James Gunn Says You Won’t Have to Do Homework Before Watching DCU Projects


One of the most criticized aspects of the MCU is its sheer size and amount of projects that it, at this point, encompasses. For quite a while now the massive cinematic universe has been criticized because you have to watch tons of movies & shows to perhaps understand a reference or a post-credit scene of a seemingly unrelated project.

This was referred to as homework, since plenty of casual fans don’t appreciate watching Disney+ shows that wrap their stories up in a feature film, like was the case recently with ‘The Marvels,’ in which you had to watch ‘Ms. Marvel’ and ‘WandaVision’ to understand some aspects of the movie, including how Monica Rambeau and Kamala Khan got their powers.

Since James Gunn is now also building his own cinematic universe, newly dubbed “DCU” and since he recently made some comments on how all projects across animation, television, movies, and video games will be connected, fans were wondering whether DCU will accumulate the same amount of “homework” before you will be able to watch the next project in line.

Gunn cleared up on Threads, that even though all projects will, in theory, be connected, they will be perfectly standalone:

No. Although they’re connected and in the same universe, every project should work as an individual story in and of itself.

This is certainly a good news for the fans. Some fans really don’t want to watch ‘Creature Commandos’ purely due to it being animated work, but still want to understand the characters when they appear in ‘Superman.’ It seems that Gunn has a solution for it.

Something similar was recently attempted by the MCU as well with ‘Marvel Spotlight’ branding. Marvel Spotlight encompasses character-driven standalone projects that are still part of the MCU, but you don’t depend on knowledge of the previous projects in the universe to understand what you are currently watching. ‘Echo’ is so far the only project released under the banner, and there’s plenty more to come, including ‘Wonder Man’ and ‘Marvel Zombies.’

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