Does Gwen Stacy Like Miles Morales? Will They End Up Together?

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One of the best parts of ‘Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse’ was the bigger role that Gwen Stacy got in the movie. We know that Miles is the story’s main character and center, but Gwen’s story got expanded in the ‘Spider-Verse’ sequel. We saw more of her backstory and understood her more as the character and her life situation on Earth-65. Gwendolyn Stacy is a Spider-Woman of her world, where she is bitten by the radioactive spider instead of Peter Parker. That particular friendship ends tragically when Peter becomes Lizard and dies, but Gwen and Miles‘ connection was something that drove her in the ‘Across the Spider-Verse,’ especially emphasized at the ending of the movie, which made many fans wonder if Gwen like Miles.

Gwen likes Miles, which was especially noticeable in the ‘Across the Spider-Verse’ movie. In ‘Into the Spider-Verse,’ we see Miles having a crush on Gwen, and it seems he holds those feelings even a year after the collider incident. However, since we met Gwen’s character more deeply and got her point of view on the story, she seems to share feelings for a Brooklyn native. There is a huge possibility that Gwen and Miles will end up together at the end of the upcoming ‘Beyond the Spider-Verse’ movie, but knowing that Multiverse and mixing people from two universes isn’t always the best idea due to the possible destruction of it Miles and Gwen’s story might be over before it really started.

This question is still in the minds of the fans who agree with the notion that Gwen and Miles share feelings for each other, but I got to admit that their story might be too risky to continue since people from different universes, in most cases, cannot be together. Let’s discuss this topic further.

Does Gwen like Miles?

‘Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse’ got bigger than we thought. Over 280 Spider-Men were present in the ‘Spider-Verse,’ and some new great supporting characters got introduced to the audience.

However, the two biggest returnees to the ‘Spider-Verse’ were Peter B. Parker and Gwen Stacy. The latter was a huge presence in the movie, especially when the whole movie opened with her monologue and her brief life story, which was quite tragic.

Does Gwen Stacy Like Miles Morales? & Will They End Up Together?
Gwen fondly looks at the photo of her and Miles at the end of the ‘Into the Spider-Verse’ movie.

However, to dissect this relationship better, let’s look back at when they first met – in the movie, ‘Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.’ The first movie focused on Miles Morales becoming a new Spider-Man after Peter Parker of his world died at the hands of Green Goblin and Kingpin. Miles wasn’t thrilled that he got his new powers from a genetically-enhanced spider, and Spider-Man’s death truly impacted him and the whole of New York City. However, with the help of Aunt May and Peter B. Parker, who arrived shortly after the tragic event on Earth-1610, Miles embraces his powers and continues the legacy of Peter Parker’s Spider-Man.

However, a new threat is on the horizon, with Kingpin messing with Super-Collider and trying to bring his family back using other versions of his family. In the meantime, the story unfolds when more Spider-People arrive in Earth-1610’s New York, and among them is Gwendolyn Stacy, who is a Spider-Woman of Earth-65.

The reason she arrives on Earth-1610 is accidental – Kingpin’s Super-Collider brings multiple Spider-People to Miles’ world, and the young, freshly new Spider-Man is impressed. Miles and Gwen meet briefly at Brooklyn Visions Academy, where Gwen follows her Spidey Sense and arrives at school to investigate the commotion.

Of course, it is later revealed that her Spidey sense went off because Miles was another Spider-Person. Their meeting is awkward – nervous Miles tries to impress Gwen but accidentally uses his new powers and tangles his “sticky” spider fingers and tangles himself in girls’ hair.


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The movie’s story continues, and while they chase Kingpin, Miles develops a crush for Gwen. The Spider-People eventually stop Kingpin and its Collider from destroying the Multiverse, and Miles needs to say goodbye to his newfound friends. Miles flirts with Gwen one last time, and despite not directly acknowledging Miles’s crush, she is seen two days later in her world looking at their photo and smiling fondly.

That scene showcases that Gwen actually likes Miles in some way, and that potential is likely more than friendship.

A new crisis has developed almost a year later – the villain Spot and his teleportation powers threaten Multiverse. With Miles, it seems that the pressure of him being Spider-Man and a good son to his parents is taking a toll on him, but he fights against it. On Earth-65, Gwen, as a Spider-Woman, is in a much worse state since her father, Captain Stacy, is actively pursuing the superhero and falsely accusing her of murdering Peter Parker.

Gwen is seen yearning for Miles’ company and eventually joins the Spider-Force to save the Multiverse after her father discovers she is a Spider-Woman. Not wanting to deal with her father wanting to arrest her, Gwen decides to find a new purpose in life.

Does Gwen Stacy Like Miles Morales? & Will They End Up Together?
‘Across the Spider-Verse’ showcases Gwen and Miles having feelings for each other.

Gwen Stacy is established to have a much bigger role in the movie, and her perspective is what drives the movie’s plot the most. We watch Miles Morales’ story through her eyes, and the sparks fly a lot. When she arrives on Earth-1610, she briefly ignores her mission just to see and talk to Miles, who is still very smitten by the girl.


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They have a moment where she warns Miles that despite other versions of Gwen Stacy ending up with Spider-Man, the other universes see the tragic end of their relationship. Miles is briefly discouraged but still showcases feelings for her.

Gwen’s actions throughout the movie are detrimental to her friendship with Miles, who is devastated that his friends – Peter B. Parker and Gwen – were acting behind his back. Gwen is sad, and after her returning to her world and realizing that Miles Morales does not need to follow a canon event to “balance” the Multiverse, she organizes a group of Spider-People to help save Miles from the dystopian universe of Earth-42.

So yes, Gwen most definitely likes Miles, but will they end up together? Let’s speculate a bit more.

Will Miles and Gwen end up together?

Gwen and Miles obviously share their feelings for each other, which is quite obvious in the ‘Across the Spider-Verse’ movie. Especially after we watch the movie from Gwen’s point of view – she struggles with the weight of the multiple universes and her tragic past.

Does Gwen Stacy Like Miles Morales? & Will They End Up Together?

However, at the end of the ‘Across the Spider-Verse,’ even after Miles is clearly mad at her, Gwen’s resolve is gone and showcases that she cares for young Spider-Man. Now, we know that a cliffhanger at the end of the movie definitely hints at an epic battle with Spot and Miguel O’Hara in the upcoming ‘Beyond the Spider-Verse’ but what if we see Miles and Gwen having a realization of their feelings for each other and acting on them after the epic showdown? That might actually happen – because Marvel Comics actually did it.

Does Gwen Stacy Like Miles Morales? & Will They End Up Together?

Comic book versions of Miles and Gwen meeting during an important mission – Miles’ father, Jefferson, suddenly ends up on Earth-65, and Gwen joins Miles to bring his father back home.

However, after things get more complicated, during their journey, Miles and Gwen stumble on Earth-8, a possible future of Earth-65, where Miles and Gwen from different universes are married and have two children.


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The family is quite famous in their universe and become the most notable superhero family in the world. Shortly after that moment, Gwen and Miles end up romantically together; however, their love is over because their problems and being from different universes stay in their way of happiness.

Even the Watcher of Earth-8, Utaa, scolds Utau, the Watcher from Earth-65, who didn’t take care of his world and ensured that the utopian future of Earth-8 is intact. The fact that Gwen and Miles got married in the utopian future of Earth-8 is quite adorable, but that doesn’t mean that timeline changes and mixing universes will be worth their love.

I suppose that ‘Spider-Verse’ movies will follow Marvel Comics regarding Gwen and Miles’ potential relationship – they will briefly end up together but eventually depart, knowing their love could be fatal to the Multiverse.

Their potential epic love might be over before it started, but ‘Spider-Verse’ writers could make an exception, and if that happens, I wouldn’t mind it at all.

What are your thoughts on the topic? Let us know in the comments below!

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