James Gunn Debunks Persistent Chris Pratt Casting Rumors

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James Gunn’s DCU is going full steam ahead as the production of ‘Superman’ is already halfway done and casting for other projects is about to kick off. In recent weeks there’s been much talk about two DCU projects, namely ‘Lanterns’ and ‘Booster Gold.’

Both shows have been in development for a really long time, namely, they were initially pitched for different cinematic universes and now under Gunn’s leadership, they are starting to shape up.

Recently Chris Pratt made a definite statement that he will appear both in the MCU in the future and in the DCU, which quite frankly shocked no one. The last ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ movie teased that Star-Lord would return, and knowing that Gunn likes to work with the same actors, we expected him to find a spot for Pratt in the DCU.

Now ever since that statement went viral, fans have speculated that Pratt has been cast either as Booster Gold or Hal Jordan for the upcoming ‘Lanterns’ show.

Earlier this week, a casting call for ‘Lanterns’ was leaked, the studio looked for white males between 43 and 49 years old to play the role of Hal Jordan and black males between 27 and 35 years old for John Stewart. The role of the third notable Lantern to appear, Guy Gardner is already filled by Nathan Fillion.

Considering the age range that was required fans immediately concluded that Pratt must’ve gotten the role considering that he is 44 years old.

James Gunn took to social media however and debunked this by saying that casting hasn’t even started yet, but that is going well.

James Gunn Lanterns casting

This however doesn’t rule out that Pratt will eventually get the role, but for now, if you see somewhere that it’s been confirmed that Pratt is DCU’s Hal Jordan, it’s a lie, no one is currently DCU’s Hal Jordan.

Gunn also debunked several other rumors related to Wonder Woman casting, saying that DCU currently doesn’t have Wonder Woman as the character hasn’t been cast yet.

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