MCU’s ‘Wonder Man’: Plot, Cast, Release Date & Everything We Know So Far

Wonder Man not cancelled accroding to rumors

Despite Bob Iger’s recent announcement that the MCU’s creative output will be decreased, we still have plenty of shows to look forward to that were kickstarted before the strikes began.

One such show is a live-action adaptation of ‘Wonder Man’ based on the comic book character of the same name. The show was in development hell for quite some time, and it was rumored to be canceled several times over the last couple of years. Recently we got the confirmation that the show is still happening and due to that we decided to summarize everything we know about it so far.

‘Wonder Man’ will be about a stuntman who fell on some hard times

The show will focus on Simon Williams an actor and stuntperson who gains superpowers and becomes a superhero known as Wonder Woman. It was described as being “Hollywood satire.”

In the comics, Simon Williams was the son of a wealthy industrialist whose business fell on hard times due to competition with Stark Industries. In a bid to save the family business, Simon embezzled funds and was caught, leading to his imprisonment.

While in prison, Simon is approached by Baron Zemo, a villain who offers to give him superpowers in exchange for infiltrating the Avengers. Simon agreed and was transformed through ionic energy treatments, gaining superhuman strength, speed, stamina, durability, and reflexes. Wonder Man in the comics has significant ties to Baron Zemo, Scarlet Witch, and Vision, so it’s possible that his project will tie into the upcoming ‘Vision Quest,’ and Scarlet Witch’s rumored solo movie.

The show was created by Destin Cretton and Andrew Guest who serves as the showrunner. It was recently announced that the show will be released under the Marvel Spotlight banner, meaning that you won’t have to watch previous MCU projects to understand it and that it will be oriented toward a more mature audience.

The show will also feature Eric Williams aka Grim Reaper, Wonder Man’s brother and one of his fiercest villains.

The core cast is known

The show has been in development for a few years now, and over time much of the core cast of the show was revealed:

  1. Yahya Abdul-Mateen II – Simon Williams aka Wonder Man.
  2. Ben Kingsley as Trevor Slattery – A failed actor who previously pretended to be the Mandarin was later abducted by the Ten Rings and ended up serving as Xu Wenwu’s “court jester.”
  3. Demetrius Grosse – Eric Williams aka Grim Reaper, Simon’s brother and a villain.
  4. Ed Harris as Neal Saroyan – Simon’s agent.
  5. Lauren Glazier in an undisclosed role.
  6. Josh Gad in an undisclosed role.

No release date has been given for the show

Recently it’s been announced that the show will consist of 10 episodes. The show is expected to release on Disney+ and will be a part of the MCU, however since the release date is currently unknown it’s hard to tell which phase it will be a part of.

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