James Gunn Followed Giancarlo Esposito on Instagram: Does That Mean Anything?

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We live in a world where fans closely follow the most anticipated movies and other products from the entertainment industry during their development. The fans are always looking for more updates on upcoming projects. Although the studios are known for giving only a bit of official information, dozens of insiders and leakers occasionally post rumors on social media, but those can be either true or false; it’s hard to say until the studio makes an announcement or a movie comes out.

The upcoming DC Universe franchise is one of those upcoming entertainment products that we’re closely following. As we all know, the new leadership of Warner Bros. Discovery decided last year to pull the plug on the ongoing DC Extended Universe. James Gunn and Peter Safran were hired as new CEOs of DC Studios to develop a new cinematic universe based on DC publications, and that universe is set to make its big screen debut in July 2025 with the release of ‘Superman: Legacy.’ We officially know only a few things about DCU for now, but rumors about some big-name actors joining the franchise are ubiquitous.

If two movie industry workers follow each other on social media, does that mean they’ll work together?

Giancarlo Esposito is certainly a big-name actor. Even if you don’t know about his earlier projects, the modern audience could’ve seen him in acclaimed television series such as ‘Breaking Bad,’ ‘The Boys,’ and‘ The Mandalorian.’ Recently, we wrote about Esposito’s statement in which he revealed that he had talks with James Gunn about the possibility of joining DCU. Now, fans have noticed that Gunn has hit the follow button on Esposito’s Instagram account.


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Of course, we need to ask ourselves, does this immediately mean that Esposito will join Gunn’s DCU? No, it does not! At least not yet. Teases and announcements from actors are usually more solid pieces of information than rumors and leaks from various social media accounts, but we don’t have any information that Esposito officially negotiated, let alone signed for a role in DCU.

The fans would certainly like to believe that Gunn following Esposito means something, but if Gunn and Esposito know each other privately and follow each other on social media, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll work together. Although, to be fair, James Gunn is known for collaborating with actors that he already knows.

In the end, will Esposito join DCU? He could, but if he does, we’ll learn that information officially when the right time comes. With the strikes and everything going on, the actors certainly aren’t in any negotiations to join some new projects, so there’s still plenty of time to see what Gunn has planned for his DCU and which actors will join the franchise. Esposito didn’t even say which DCU role he spoke with Gunn about, so these pieces of information we have for now are pretty slim.

What are your thoughts on this topic? Would you like to see Giancarlo Esposito in the DCU? If so, in which role?

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