James Gunn Forced to Defend ‘Superman’ Due to Potential Overuse of CGI


Ever since Gunn & Safran took over DCEU and rebooted it into DCU, a large portion of the fandom that liked Snyder’s vision was mad. Gunn is constantly under attack and forced to defend the movie that isn’t even remotely close to being finished or released.

The most recent controversy and accusation is targeted toward the potential overuse of CGI in the upcoming ‘Superman’ movie.

The production schedule of the upcoming DCU projects is fairly known at this point, and it’s clear that Gunn is working hard to take an active part in the development of all shows and movies to come. ‘Superman’ was the second project to start production this year, with ‘Creature Commandos’ almost being done. Then we have ‘Peacemaker’ Season 2 and ‘Waller,’ TV shows that are supposed to be shot simultaneously.

Fans were bothered by Gunn’s admission that he would write and direct all the episodes, with some fans pointing out that it would distract him from helming the ‘Superman’ production. Then it was pointed out that at that point ‘Superman’ was supposed to be done filming, some fans took offense claiming that since ‘Superman’ will be done shooting so fast it’s probably going to have a case of “overusing the CGI.”

Gunn often debunks misleading stuff surrounding the DCU on Threads, so he took the opportunity to explain that ‘Superman’ is the longest production he ever had. He didn’t address CGI directly, but we can only assume that it won’t be overly used, at least not more than in some of the recent superhero projects that have come out.

To put that into perspective, The production durations for several Gunn’s films are as follows: ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ took 99 days, ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2’ lasted 121 days, ‘The Suicide Squad’ ran for 162 days, and ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3’ spanned 180 days. On average, these productions took around 140 days (4 months, 20 days).

Principal photography for the film began on February 29, 2024, coinciding with Superman’s canonical birthday, in Svalbard, Norway’s Adventdalen valley. The location was chosen for its natural beauty and Arctic resemblance, where scenes featuring the Fortress of Solitude were shot over a week.

Henry Braham returned as cinematographer, with the film being shot entirely in IMAX format. Initially delayed by the SAG-AFTRA strike, filming, expected to last about four months, commenced in Atlanta, Georgia’s Trilith Studios in March and was set to continue until August 2. Additional filming was scheduled in Ohio and Macon, Georgia, with Wendell Pierce cast as Perry White in March and Pruitt Taylor Vince and Neva Howell as Jonathan and Martha Kent in April.

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