James Gunn Reveals the Inspiration Behind Upcoming Superman’s Suit

James Gunn Reveals the Inspiration Behind His Supermans Suit

With the start of the new year, we can look forward to the start of a new cinematic universe based on DC characters – DCU. And while DCEU ended its run with a somewhat successful ‘Aquman and the Lost Kingdom, ‘ the fact still remains that the majority of the movies have flopped. This is why Gunn and Safran were called in to take over the reins of the newly rebooted DCU, and they have plenty of projects on their release calendar, but none is as talked about as ‘Superman,’ a true beginning of DCU despite the fact that ‘Creature commandos’ are releasing first.

Now after months of speculation and planning, Gunn was overjoyed to announce that ‘Superman’ has begun principal photography on February 29th which is, coincidentally, Superman’s birthday. Gunn was also asked on the same thread regarding the inspiration for Superman’s suit which we’ve gotten a sneak peek at and Gunn was pretty clear that his inspiration came from Alex Ross, a notable comic book writer and artist.

gunn inspiration for the suit

Ross became notable after his collaboration with writer Kurt Busiek on the 1994 miniseries ‘Marvels’ for Marvel Comics. Following this, they worked on various projects for both Marvel and DC Comics. Most relevant for this topic, Ross co-wrote the 1996 miniseries ‘Kingdom Come,’ with Mark Waid, the key factor here being the fact that Ross painted the series himself and developed the concept and artwork through original ideas.


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And speaking of ‘Kingdom Come,’ at the table reading, the Superman symbol was revealed and many fans pointed out that the symbol in question is the one from the series, leading many fans to speculate that the project will be heavily influenced by that, at least in the artistic sense. When it comes to the story itself, at the DCU reveal Gunn stated that the inspiration for the upcoming movie lies in ‘All-Star Superman,’ but it would be awesome if Gunn managed to mix both influences together.

Filming is set to begin at Trilith Studios in Atlanta, with an expected completion in July. The film will introduce members of the Authority and other superheroes, including Nathan Fillion as Guy Gardner, a Green Lantern. ‘Superman’ is expected to be released on July 11, 2025.

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