The James Gunn Petition Reaches 400,000 Signatures…And It’s Not Done

James Gunn Petition
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The Saga isn’t over. A James Gunn petition over at showing support for the rehiring of James Gunn has reached over 400,000 signatures. The petition was started by Chandler Edwards in July shortly after Gunn was axed by Disney.

While both Edwards and the petition do not condone what Gunn said, it does state that even though the comments were made in poor taste, they were ultimately a poor attempt at humour. Further to this, the comments were made well before Gunn was hired by Disney.

The petition has gained viral status and fans all over the world have voiced their opinion by signing it.

They aren’t alone

Cast members of the Guardians of the Galaxy have come to Gunn’s defence. The group came together to write a letter showing their support for the director. Dave Bautista has been especially critical and out spoken about his friend. In fact, he has gone as far to say that he wouldn’t participate in the third instalment of the franchise if the script that Gunn wrote wasn’t used.

Disney, notorious for taking a hard stance for things that don’t align with their beliefs, has remained steadfast in their decision. Disney is in an envious position as they are the dominant media conglomerate on the planet and there are no shortage of people lining up to work with or for them. They have earned the right to set their own standards. However, there is a fine line between setting standards and bullying.

In a world where Social Media reigns supreme, this is both frustrating and commendable. While I don’t agree with their decision to ostracize their former director for his past, I do applaud them for sticking to their beliefs…no matter how harsh they may seem.

Even if the James Gunn petition and others like it change nothing, it has given a voice to the voiceless. For that, I say keep it up.



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