Is Gwen Stacy Gay, Straight or Bi? Explained

Is Gwen Stacy Gay, Straight or Bi? Explained

Gwen Stacy was tragically killed many years ago, specifically in ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ #121-122 comic book series, also known as ‘The Night Gwen Stacy Died’ in 1973. This particular comic book death shocked the fans, especially when they witnessed Peter Parker’s love dying at the hands of the Green Goblin. However, her character has lived through many versions of the character that came after – Gwenpool, Spider-Gwen, and Gwen Stacy from Ultimate Comics, being the most popular ones. In this article, we will explore various Gwen Stacy’s in Marvel Comics and determine their romantic preferences.

Gwen Stacy from Earth-616 was Peter Parker’s first love and died quite young, making her heterosexual. Gwen Stacy from Earth-3109, where she becomes a Green Goblin, is hinted at being once in a relationship with Mary Jane Watson, making her either gay, bisexual, or something else. Earth-65 Gwen in the comics looks to be heterosexual, but some rumors of her character from ‘Spider-Verse’ movies suggest she is a transgender character. However, Gwen Poole from “our world” (Earth-1218, where all Marvel superheroes are fiction) is confirmed to be asexual in the ‘Love Unlimited Infinity’ comic book.

Gwen Stacy died young in ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ storyline, and despite it occurring over forty years ago, her death is still mentioned today. However, the alternate versions of her character popularized her character immensely, which we will discuss in detail in this article.

What is Gwen Stacy’s sexuality?

We all know about the controversial death of Gwen Stacy in Marvel Comics. Writers killed Gwen in 1973’s ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ comic book series because they felt another woman, Mary Jane Watson, seemed like a more interesting and layered character to Gwen Stacy, who was simply “a good girl.”

Besides killing a major character for Peter Parker at that time, fans recall the controversy of her death, specifically, how she died – she was falling, and when Spider-Man caught her, her neck broke by the sudden stop of the Web-Slinger. Yes, Green Goblin was responsible, but fans felt that Peter’s eagerness accidentally caused the death of his first love.

The legacy of Gwen’s death can only be compared to the greatest and most impactful deaths in comic book media, like Flash’s sacrifice in ‘Crisis on Infinite Earths,’ because her death fundamentally changed and propelled Peter Parker and Mary Jane’s story in the Marvel Comics.

Despite her death, we saw many great variations of the character.


Is Peter B. Parker the Original Spider-Man? Explained

Earth-616 Gwen Stacy was Peter Parker’s first love and heterosexual

Is Gwen Stacy Gay, Straight or Bi? Explained

We already mentioned the original Gwen Stacy in Marvel Comics – she was the first and undisputed Peter Parker’s love interest. Peter and Gwen met while they were both studying at Empire State University. Before Peter, Gwen dated Flash Thompson and Harry Osborn to make Peter jealous, but they eventually got together since they both share a scientific background.

Contrary to popular belief, Peter Parker liked Mary Jane first, but he initially loved Gwen Stacy; however, her tragic death left him traumatized, yet brought him closer to Mary Jane Watson.

Gwen Stacy is a heterosexual woman who is mostly with Peter or Harry Osbourn in alternate universes – especially animated ones, like ‘Ultimate Spider-Man’ or ‘Spectacular Spider-Man’ series.

Gwen Stacy from Earth-3109 is hinted to be more fluid in her sexuality because of her relationship with Mary Jane

Is Gwen Stacy Gay, Straight or Bi? Explained

One of the more tragic stories on this list comes from ‘Spider-Gwen: Ghost Spider’ comic book story from 2018, where we see Gwen from Earth-65 trying to join the rest of the Spider-Men to fight the Inheritors once again but gets stranded on Earth-3109, the alternate universe, where Gwen Stacy becomes Green Goblin.

Now, this storyline is important for Spider-Gwen’s character, but we see the alternate version of Mary Jane being extremely stressed and sad because of her former friend.

Moreover, their reunion seems too close for being only friends, but besides that story, we never find out that they are actually together. However, I added this information to the article since Mary Jane is at least bisexual in this comic book story, with one of her fellow Mary Janes.

Nevertheless, Gwen snaps out of her Green Goblin insanity, and we see a heartfelt reunion between two women – if only Earth-616 Peter Parker could see them.

Earth-65 Gwen likes Miles Morales (in comics and ‘Spider-Verse’ movies) but is hinted at being transgender

Is Gwen Stacy Gay, Straight or Bi? Explained

This is a bit of a touchy topic since Spider-Gwen was never seen being with anyone other than men. Particularly her crush on Miles Morales from Earth-1610, whom she likes in Marvel Comics, briefly dates, and we see obvious hints of feelings for one another in ‘Spider-Verse’ movies.


Does Gwen Stacy Like Miles Morales? Will They End Up Together?

However, a fan theory of Gwen Stacy being transgender started spreading across the internet after ‘Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse’ because of signs and coloring of her scenes, but we don’t have anything concrete to confirm those suggestions. Gwen Stacy most definitely likes Miles and will probably see them together in ‘Beyond the Spider-Verse’ movie, but until then, we can only speculate.

For now, Gwen Stacy from Earth-65 is a straight woman until proven otherwise.

Gwenpool is asexual

Is Gwen Stacy Gay, Straight or Bi? Explained

There is another great version of Gwen Stacy, and she originates from “our world” – Earth-1218. Gwendolyn Poole is actually from a world where superheroes are fiction, but after tough moments in her life, she sticks to comic books and enters the prime Marvel Universe, Earth-616.

She has a similar name to the famous Merc With a Mouth, but she isn’t as ruthless as her colleague. She regularly breaks the Fourth Wall, navigates through various comic books, and it is simply “out of this world.” Her whole thing is interacting with various media and, essentially, controlling everything within it.

She is quite an interesting character, fairly new in Marvel Comics, and she’s been confirmed asexual in the special ‘Love Unlimited Infinity Comic,’ which tells the story of various characters from Marvel Universe finding themselves and love.

Nevertheless, Gwen Stacy has countless versions of the character, which are most pleasant since her original version was quite boring. Thankfully, Marvel didn’t forget about her and represented us with various versions of the character in different ways, only enriching Gwen Stacy’s legacy in Marvel Comics.

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