James Gunn Teases He Has Plans for Chris Pratt in DCU

James Gunn Teases He Has Plans for Chris Pratt in DCU

The superhero genre and the rest of Hollywood are heavily affected by the recent writers’ and actors’ strikes, but that doesn’t stop the fans from asking questions about future projects and potential actors being cast as the new superheroes. In the case of James Gunn, his tenure in the Marvel Cinematic Universe was really successful, with the Guardians of the Galaxy trilogy being probably the most consistent and best parts of the universe.

After the farewell of the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 movie, Gunn became the best current director in the superhero genre. Of course, besides good research, storylines, and layered characters, Gunn likes to rely on people who were with him along the way and ultimate success, and the rumors of Chris Pratt appearing in DC Universe started to frequent in the entertainment industry – the co-CEO of the DC Studios might have confirmed them in a single Threads post.

James Gunn suggests that he has plans for Chris Pratt in his DC Universe

Gunn and Safran are working hard to create their own DC Universe and mark the new era that has been through a lot over the last decade. The last indication of the ‘Snyderverse’ is slowly but surely ending up in history, and “new blood” and DC comic characters will be introduced in live-action.

Of course, we already saw ‘Superman: Legacy’ having new actors joining the project, but it seems that Gunn always thinks about the people he previously worked with. Once again, the social media, Threads is quite active when James Gunn is online, and fans ask the director all things DC.

One of the fans suggested that James Gunn could cast one of the actors from ‘The Guardians of the Galaxy’ trilogy and guest star in the season of the successful DC series ‘Peacemaker.’

They continue that Gunn could cast Chris Pratt or Pom Klementieff to portray themselves. James Gunn quickly answered that there is a reason he “wouldn’t want either of the actors to play themselves in DCU!”


Lead Actors for ‘Superman: Legacy’ Have Been Officially Picked!

Fans immediately started speculating that Chris Pratt might be getting a role in Gunn and Safran’s DC Universe and even recommended a few notable DC superheroes that Pratt could portray perfectly.

After the farewell of Guardians of the Galaxy from the MCU (at least the movie projects), Pratt portrayed another iconic character, this time Super Mario in ‘Super Mario Bros. Movie,’ which is another major franchise, this time set in the video game media.

The movie was surprisingly fun and good, and Pratt’s performance was exceptionally good. Who could he play in DC Universe? Some fans suggest that it could be either Captain Liberty, Ray Palmer as Atom, or even Booster Gold, who looks like a character that Chris Pratt would portray well.

Nevertheless, we still don’t know the details of the future DC Universe projects, but we can certainly expect some of the actors from ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ movies to appear in Gunn’s future projects – he does love working with people he already worked with.

Gunn will post more details and hints on social media and answer questions from his fans, which will help us understand the projects and vision even better.

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