20 Most Powerful Deadpool Enemies of All Time

20 Most Powerful Deadpool Enemies of All Time

Deadpool is one of our favorite Marvel anti-heroes. His unique charm and dark sense of humor make for a great comic series. We have seen him translated to the screen as well, and thankfully he has a devoted team behind the project making the movies true to its source material. In the comic books, he encounters many enemies. Some of them eventually start bearing a long-term grudge and become reoccurring characters in the series. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the 20 most powerful Deadpool enemies of all time.

1. T-Ray

t ray
T Ray

Our first villain is somewhat a mystery, T-Ray, or rather his real name, Wade Wilson. At least that’s what he claims, and we don’t know if that is really true. It is pretty fitting for Deadpool’s universe, where you don’t know where the madness begins, and the truth ends.

T-Ray explains how he has been preparing for years to have revenge on Deadpool for stealing his identity and killing his wife Mercedes. In his version of the story, Deadpool was running from his employers when he met T-Ray and his wife, and to escape them he said he would steal T-Ray’s identity. He attacked the both, but T-Ray survived and decided he would have his revenge.

2. Doctor Killebrew

Doctor Killebrew

Dr. Emrys Killebrew was a geneticist who would go on to work on a project called the Weapon X program. This was the tenth installment of the U.S. Government project that was looking for ways to increase the regular human capacity into a mutant one. Specifically, they were working on mutating humans and as a result creating an enhanced version of themselves.

This was all part of the idea of building test subjects for improving the military strength of the country. Doctor Killebrew was the one who turned Wade Wilson or Deadpool into what he is, but later on, he regretted it. He would even go on to sacrifice himself in order for Deadpool to win against Ajax.

3. Ajax

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Just like we’ve mentioned earlier, the Weapon X program or the Workshop program was designed to activate certain mutations within a human, which would later on give them powers. Ajax was one of the leaders of this program alongside his assistant Angel Dust.


He worked on Deadpool’s case and was the one who tortured him to trigger the mutations. Deadpool managed to free himself, but later on, when Ajax realized what happened, he went looking for him. They got into a fight that Ajax seemingly won, what he didn’t know is that Deadpool’s mutations were finally activated and he could recover from any kind of attack.

4. William Stryker

william stryker
William Stryker

We first encounter William Stryker as the main antagonist in the X-Men universe, where Deadpool had his start. He is a military scientist whose goal is to eliminate all mutants from the world. His hatred for mutants is tested when his own son becomes one, and Stryker decides to send him to Xavier’s school, hoping it will cure him.

As you probably know Xavier had no such plans. When Stryker encountered Deadpool, he manipulated and turned him into a weapon called Weapon 11. although it was explained that these events were erased with certain actions through time travel.

5. Crossbones


Brock Rumlow or better known as Crossbones, was a HYDRA infiltrator that was working for S.H.I.E.L.D., gaining intel from both sides. Since he trained in both organizations, he became really strong, using all different kinds of martial arts and fighting techniques. Since he is a mercenary, one time, he got an ordered hit on Deadpool. The two mercenaries clashed, but as you might’ve guessed, Deadpool was not really crossed off his list.

6. Taskmaster


Taskmaster is another mercenary who fought against Deadpool many times throughout the series. As much as they would fight, sometimes they would even work together. The Taskmaster’s abilities come from his photographic reflexes. This means that after he watches, let’s say, a professional football match, he can copy their exact moves on that level. His abilities do have an exception, though, he cannot copy superpowers, so he can’t copy Deadpool’s regenerative powers, and so on.

7. Hit-Monkey

hit monkey

This next Deadpool enemy is called Hit-Monkey. The story behind his sworn vengeance against all assassins started back in Japan, where he lived with his clan of macaques. They lived peacefully until one day, a wounded assassin wandered into their territory. The monkey decided to help him recover, tending to his wounds and such. He would slowly get better, and one day the monkey observed him in training, they even learned some of his fighting tactics.


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The assassin and the monkey bonded over time but Hit-Monkey did not like his presence in the clan, he tried to voice this concern multiple times, but eventually, his clan banished him for that. While on his way to leave the clan, he encountered a group of soldiers going in the direction of his clan. He tried to go back to warn them, but he was too late, all of them were dead. From that day, he swore he was going to kill any assassin who crossed his path.

8. Stryfe


Stryfe, also known as Nathan Summers, is another one of Deadpool’s enemies. His story is somewhat intricate because it involves time travel. When he was born, Nathan was very sick, and in order to heal him so he would survive his father, Cyclops had to take him to the future where the technology and medicine were advanced enough to help him.

After some time, he was getting better, but there were also some dangers still of him dying, so in order to try and prevent that, they created a clone of him, and he would go on to become Stryfe.

9. Bullseye


Bullseye’s history is pretty unclear since a lot of the existing information is very contradicting. There is an assumption that his real name is Lester and that he was born in the Bronx, where he was raised. Apparently, he tried to kill his father when he was young by trying to burn their home down.

He is a frequent enemy of Daredevil, Spider-Man, and Captain America. What’s interesting, from their interactions, Bullseye seems to have known Deadpool for a long time, there are even hints that they knew each other from childhood.

10. Juggernaut

juggernaut 1

Initially, Juggernaut was imprisoned by the U.S. Government, but after he was freed, he joined the Brotherhood of Mutants. This was a group led by Magneto, and he decided to recruit him because of his amazing physical strength.

Magneto even tried to recruit Jean, while that was happening, Juggernaut had to distract Wolverine and Storm, and the fight was won by Juggernaut. He also makes an appearance in Deadpool 2 where after escaping prison. He was in the same transportation truck that eventually crashed, as Deadpool and his partner Domino whom he fought after that.

11. Lady Deathstrike

lady deathstrike
Lady Deathstrike

Lady Deathstrike, also known as Yuriko Oyama, is the daughter of the Lord Dark Wind. He was a Japanese kingpin who essentially invented a special process of coating bones with an indestructible metal called Adamantium. He was also an abusive father to Yuriko and she, later on, got her revenge on him.

After she killed her father, she still wanted to continue his legacy, and that is one of the main reasons for her obsession with Wolverine. She believes he is tarnishing her family name with his claws, which are also made out of Adamantium metal.

12. Kraven the Hunter

Kraven the Hunter

Kraven the Hunter is a Russian hunter who moved to Africa for a job. While he was studying hunting, at first, he was using lots of different tools, but after a while, that wasn’t a challenge anymore. He would start to kill large animals only with his bare hands. After some time, he visited a local voodoo witch called Calypso, and she gave him a potion that would make him even stronger. This herbal mix gave him immense strength and amazing speed.


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13. Mister Sinister

Powers of X Vol 1 5 Virgin Variant
Mister Sinister

Mister Sinister started off as a biologist in the 1800s, and Charles Darwin was one of his idols. He looked up to him and thought that he was underrated and misunderstood his whole career. Later on, after pursuing his own research in genetics, he would find himself relating to Darwin even more.

He believed in mutations that could transform humankind, but nobody would listen. He tried to ask for funding, but no one would consider his research. This would further upset him, and after he met a real mutant called Apocalypse, with whom he would continue to work. Although his beliefs would eventually go too far, as he experimented on his dead son.

14. Marcus


Marcus, the Gladiator Centaur Werewolf with a Symbiote and Robot Legs, was first just a centaur from Ancient Greece. He was bitten by a werewolf after that and bound to Symbiote, and after he clashed with Deadpool, he added a cyborg component as well. Marcus worked for Dracula, and on one occasion, he sent him and the rest of his team to find Deadpool.

This resulted in an all-out battle that lasted throughout the whole night. Deadpool damaged Marcus enough that he needed to be repaired with robotic parts.

15. Carnage

carnage 1

Cletus Kasady had a very difficult and dark childhood, eventually leading him to commit a crime. He became a serial killer and was caught sometime after and sent to prison. There he met Eddie Brock, and at one point, the symbiote Venom came looking for him. When Venom found Eddie, some of the symbiotes remains latched on to Cletus, and after it bonded with him, Carnage was created.

16. Id, the Selfish Moon

id moon
Id the Selfish Moon

Id the Selfish Moon gained consciousness after some time while traveling through the galaxy. He would always be on the lookout for parties, any place where he could have some fun. After a while, he realized no one wanted to join him in his endeavors, so he decided to go solo. The loneliness drove him insane, and after a while, he decided he would start destroying places where everyone had fun.

17. Mad Cap

hat man
Mad Cap

Mad Cap used to be a very religious person, and his whole family was too. Everything changed after one trip they all took together with their religious group. They crashed into a vehicle that contained very toxic substances, and no one survived except him. He was completely shocked after losing his family and friends that he didn’t even want to believe in a higher power that would let him live while everyone he cared about died.

With time he went mad and started attacking people, sometimes not realizing they could get hurt, unlike him, who had regenerative powers, which eventually led him to an encounter with Deadpool.

18. Evil Deadpool

Evil Deadpool
Evil Deadpool

Ella Whitby is a British psychiatrist obsessed with Deadpool, and over the years, she has been collecting parts of him that would go missing. When Deadpool found that, he disgustingly threw the parts away, which would then cause the to link together, creating Evil Deadpool. He would go on to cause Deadpool a lot of trouble and pose as him, making Deadpool explain to everyone that it’s not him.


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19. Macho Gomez

macho gomez
Macho Gomez

Macho Gomez is one of the most feared operators in the galaxy, and he was first recruited by Funtzel. He would go on to clear his missions with ease until he was told to kill Id, the Selfish Moon. He did not believe that it could be done, so they sent Deadpool instead.

20. Thanos


Thanos is a super-villain whom we all know to be one of the strongest foes that have been encountered in the Marvel Universe. His dark upbringing made him one of the most feared villains in the galaxy. When he was born, his mother saw his deformations, and his skin was purple, and this made her go mad and try to kill him. All of this eventually resulted in his hunger to be the most powerful being in the universe, which he came to achieve.

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