Top 15 Female Superheroes in Marvel (Comics & MCU)

best female marvel heroes

Marvel is home to some of the most powerful superheroes ever created, which means that there are a lot of prominent names in this fictional universe’s roster of heroes. Of course, while we can’t forget about the likes of Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor as some of the most iconic Marvel heroes, the women also have their fair share of the spotlight.

That’s because some of the strongest superheroes in Marvel are female, and some are even stronger than most of the male superheroes. Thanks to women’s empowerment and the fact that women need representation in the world of fiction, more and more powerful women have graced the pages of Marvel comic books and the MCU. As such, we are here to look at the strongest female superheroes in Marvel Comics and the MCU.

15. Squirrel Girl


This is not a joke. Squirrel Girl is on this list because she is a powerful superhero that may have been the butt of many internet jokes but is seemingly someone who is seemingly stronger than anyone she has ever faced as a joke. In that regard, it has become an internet joke that she can defeat any superhero and villain in Marvel.

Nevertheless, Squirrel Girl is a capable superhero with the proportionate abilities of a squirrel. That means she can move as nimbly as a squirrel while having enough strength to surprise many villains. On top of that, she can communicate with squirrels and convince them to aid her in a fight against any superhero or villain that gets in her way.

14. Spider-Woman

spider woman

Also known as Spider-Woman, Jessica Drew is a character with all of the standard powers often associated with Spider-Man. However, there is a good reason to believe that he is stronger than Peter Parker because she has a better super-spy and private investigator background. In that regard, she is more skilled and is quite tactical in her approach.


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While Spider-Woman’s history may have changed throughout the years, the consensus is that she has always been a powerful character. She worked with the Avengers and has experienced teaming up with S.H.I.E.L.D. in the past as well. And because she is a super-spy, she is both a dangerous enemy and a powerful ally.

13. Ms. Marvel

ms. marvel

We’ve seen Ms. Marvel in action in the MCU version of her series. Of course, because the Inhumans don’t exist in the MCU, the Kamala Khan of the MCU has a different backstory and set of powers than her comic book counterpart. Regardless of what her story and powers may be, the fact is that she is a powerful superhero that is only getting stronger with age and experience.

In the comics, Ms. Marvel has Inhuman powers that give her shapeshifting abilities and a healing factor. She mostly uses her power to alter the size and shape of her fist to deliver devastating attacks. Meanwhile, in the MCU, Ms. Marvel can create energy constructs with the energy she can gather from the Noor Dimension using her Noor Dimension bangles.

12. Emma Frost


Emma Frost used to be a villain in the comics but has since become a superhero and one of the leaders of the mutants. In that regard, she deserves a place on this list not only because she has become a superhero but also because she has powers and abilities that allow her to rank as one of the greatest members of the X-Men.

As a mutant, Emma Frost has a wide range of telekinetic abilities, as she can affect people’s minds and has psionic abilities that are on par with Professor X’s mind-reading capabilities. She can also transform her body into a diamond form that makes her stronger and more durable. On top of thatshe is immune to psychic attacks in this form in this form.

11. Crystal


Crystal is an Inhuman that eventually became a member of the Avengers because she worked with them in the comics. She is a member of the Inhuman royal family and is the sister of Queen Medusa. Her royal lineage gives her complete control over four elements:: air, fire, earth, and water.

Due to her powers, Crystal is capable of unleashing devastating attacks that can shake the very foundations of the earth. While she isn’t as physically strong as some of the characters on this list, her command over the elements makes her a powerful ally for any superhero on the pages of Marvel Comics.

10. Spectrum

monica rambeau.jpg

We’ve already met Monica Rambeau during the events of the WandaVision series on Disney+. During that series, she was able to obtain superpowers that allowed her to fight Wanda on par. And in the comics, she eventually became one of the most powerful members of the Avengers due to her powers.


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Going by the superhero name Spectrum, Monica can absorb, redirect, and alter energy. She can also generate pure energy from her body and turn her entire form into pure energy to move at incredibly fast speeds. On top of that, her powers make her almost immortal, as she can absorb energy to heal herself.

9. X-23

While she is yet to become an MCU character, Laura Kinney was introduced in the Logan movie years ago. In the comics, Laura Kinney goes by the name of X-23 and has also taken the mantle of Wolverine as she is the biological daughter of Logan. While an evil organization may have raised her to be a powerful killing machine, she eventually became one of the good guys.

X-23 has all of the same powers that Logan has, as she is an invincible character with the same kind of healing factor as her father. Of course, she also has Wolverine’s iconic claws and is just as fierce of a fighter as the original Wolverine is. But the cream of the crop is that she is immensely intelligent.

8. America Chavez


Only recently, America Chavez was introduced into the MCU as a character with the rare ability to travel between universes in the vast multiverse. She is also one of the newest Marvel Comics characters, making her debut in 2011. In that regard, she is a young character who will only become more powerful as her journey continues.

America can produce holes through the multiverse so that she can travel from one reality to another. The same powers also allow her to imbue herself with superhuman strength and speed, which allows her to fight Wanda on par. And now that she is actually under the tutelage of the masters of the MCU’s mystic arts, she might become a skilled sorcerer herself.

7. Storm


We often see Storm as a mutant with incredible powers that allow her to manipulate the weather at will. She is classified as an Omega-level mutant due to how powerful her abilities are. But the truth is that she is powerful not only because she is a mutant but also because she is a descendant of an ancient line of African priestesses with an affinity to magic.

As such, Storm’s abilities are only made stronger due to her magical affinity. That’s why she has absolute control over the weather and can manipulate humidity, rain, snow, air pressure, and other weather elements at atomic levels. And that is why she is one of the strongest X-Men characters of all time.

6. Jane Foster as the Mighty Thor

mighty thor.jpg

Jane Foster used to be just the scientist girlfriend of Thor, but she obtained Thor’s powers to become the Mighty Thor. This happened when she became worthy of Mjolnir, which bestows its wielder the power of Thor as long as they are worthy. And we saw this both in the comics and the MCU.

As the Mighty Thor, Jane has all the standard powers of Thor, such as superhuman strength, speed, and durability. She is also capable of manipulating thunder by using Mjolnir as a conduit. And as we saw in Thor: Love and Thunder, Jane was powerful enough to fight Gorr on par and then destroy the Necrosword with her thunder attack.

5. She-Hulk

she hulk

While not many fans are fond of her Disney+ series, which targeted internet haters, She-Hulk is one of the strongest members of the Avengers and is among the strongest female superheroes in Marvel history. And this is because she has all of the Hulk’s standard powers, including his superhuman strength.


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She-Hulk, however, is unlike the Hulk in the sense that she has full control over her thoughts and actions as the Jade Giantess. This gives her an advantage over her cousin. However, the difference is that She-Hulk doesn’t seem to gain more strength when she gets angrier.

4. Captain Marvel

captain marvel.jpg

Often called the strongest female Avenger both in the comics and the MCU, Captain Marvel is right up there regarding her power, as not many female characters are as powerful as she is. Carol Danvers used to be a soldier and an Air Force officer but became Captain Marvel when she got exposed to a powerful source of energy that gave her incredible energy-based powers.

As such, as Captain Marvel, Carol has superhuman strength, speed, and agility that are on par with Thor’s strength. She can tap into her incredible powers to become stronger, as she was able to overpower Thanos in the MCU when she entered her Binary Mode. She was far stronger than Thanos in this mode and was only overwhelmed when the Mad Titan used the Power Stone against her.

3. Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch

Wanda Maximoff is one of the most polarizing superheroes in Marvel because she can be a hero and a villain at the same time. Of course, she certainly played the role of a villain during the events of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness when she was a crazy woman that wanted to get her hands on America Chavez’s powers so that she could become the mother of another Wanda’s kids in a different universe.

Described as a being with unfathomable powers, Scarlet Witch has magical and hex abilities that are so powerful that she can transform and alter reality at will. In fact, in the MCU, she countered Black Bolt’s power simply by erasing his mouth from reality. Meanwhile, in the comics, she was responsible for nearly causing the extinction of the mutants just by saying, “no more mutants.” The fact that she can alter reality globally makes her one of the most formidable female superheroes in Marvel.

2. Captain Universe

captain universe

As Captain Universe, Devoux can alter matter and energy at a molecular level due to the power that the Enigma Force gave her. She also has a cosmic consciousness known as the Univision, which is capable of allowing her to detect events that are happening in the universe at a subatomic level. In that regard, she has the power of the universe on her side and is more powerful than any other member of the Avengers in the comics.

1. Jean Grey

Jean Grey is a powerful mutant with psionic abilities that allow her to enter people’s minds and control objects with her mind. Her psychic abilities are even more powerful than Professor X’s. But while she is a powerful mutant with incredible psionic and telekinetic abilities, the fact that she is the host of the Phoenix Force makes her strong. And she is most powerful in her Phoenix/Dark Phoenix state.


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As Phoenix, Jean can use the power of the Phoenix Force, a cosmic energy that is said to be one of the most powerful entities in the entire Marvel universe because it is the embodiment of the creation and destruction of life. As such, Jean is nigh-omnipotent when she is in her Phoenix form, as she can destroy anything with a thought. And that is why she is first on this list.

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