James Gunn Aims to Improve on One More ‘Man of Steel’ Mistake:” I Don’t Think I’d Hire Pruitt to Play a Dead Person”

James Gunn keeping papa kent alive

‘Superman’ bound to be released in 2025 is the first live-action project planned for a DCU release and the project upon which the destiny of Gunn’s new cinematic universe depends.

So far, Gunn has faced numerous criticisms ranging from a “white-washed” cast to a seemingly “cheap” production with a cast & locations that would be a better fit for a CW-level production than a blockbuster in the making.

Some fans are fighting Gunn every step of the way but it seems that he has finally given them a reason to look forward to the upcoming movie.

Recently, one fan asked James Gunn on social media whether he could clear up whether Jonathan Kent (played by Pruitt Taylor Vince) will be alive or dead in the movie. James Gunn decided to answer the question with a hint of humor, but he gave us a pretty direct answer:

Well, I don’t think I’d hire Pruitt to play a dead person for an entire film.

Fans were immediately delighted at the answer.

As a reminder, Kevin Costner’s Jonathan Kent sacrifices himself during a Tornado in ‘Man Of Steel’ so that Superman doesn’t reveal his powers to the public. The scene and the idea behind it were highly mocked and criticized among fans.

Critics also questioned the logic behind Jonathan’s decision to sacrifice himself, arguing that it seemed unnecessary and unrealistic. They argued that he could have accepted Clark’s help to save himself without revealing Clark’s abilities to the public. Fans felt that his death did not serve a significant purpose in Superman’s character development. Instead of inspiring him to become the hero he was destined to be, it seemed to instill fear and uncertainty in Clark, which some viewers found disappointing.

It would be really neat to see Gunn’s Superman taking a different route to inspiration and Jonathan Kent sticking around longer, however, as always the devil is in the details. Some fans already started developing conspiracy theories based on Gunn’s wording. Apparently “for an entire film” might mean that Pa Kent will meet his maker somewhere down the line.

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