Is Deadpool Gay, Bisexual, or Straight? Or Neither?

Is Deadpool Gay Bisexual or Straight Or Neither

In recent years, there has been an increased focus on including diverse characters in comic books and other media, including characters who are LGBTQ+. Marvel Comics has been at the forefront of this movement, introducing a number of LGBTQ+ characters and storylines in their comics. One notable example of an LGBT character in the Marvel Universe is Northstar, a member of the X-Men who was revealed to be gay in 1992. Other than Northstar, we are interested in the character of Deadpool.

Deadpool is pansexual. Over the course of the character’s long existence, Deadpool has been involved with men, women, and non-binary individuals, which makes him attacked to all genders imaginable.

Of course, this is not to say that he isn’t a complex character with various traits and characteristics beyond his sexuality. At the same time, this aspect of Deadpool’s character has been explored in several storylines and has been praised by fans for its positive representation of pansexuality.

Deadpool’s relationships

In the comic series, Deadpool’s romantic orientation has been explained as pansexual. This means that Deadpool can be attracted to any person, no matter their gender or gender identity. However, his relationship with the same gender hasn’t been explored so far, except for a few flirtatious exchanges.

In the movies, Wade Wilson has been dating his girlfriend, Vanessa, and it seems like that won’t change anytime soon. Although, the character of Vanessa is quite different from the one we saw in the movies.

In the comic series, Vanessa Carlysle, also known as Copycat, is Deadpool’s long-time love interest and ex-girlfriend. Vanessa and Wade met while they were both mercenaries and fell in love. They began dating and were in a serious relationship for some time.


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However, their relationship faced many challenges. One of the most significant was when Vanessa was kidnapped and tortured by Ajax, a mutant who had previously experimented on Deadpool. This left Vanessa with severe scars and trauma, which caused her to end her relationship with Wade.

Despite their breakup, Vanessa and Deadpool have had several encounters over the years. They have teamed up on missions and have even had brief romantic moments. Deadpool has also tried to win her back, but she has remained hesitant to rekindle their relationship.

Overall, Vanessa Carlysle is an important character in Deadpool’s story, and their relationship has been a significant part of Deadpool’s character development. Their complicated history has added depth and complexity to both characters and has contributed to the overall richness of the Deadpool comic series.

Another significant relationship that Deadpool had was with Siryn. Deadpool and Siryn first met when they were both working as mercenaries. At the time, Siryn was in a relationship with another character, but she and Deadpool quickly developed a strong attraction to each other. Despite this, their relationship was rocky from the start, with Deadpool’s unpredictable behavior often causing problems.

Their relationship became even more complicated when Siryn’s ex-boyfriend, Black Tom Cassidy, returned and attempted to rekindle their relationship. Deadpool and Black Tom had a longstanding feud, and their rivalry only added to the tension between Deadpool and Siryn.

Over time, Deadpool and Siryn’s relationship continued to develop, and they shared several moments. However, their relationship ultimately ended due to Deadpool’s unpredictable behavior and inability to fully commit to a long-term relationship.

Who is Deadpool in love with?

In the comic series, Deadpool has had multiple romantic relationships and has expressed attraction to a wide range of characters, including men, women, and non-binary individuals. However, there is no one character that Deadpool is truly in love with.

Deadpool’s relationships are often complicated and messy, and he struggles with commitment and intimacy. While he has had several significant romantic interests over the years, including Vanessa Carlysle (Copycat), Siryn, and Shiklah, he is not fully committed to any one of them.

Ultimately, Deadpool’s romantic life is characterized by his willingness to explore new experiences and his tendency to prioritize fun and adventure over long-term commitment. While he may sometimes have deep feelings for certain characters, his love life is not defined by any particular relationship.

Has Deadpool ever dated a guy?

One of Deadpool’s most significant relationships with a man is with Cable, another mutant who is a member of the X-Men. In the comic series, Deadpool and Cable have been depicted as close friends who deeply understand and appreciate each other. There have been several instances where the two have engaged in flirtatious banter and have been depicted in romantic situations.

Additionally, Deadpool has been shown to express attraction to other male characters in the comics, including Spider-Man and Thor. These instances are often played for humor and are a part of Deadpool’s irreverent and unconventional personality.


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In ‘Deadpool & the Mercs for Money’ #1, Deadpool is shown reminiscing about his past relationship with Tommy, whom he refers to as his “old boyfriend.” Deadpool mentions that Tommy was a drummer in a band and that they used to spend a lot of time together but that their relationship eventually fell apart.

While the reasons for their breakup are not revealed, it is clear that the experience profoundly impacted Deadpool. In the comic, Deadpool is shown feeling nostalgic for his past relationship and reflecting on the pain that he experienced after their breakup.

Deadpool is currently interested in non-binary Valentine Vuong

valentine shattered hands

Valentine Vuong is a non-binary assassin who first appeared in the ongoing Deadpool comic book run in 2022. Deadpool meets a dreamy assassin during his mission to assassinate Otto Octavius, and he is immediately infatuated with the mysterious killer.

The attraction goes both ways, and both Deadpool and Valentine start dating. We still don’t know much about Valentine Vuong; besides being a mutant assassin with “needle” hands, they can synthesize any chemical in their body and inject it through their fingers.

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