“It Was Aga… All Along”? ‘The Acolyte’ Unveils The Master’s Identity, Confirming Fan Theories


Disney’s latest Star Wars venture, ‘The Acolyte,’ has been streaming on Disney+ since June 4, 2024, and despite stirring up controversies and facing review-bombing, it remains one of the most discussed shows globally. Fans are deeply engaged with each weekly episode, sparking intense reactions. While critics have found aspects satisfying, fan reception is split between admiration and disdain. The series, although laden with issues, has also introduced intriguing elements, albeit some controversially breaking canon.

Central to the series is The Master, a formidable Sith Lord who serves as Mae’s mentor. Fans have speculated fervently about The Master’s true identity, with our own conjectures thrown into the mix. Finally, in Episode 5, the series unveiled The Master’s identity, confirming our suspicions were indeed correct.

Episode 5 not only delivered on its promised action sequences and anticipated bloodshed but also unveiled the identity of The Master. Was this revelation well-timed? It’s a subject for debate. On one hand, it was a pivotal moment for the narrative’s progression, making sense to resolve it now rather than later, especially since many theories about The Master’s identity had already proven accurate. On the other hand, with several episodes left and potential for future seasons, some might argue that prolonging the mystery could have added suspense and intrigue.

As hinted in our title, the show confirmed that Qimir is indeed The Master. Previously, we shared our theory that while Qimir seemed like the most obvious choice, he also appeared too predictable, which could be seen as a less compelling direction for the storyline.

Qimir was an apparent choice within the story’s universe, though this predictability undercut the potential for an intriguing surprise outside of it. As we anticipated, confirming Qimir as The Master extinguished much of the show’s mystery immediately. It’s disappointing because the revelation lacked the suspense and depth that could have made it more compelling.

However, this reveal could pave the way for Qimir’s character development, transforming him from a comedic sidekick into a genuine threat. Yet, it undeniably sacrificed the element of mystery. Qimir’s obviousness as The Master makes it a regrettable choice, and despite our prediction being correct, it’s challenging to celebrate this outcome.

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