Aquaman’s Cameo Role in ‘The Flash’, Explained


We know that ‘The Flash’ was able to change the entire trajectory of the DCEU when Barry Allen altered history. That’s why we saw different versions of Superman and variants of Batman appearing in the movie, even though most were just cameos. But while that may be true, people wondered whether or not a prominent Justice League member like Aquaman was in the movie, considering that he still has a movie that will be released soon. So, is Aquaman in ‘The Flash’?

Aquaman appeared in ‘The Flash’ but in a short cameo appearance that didn’t contribute to the film’s narrative. He actually appeared in the post-credit scene wherein Barry told him about the different timelines with different versions of Batman. Aquaman was very drunk in that scene.

One of the things that we know is that the current DCEU is going nowhere because the entire cinematic universe will see a reboot in the future. As such, it would be useless to actually include post-credit scenes that set up future films. Nevertheless, Aquaman appeared in ‘The Flash’ in a fun moment for fans. So, with that said, let’s talk more about Aquaman’s role in ‘The Flash.’

Aquaman was technically not in ‘The Flash’?

If there’s something we love about the current generation of superhero movies, all of the characters belong in the same universe of their umbrella companies. That means that most of the DC characters that appear in live-action movies belong in the same universe as the other DC superheroes. And ‘The Flash’ expanded on that when Barry Allen altered the timeline and caused a lot of changes in the new universe he created.

When Barry returned to the past to save his mother from death, he changed the outcome of history so that Michael Keaton was Bruce Wayne and Kal-El wasn’t the one that landed on Earth. Of course, before that even happened, we saw the Flash in action when he showcased his amazing speed in a great superhero moment for him and Ben Affleck’s Batman.

Affleck’s Batman was in a middle of a tough situation, only for Wonder Woman to save him from a bind. The Flash appeared shortly after seeing three Justice League members reunite. Of course, it goes without saying that this was the easiest reunion to make because all three of these characters were yet to leave their roles in the DCEU at the time of the filming of ‘The Flash’ movie. That probably explains why neither Cyborg nor Superman was there in that scene.


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On the other hand, Aquaman was in ‘The Flash’ but appeared in a scene that wasn’t part of the main film. He was mentioned several times during the movie but appeared in character only in post-credits scenes. That’s because he appeared in the post-credit scene just after Barry Allen “fixed” the timeline by allowing his mother to die but giving his father the alibi he needed to ensure he had a chance for freedom. As such, fans of Aquaman shouldn’t fret because Arthur is in ‘The Flash’ in a scene that allows us to see that he and Barry Allen are comedy gold.

Barry Allen changed Arthur’s life with Flashpoint

As mentioned, Barry saved the day but still altered the timeline. That’s because he added a small change in the timeline by changing the placement of the canned tomatoes on the grocery shelf so that his father would look up into the camera and prove that he wasn’t home when Barry’s mother was murdered. However, this small change slightly altered the timeline because George Clooney was now portraying Bruce Wayne instead of Ben Affleck.

In the post-credit scene, Barry talks to Aquaman in a bar. This means that probably not many things were changed in this timeline and that Barry decided to stay in this universe because there were only minor alterations. Jason Momoa is still Arthur Curry as Barry talks to a drunk Aquaman while walking outside a bar. Of course, we can assume that Barry accompanied his friend drinking but couldn’t get drunk because of his metabolism.

Barry told Arthur what happened to him and how Bruce looked different from every timeline, even though he was still the same Bruce they were familiar with. He also told Aquaman that he didn’t exist in the altered timeline because his father decided to adopt dogs instead of having a romantic relationship with the queen of Atlantis.

A very drunk Arthur passed out face-first in a puddle and gave Barry a ring he wanted to pawn so they could get another drink. This means that Aquaman was not in a very good place at that point because there would be no reason why he would be drinking to death if he had his life together. And let’s not even forget that he was probably broke at that time because he wanted to pawn a ring to get another drink.


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This scene may imply that Barry might have changed Arthur’s life a bit when he went back in time. Of course, we don’t know how big of a change was caused in Aquaman’s life, but it is possible that it was big enough to make Arthur return to his old habits as a drunkard instead of spending his life ruling Atlantis.

But there’s also a good chance that the events of ‘The Flash’ altered the Aquaman storyline to make it easier for fans to accept why Amber Heard’s Mera won’t have a big role in the upcoming ‘Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.’ Let’s not forget that Heard isn’t the most popular celebrity in recent months due to the revelations regarding her and ex-husband Johnny Depp.

In that regard, the alteration in the timeline might be one of the things that the writers of Aquaman used to make it easier to reduce Heard’s role in the final DCEU movie. As such, while the post-credit scene involving Barry and Arthur may not have a big impact on the future of the Aquaman franchise, it might be a subtle way of telling the audience members that the upcoming Aquaman movie will be set in this slightly altered timeline.

What do you think about Aquaman’s cameo in the ‘The Flash’? Let us know in the comments below!

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