James Gunn Casts Doubt on ‘Teen Titans’ Live-Action Movie

teen titans movie reportedly in development

It’s been a while since Gunn and Safran took over what was formerly known as DCEU and overhauled it as DCU. More than a year ago Gunn and Safran presented their plans for ‘Chapter 1: Gods & Monsters,’ In January 2023, the DC cinematic universe was described as undergoing a significant but not total overhaul, with plans for a multi-year storyline.

James Gunn and Peter Safran announced the initial projects of this new slate on January 31. They disclosed the writers collaborating on the overarching story: Drew Goddard, Jeremy Slater, Christina Hodson (who wrote ‘The Flash’), Christal Henry, and comic book writer Tom King. The plan involved dividing the stories into chapters, with the first named ‘Gods and Monsters.’ This chapter encompassed five films: ‘Superman’ (2025), ‘The Authority,’ ‘The Brave and the Bold,’ ‘Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow,’ and ‘Swamp Thing.’

Recently we’ve reported on the rumors of how the live-action ‘Teen Titans’ movie is in development and those rumors were confirmed to be true with the writer already picked to write the movie. Ana Nogueira, who is already working on ‘Supergirl: the Woman of Tomorrow’ was hired to pen the project. The movie is reportedly set to begin production in late 2025.

All of this would sound beyond awesome if it wasn’t for Gunn and his latest Threads exchange with fans. Gunn recently liked a comment asking him to confirm that the live-action ‘Teen Titans’ movie is fake.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that the movie won’t happen. As I’ve previously mentioned the movie and the writer were already covered by major media houses, and Gunn could have accidentally liked the comment. He frequently debunks rumors, recently he debunked that Ultraman will be the main villain of the upcoming ‘Superman’ he does it in a straightforward way, and there is no reason to assume that he wouldn’t have done so with a “fake” rumored movie.

But the most realistic option is that the movie perhaps won’t be live-action at all, or won’t be “Teen Titans” but rather “Titans.”

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