Is the High Evolutionary Gay, Bisexual, or Straight?

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During the events of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, we saw the Guardians taking on the High Evolutionary, who had a deep obsession with Rocket and his brain and was going to stop at nothing to acquire the raccoon so that he could use him for his experiments. Of course, we also learned a lot about the High Evolutionary’s different goals and visions for the universe, but the one thing that some fans were interested in was his sexuality. So, was the High Evolutionary gay, bisexual, or straight?

The High Evolutionary was likely asexual or was someone who wasn’t remotely attracted to anyone in a sexual way. That’s because his obsession was geared toward creating the perfect species. As such, anything other than creating the perfect species is a trivial matter to the High Evolutionary.

We’ve seen villains that are straight or gay, but some villains tend to see things differently, and that is the very same type of villain that the High Evolutionary is. He is unique in the sense that he has one specific goal in mind, and all of the other matters in the universe don’t matter to him, including romance and sex. So, with that said, let’s look at the High Evolutionary’s sexuality. 

The High Evolutionary’s Sexuality Explained

The High Evolutionary did not waste time introducing himself as the main enemy of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. Of course, the reason why he played the role of the villain to the Guardians was the fact that he was trying to take Rocket away from the good guys due to the shared history he had the brash-mouthed raccoon. And this would make sense later as we talk more about the High Evolutionary and his goals.

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Of course, while the High Evolutionary is a unique being that only wants to make the perfect species and has created a lot of different species, including the Sovereign, fans can’t help but wonder about his sexuality or the things that seem to be romantically or sexually attractive for him. So, what is the High Evolutionary’s sexuality?

The High Evolutionary is probably neither gay nor bisexual. In most cases, when a character isn’t gay or sexual, they are likely straight. But the thing about the High Evolutionary is that he probably isn’t even straight as well. As such, we do believe that he is an asexual person, who is someone who isn’t sexually attracted to anyone at all.


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The reason why the High Evolutionary could be asexual is that he has an obsession with a singular goal, which is to create the perfect species. Throughout the movie’s events, it was clear that the High Evolutionary was more interested in perfection than anything else in the universe. This was something that was developed within him after a visit to Earth, which he admired due to the planet’s arts, music, and culture, but also detested due to the vile species that lived on the planet.

In that regard, the High Evolutionary wanted to create the perfect species living in a perfect society that wasn’t too different from Earth but minus the violence and aggression innate within almost all species. And it was this goal that the High Evolutionary was “in love” with throughout his life, as he wanted to become a god that could create the perfect species with the best combination of appearances, intelligence, and lack of aggression.

As such, the High Evolutionary didn’t see anything or anyone romantically or sexually because he was far more interested in pursuing perfection. He was someone who never saw anything other than the pursuit of perfection as important. And that means that anything else other than his goal of creating the perfect species was trivial or useless to him.

Of course, another reason why he could be asexual is the fact that he can create species. People are naturally sexual because being sexual is what allows a species to procreate. But because the High Evolutionary can create different species, he has no reason to be interested in procreation at all, as he can simply develop an entirely new creature from the available resources.

As such, it becomes more understandable why he is an asexual character that doesn’t have any interests in romance or sex, which are matters that can be trivial to him next to his pursuit of what he believes is a greater goal for the universe. 

Is The High Evolutionary in a Relationship?

While the High Evolutionary was surrounded by a lot of different people that he worked with for decades, the thing about him is that he doesn’t have a relationship with any person other than his work. In fact, even his loyal underlings seemed less important to him than his obsession with his work.


The High Evolutionary, however, was in a relationship with his goals and his pursuit of perfection. He was so obsessed with creating the perfect species that all other lifeforms to him seemed to be vile and disgusting. That was why it was so easy for him to destroy Counter-Earth without hesitation as he saw the imperfections in his creation.


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This also explains why the High Evolutionary was so obsessed with obtaining Rocket in the movie’s events. He wasn’t obsessed with Rocket because he loved him. Instead, he wanted to obtain the raccoon because Rocket had a brain that was capable of innovation. And while the High Evolutionary has created a lot of species, none of them had the innovative brain that Rocket had.

As such, to create the perfect species, the High Evolutionary wanted to use Rocket’s brain as the blueprint for the brains of his other creations. It’s because he thought that a new species needed the ability to be innovative to survive for centuries or even thousands of years. And that is why the High Evolutionary was “in a relationship” with pursuing Rocket. This obsession was eventually his downfall as even his own people thought it was not worth sacrificing their lives for.

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