Is She-Hulk Worth Watching? Here Is What We Think


We know that there are now more than a handful of MCU series you can watch on Disney+ as Marvel Studios is looking to expand the way Marvel stories are being told by exploring the series format more and more in a day and age where streaming has become the standard of entertainment. And She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, is one of them. But is She-Hulk worth watching?

She-Hulk is worth watching if you’re in it for the laughs and for the continuity of the Hulk storyline in the MCU. However, if you’re expecting a series that will be important to the future of the MCU, then you might want to skip She-Hulk because it doesn’t add any value to the overarching MCU plot.

The thing about She-Hulk is that it has received a lot of backlash from fans due to the poor quality of the CGI and the fact that the storyline itself was not what they expected. But once you understand what the series is all about and what it aims to deliver, you’d see why it is a good show worth watching for the entertainment factor. Let’s look at why we believe She-Hulk: Attorney at Law is worth your time.

What is She-Hulk all about?

As the Hulk intellectual property is set to return to Marvel Studios, the MCU is now looking to expand on the Hulk Family’s storyline, one of the most popular franchises in Marvel Comics history. But while this series takes a segue from Bruce Banner’s Hulk (because Marvel Studios isn’t allowed to use him as a main character yet), She-Hulk gets the spotlight in this show.

The show doesn’t waste any time introducing Jennifer Walters and her She-Hulk persona. As the cousin of Bruce Banner, Jen took the time to catch up with her superhero cousin until an accident allowed Bruce’s blood to get into her. This transformed her into She-Hulk instead of killing her, as Jen realized that her bloodline connection with Bruce might have allowed her to assume this transformation. However, the difference between them is that Jen almost immediately mastered her control over her She-Hulk transformation.


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In that regard, Jen tried to take charge of her life by returning to her normal life as a lawyer instead of being forced into a box that required her to become a superhero, just like all of the other superpowered characters we’ve seen in the MCU. Nevertheless, her She-Hulk persona initially derailed her legal career as she was forced to return to the drawing board until a large law firm gave her a chance by allowing her to head the newly opened superhuman legal division.

As such, the entire She-Hulk series focuses more on how Jen tries to shuffle two different lives. Of course, she wants to continue her career as a lawyer because this is something that she worked hard on. But, at the same time, she has to accept that she can no longer become a normal lawyer because her She-Hulk transformation turned her into a celebrity that is now under the harsh scrutiny of the media and the internet community.

That is why, throughout the entire episode, Jen struggled to balance her normal life and her superpowered persona as she had to deal with fellow superhumans that had their problems and issues even though she was yet to deal with her issues. And the fact that the vengeful Titania and the internet community were after her made her life much harder.

Who is the main enemy of She-Hulk?

One of the biggest problems that She-Hulk: Attorney at Law needed to address was the absence of a villain, which most series and movies tend to have. This was probably one of the reasons why some fans struggled to keep up with this series, as main villains have always been part and parcel of a superhero show or movie.

Of course, the series seemingly tried to market Titania as the superpowered villain Jen needed to fight repeatedly. But the truth was that Titania was just a vengeful internet celebrity who wanted to humiliate Jen for the courtroom fiasco between them at the end of the series’ first episode.

On top of that, the media always found ways to make life difficult for Jen. She was under the harsh scrutiny of media personalities that tried to shift the narrative, especially after she took Emil Blonsky (the Abomination) as a client. As such, she also had to deal with the media as one of her enemies.


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Then there was the Intelligencia anonymous internet group that was introduced later in the series. This group of internet geeks focused on bringing She-Hulk down by constantly making fun of her online and finding ways to invade her privacy so that they could destroy her public image because Jen Walters couldn’t understand. After all, she wasn’t trying to be a superhero but was merely trying to continue her career.

Near the end of the series, it turned out that the leader of Intelligencia was Todd Phelps, who once went out with Jen on a date. Todd and Intelligencia wanted to bring Jen down because he and the other group members were misogynistic a-holes that didn’t think that a woman should have the incredible powers of the Hulk.

So, in a sense, society was She-Hulk’s main enemy in the series. Jen was forced to try to conform to how society saw superheroes and what superheroes should be doing, and that made her contend with the fact that she still wanted to choose her path in life as a lawyer instead of allowing society to confine her in a box that offered her little to no opportunities in life. Society also came in the form of systematic misogyny, which constantly attacked Jen throughout the entire series, not only because she was a woman with the powers of the Hulk but also because she was a female lawyer.

As such, She-Hulk has no overarching enemy to beat down in this series. Instead, she had to face an intangible enemy in the form of society itself, which constantly puts a lot of women in difficult positions that limit their choices in life. And the only way for Jen to get out of that box was for her to control the narrative.

What happens at the end of She-Hulk?

Near the end of the series, Todd used She-hulk’s blood to turn himself into a Hulk. That was when the Hulk suddenly came to “save the day,” especially considering that Blonsky had assumed his Abominatio form even though he wasn’t supposed to do so. Things became messed up as Jen wasn’t liking what she was seeing.

But the thing is that Jen had one power that no other character in the MCU possessed: the power to break the fourth wall. She broke through the fourth wall of the MCU to get to KEVIN, which was the artificial intelligence that controlled the storytelling of the different Marvel Studios projects. Jen convinced KEVIN to change the way that her series ends. She took control of her life and narrative instead of allowing society to box her into a role.


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As such, She-Hulk ended with Jen using the law to arrest Todd, Blonsky, and the other members of Intelligencia. Of course, at the end of the series, we saw Bruce coming back from Sakaar to introduce his son, Skaar, who was conceived when the Hulk spent years as the arena champion in Sakaar. That scene showed us that, despite how absurd this series may be, it still contributed to the MCU continuity, especially in the upcoming storylines regarding the Hulk and the Hulk Family.

Is She-Hulk worth watching?

What made She-Hulk: Attorney at Law the target of criticism in the internet community is that it didn’t come out the way everyone expected. The CGI wasn’t entirely good, and the storyline didn’t follow the usual MCU formula of delivering superhero stories. Instead, we got a legal comedy that focused more on how Jen was trying to juggle the different issues she had in her life.

Nevertheless, you need to understand that this was all by design. The people behind the series knew that the MCU has a strong internet community that often talks about the MCU itself, and that was when the people behind She-Hulk used this to their advantage by bringing in something that they knew fans were going to talk about in a somewhat bad or negative way.

It all fits the theme of Jen Walters being forced to try to conform to what society wants from her instead of doing something she wants for herself. The real-life internet community reflects the Intelligencia group in the series, as the creators of this show seemed to have already predicted that fans would negatively talk about She-Hulk. And that was okay as far as the general message and theme of the series were concerned because the goal was for Jen to break stereotypes, go against societal norms, and control her narrative.

So, despite all of the shenanigans, humorous scenes, and ridiculous characters seen in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, it is a show that is worth watching if you want to get entertained in a different way or if you want to see how a series was able to deliver a message that it aimed to send to everyone in the world before the series started airing. And while we can’t call it a masterpiece, what we can say about She-Hulk is that it did a great job at what it was supposed to do.

Nevertheless, suppose you’re looking for a series that contributes to the overarching storyline of the MCU and the upcoming Avengers movies. In that case, this series might be something you want to skip because, other than the fact that it introduced She-Hulk, it doesn’t contribute a lot to the larger MCU plot.

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