimic those of the original Spider-Man Peter Parker. However, Miles has a few powers under his belt that stick out.

Miles’ body generates a form of bio-electricity, which he can harness for several purposes. For instance, he can discharge this energy in controlled bursts, which he refers to as Venom Blasts. Depending on their intensity, these blasts can be used against opponents and can daze opponents or completely knock them out.


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Miles can also channel his bio-electricity outward as a burst of electrostatic energy capable of knocking away enemies. He can also use his bio-electricity to enhance the power of his punches. He can also produce threads of bio-electricity that can function similarly to his webs, allowing him to swing, toss his opponents, or even send an electric shock.

9. Surge (Marvel)

Surge Marvel

Noriko Ashida, also known as Surge, was a Japanese teenage mutant who was forced to run away after her abilities manifested. The Xavier Institute recruited her and taught her how to control her powers.

Surge can absorb electricity at all times from the static in the air, electric equipment, outlets, etc. She can then dispel the absorbed energy through lightning blasts from her hands and other body parts. These blasts are powerful when used effectively. She can also discharge the energy in bursts of super speed, allowing her to run several hundred miles an hour and retain this speed for hours.

8. Spectrum (Marvel)

Spectrum Marvel

Monica Rambeau, aka Spectrum, also known as Captain Marvel, first appeared in ‘The Amazing Spider-Man Annual’#16. She gained her powers after attempting to destroy a powerful energy disruptor machine which exposed her to extra-dimensional energy. As a result, she developed the ability to convert her body into whichever form of energy on the electromagnetic spectrum she chooses.


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Her power set is god-tier. She can control gamma rays, UV radiation, infrared radiation, x-rays, microwaves, radio waves, and electricity. She can exhibit all its properties whenever she transforms her body into one energy form. So, by channeling electricity, she can achieve several effects lightning blasts, electric shields, electric force beams, and so on. At one time, she could change her form into an enormous bolt of lightning while trying to stop a sea beast.

7. Static (DC)

Lightning Lad

Static, real name Virgil Hawkins, is a teenage superhero in Dakota City. He gained his electromagnetic powers after exposure to a special tear gas containing a mutagen. His body is capable of generating raw electromagnetic energy, which he can manipulate and enhance to achieve a variety of effects.

He can create energy-based constructs such as disks, orbs, shields, bursts, fields, and other projectiles. He can also project powerful electromagnetic blasts and can also transform his entire body into pure electrical energy.

6. Storm (Marvel)


Ororo Munroe, better known as Storm, is a veteran member of the X-Men and is one of the most powerful mutants on Earth. Her powers mainly give her the ability to manipulate weather and all its aspects.

She’s an Omega Level Mutant, and her raw power and potential have often been mentioned to be immeasurable. One main source of her powers is the electromagnetic field though her power is also mystical as she descends from a long line of sorceresses. She can generate lightning and other electromagnetic atmospheric conditions. Over the years, Storm has become one of the X-Men’s most important leaders.

5. Black Lightning (DC)

black lightning

Black Lightning may not be the most famous superhero, but this doesn’t make him any less powerful than some of DC’s meanest and baddest. You’ve probably already guessed that he can shoot lightning bolts, but there’s far more to the character than you can imagine.

Besides generating and controlling electricity, Jefferson Pierce can also turn himself into electricity, becoming a being of pure energy. He can also generate immensely powerful electric force fields to protect himself. He also has energy absorption power, allowing him to regenerate in case his energy levels drop. He can also tap into the speed of lightning and move at superhuman speeds.

4. Shazam (DC)

Shazam 2

By speaking the word Shazam, Billy Batson is engulfed by a bolt of lightning that transforms him into an incredibly powerful being. He’s empowered with the gifts of ancient gods given to him by the Wizard. One of the powers he possesses is the Power of Zeus. Besides the magic thunderbolt that transforms him, Zeus’ power grants Billy Batson other abilities.

He can also use the lightning as a weapon by blasting it at opponents. He was once able to incapacitate Superman using magical lightning. He can also use the lightning to heal others and himself and travel through dimensions.

3. Beta Ray Bill (Marvel)

Beta Ray Bill

Beta Ray Bill is a Korbinite who was able to lift Mjolnir, which granted him the powers of Thor. He even won the hammer from Thor in combat, after which Odin granted him his own mystical weapon, Stormbreaker.


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With the Stormbreaker, Bill boasts a variety of superpowers, including the ability to summon storms. This allows him to bring down lightning crashes to literally and figuratively shock his enemies.

2. Thor (Marvel)


Thor is the God of Thunder and a member of the Asgardian race. He is the son of Odin, the All-Father, and Gaea, which would explain his immense power. Thor can channel his energies thanks to his enchanted Uru hammer Mjolnir, making him a formidable warrior.

With his trusty weapon, he can manipulate vast amounts of energy and channel the storm’s energy to deliver powerful lightning blasts. This has granted him numerous victories in his many millennia.

1. Zeus (Marvel and DC)


Zeus is a mainstay in Marvel and DC Comics and is one of both universes’ most powerful beings. He is a literal god and boasts incredible powers and abilities. None is perhaps more prominent than his ability to generate and manipulate tremendous amounts of electrical energy.

He has absolute control over both static and celestial electricity and can channel this energy to achieve various effects. For one, he can channel electricity through his fists to make his blows more lethal, project destructive blasts of electricity strong enough to injure even Darkseid, and even construct matter from the electrical energy he creates.

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