John Malkovich Has Been Cast in the Upcoming ‘Fantastic Four’ Movie – Here’s Three Guesses on Who He’s Playing

Malkovich in Fantastic Four

The cast of ‘The Fantastic Four’ reboot was pretty much known even before it was confirmed. Several weeks ago we got a confirmation that Pedro Pascal would be playing Reed Richards, Vanessa Kirby would be playing Sue Storm, Joseph Quinn would be playing Johnny Storm and Ebon Moss-Bachrach would be portraying Ben Grimm aka The Thing.

The casting of the villains and supporting characters has been kept under wraps much longer, it was only recently confirmed that Julia Garner will be portraying MCU’s version of Silver Surfer, Shalla-Bal, with Ralph Ineson portraying Galactus. Paul Walter Hauser was cast in an undisclosed role and recently, Deadline reported that John Malkovich was likewise cast in a so-far secret role.

Now we can speculate forever on who he could be playing since The Fantastic Four canon is one of the richest in the comics, featuring plenty of supporting characters and notable villains. Still, based on some previous rumors and leaks related to the film, some roles are more likely than the other.

1. Puppet Master

Phillip Masters

You certainly can’t deny that Malkovich looks like the Puppet Master, which makes this role the most likely. In Marvel Comics, the Puppet Master is the alias of Phillip Masters, a supervillain known for his ability to manipulate others through the use of radioactive clay.

Masters gained his powers when he accidentally exposed himself to a unique clay that he discovered while working as a sculptor. This clay allows him to create small, lifelike puppets that he controls by shaping them with his hands. By creating puppet versions of individuals, he can control their actions and manipulate them to do his bidding. Puppet Master was heavily rumored to be included in the upcoming film.

2. Mole Man

Mole Man

The likeness is not there, but Mole Man was the most rumored villain set to appear in the movie. According to some reports, he will be the first villain the team will face at the start of the movie. The Mole Man is the alias of Harvey Rupert Elder, a supervillain who first appeared in ‘Fantastic Four’ #1 in 1961. Originally a skilled scientist, Elder became an outcast due to his eccentric behavior and physical appearance. He discovered a subterranean realm called Subterranea, inhabited by various monstrous creatures.

3. Doctor Doom

ironheart villains doctor doom

This one is a bit of a stretch, but Doctor Doom was also rumored to appear in the movie, but near the end. He won’t be the primary antagonist of the film, but will be foreshadowed for future projects. I don’t think Doctor Doom needs an introduction, as the villain has become synonymous with the team over the years.

Who do you think Malkovich will play? Let us know in the comments below!

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