15 Strongest Fantastic Four Villains We Hope To See in the MCU

fantastic four villains we would love to see in the mcu

Out of all upcoming MCU projects, you can’t deny that the hype is the biggest around the upcoming ‘Fantastic Four’ reboot. Marvel’s first family will officially join the ranks of other established MCU superheroes in July, 2025 and recently we got the official confirmations regarding the actors about to embody some of the most notable characters in the Marve Comics. Now, next to nothing is known regarding the plot of the movie except for rumors that point in the direction of Doctor Doom, Galactus, and even Silver Surfer being the movie’s villains. Due to this, we decided to take this opportunity to put down our own list of extremely powerful villains that we would like to see in the movie. So let’s start.

1. Miracle Man

Miracle Man

Miracle Man started out as a mediocre stage magician who found out he could hypnotize people without realizing it, making them think he was doing amazing tricks. He boasted in front of the Fantastic Four and embarrassed The Thing, which made him decide to become a super-criminal. He used his hypnotic powers to make people think a movie display was a real monster attacking New York, and then he went on a crime spree while the Fantastic Four were busy. You’re probably wondering why Miracle Man is on this list. Well, despite starting out as an insignificant nuisance Miracle Man found several ways to empower himself over the course of his “career” as the supervillain reaching almost cosmic proportions.

2. Hyperstorm


Hyperstorm is actually a grandson of Reed Richards and Sue Storm hailing from the alternate future. He is the son of Franklin Richards and Rachel Summers. Hyperstorm eventually started taking over all the known worlds in his universe. He learned about the Fantastic Four and decided to mess with them without them knowing who he was. Meanwhile, Mister Fantastic’s father, Nathaniel Richards, tries to stop Hyperstorm from existing by taking his grandson Franklin into the future and training him to become a warrior. Nathaniel wanted to help the Fantastic Four by teaching them new things, like helping the Invisible Woman use her powers better.

Hyperstorm was gifted, due to his powerful parentage with incredible psionic powers drawn from hyperspace the source of fundamental forces like gravity and magnetism.


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3. Occulus


Occulus is an alien residing in the Inniverse, a parallel dimension to Earth’s. This dimension can be accessed by adjusting the frequency to navigate through the spaces between atoms and molecules in matter. Occulus became a sworn enemy of the Fantastic Four when his brother Wildblood wanted to utilize young Franklin in his schemes, while Occulus wanted to get rid of Franklin, considering him to be a big threat to reality. Occulus made it to this list due to his near-immortality, near-omnipotent energy-projection potential, and incredible fighting skills.

4. Devos the Devastator

Devos the Devastator

Devos, an alien with a mission to eliminate all war-capable races, was so focused on this objective that he even targeted primitive species that showed potential for future warfare. He encountered the Fantastic Four while they were stranded in deep space, considering them a threat due to their advanced technology. Despite initially confronting them, the Fantastic Four proved stronger than expected, forcing Devos to retreat and allowing the heroes to salvage parts from his ship to return home. Not much is known about his powers except for the fact that Nova Corps classified him as a planetary-level threat.

5. Impossible Man

Impossible Man

The Impossible Man, an alien from the planet Poppup, possesses the ability to instantly transform into anything he imagines, a trait shared by his entire species. Bored with life on their planet, Poppupians seek entertainment elsewhere. One of them landed on Earth shortly Fantastic Four came to the scene as superheroes, causing mischief in New York City due to his playful nature and lack of understanding of Earth customs. The Fantastic Four were called in to confront him, with the Thing dubbing him the “Impossible Man” during their encounter.

6. Frightful Four

Frightful Four

The Frightful Four originated from three villains who frequently fought the Human Torch, the youngest member of the Fantastic Four. The Wizard, the Sandman, and Paste-Pot Pete were defeated by the Torch in various encounters. In their last battle, the Wizard’s anti-gravity device malfunctioned, sending him into the upper atmosphere. Meanwhile, the Sandman and Paste-Pot Pete escaped from prison and rescued the Wizard mid-air. Recognizing their shared powers and animosity towards the Fantastic Four, the Wizard proposed forming a group as their evil counterparts. Thus, the Frightful Four was born. We would at least love to see Frightful Four in ‘What If…?’

7. Terminus


Millennia ago, the Terminex race clashed with the Celestials and were wiped out. Before their death, they created the Termini, a life form designed to disrupt the Celestials’ vision of order. The Termini, not carbon-based, were sent into space. They begin as microbes, which are ingested by life forms on inhabited planets, transforming them into robot versions of themselves. These robots consume metal and radioactive materials to grow larger. Multiple robots merge to form a Terminus. If two Termini meet, one can consume the other to become an Ulterminus. Fantastic Four once encountered Terminus and managed to defeat it through Reed’s ingenious plan to inertia-canceling gizmo on him, which sent him to the center of the Earth.

8. Super-Skrull

giah 1

Kl’rt was the primary Super-Skrull in the Marvel Comics, despite the existence of many others. However, due to the MCU having a different take on Super-Skrulls, it’s likely that if it ever came to such a fight the Super-Skrull in question would be G’iah. Despite appearing only in ‘Secret Invasion’ in which she gained her superpowers, G’iah is currently among the most powerful characters in the MCU having the combined powers of the Hulk, Thor, Captain Marvel and plenty of other begins whose blood was collected during the so-called “Harvest” following the battle against Thanos.

9. Terrax the Tamer

Terrax the Tamer

Tyros was a dictator ruling the city-state Lanlak on the moon of Birj, located in a distant solar system. He controlled his realm using a unique ability to animate constructs of earth and rock. Tyros was driven by a desire for power and conquest, leading a life of indulgence and violence. His actions caught the attention of Galactus, the cosmic entity known as the World Devourer. To the surprise of everybody Galactus actually employed the help of the Fantastic Four to fetch him Tyros, due to his complete lack of morality Galactus considered him to be a perfect herald.

Soon after being captured by the team, Tyros was exposed to Power Cosmic and transformed into Terrax the Tamer who will soon betray Galactus and become one of the most powerful dangers the Fantastic Four ever faced.

10. Over-Mind


The Over-Mind is a powerful cosmic entity and supervillain. Originally known as Grom, he was a native of the planet Eternus and was part of a race that wanted to conquer other worlds. Grom underwent a transformation into the Over-Mind when he merged with his entire race’s collective consciousness and physical forms in order to save them from extinction. When The Over-Mind arrived in New York, he manipulated Mayor John Lindsay into arresting the Fantastic Four, considering them potential villains. He planned to control the President, generals, and eventually all rulers on Earth. The combine powers of the Fantastic Four were not enough to stand against Over-Mind and they had to ask Doctor Doom for help.


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11. Doctor Doom

ironheart villains doctor doom

I’m sure that Doctor Doom is a villain that needs to introduction and no recap of his history with Fantastic Four. Doctor Doom was initially a rival of Reed’s while they were still humble students, and their rivalry progressed into hatred due to Doom’s often unethical experiments. However, not all is black and white as Doctor Doom and Fantastic Four worked together several times. We don’t know whether Doom will appear in the ‘Fantastic Four’ movie, but there are some rumors that point in the direction of him appearing toward the end of the film in a smaller role, setting him up for bigger things to come.

12. Air-Walker

Air Walker

Gabriel Lan served as a captain on the Xandarian ship called the Way-Opener. His job was to explore and make friends with other alien civilizations. Lan was previously in the Nova Corps military and was excited about his new job exploring space. After a seven-year tour, as he neared his home, he was taken aboard a strange spherical ship and met Galactus. Galactus wanted a new helper and thought Lan would be a good fit. Lan agreed to become the Air-Walker, gaining great power and the ability to travel anywhere.

13. Abraxas

Abraxas, a villain born from Eternity’s core, aimed to destroy the Multiverse, seeing perfection in nothingness. He couldn’t act freely because Galactus existed in every reality. When Earth-616’s Galactus died, Abraxas emerged and began killing alternate versions of Galactus. He targeted Earth’s reality and stole Uatu the Watcher’s medallion. Abraxas teased the Fantastic Four about his upcoming arrival, leading them to desperately search for the Ultimate Nullifier. Eventually, Franklin Richards and his sister Valeria revived Galactus, allowing him to defeat Abraxas. Mister Fantastic used the Ultimate Nullifier, sacrificing himself and Abraxas to restore reality and save everyone who died in Abraxas’ rampage.


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14. Molecule Man

Molecule Man

Once a lab technician seeking praise, Owen Reece became the powerful Molecule Man after an accident while fixing an atomic device. This accident connected him to a universe of a child Beyonder, empowering him. He met the Beyonder during ‘Secret Wars’ and later merged into a Cosmic Cube before being ejected. However, Reece’s transformation was part of a plan by adult Beyonders to end the Multiverse. To stop this, Molecule Man traveled back in time with Doctor Doom to eliminate his other selves, but this caused the Multiverse to contract. Facing the end of everything, Molecule Man absorbed the Beyonders’ power and gave it to Doom to create Battleworld. Later, he transferred this power to Reed Richards to restore the Multiverse as the Eighth Cosmos.

15. Galactus

Galactus feeding

Just like Doom, Galactus truly needs no introduction as the most notable villain/ sometimes ally of the Fantastic Four. Galactus is already heavily rumored to be included in the movie with several actors rumored to be contenders for the role. Starting with Antonio Banderas, and most recently, Javier Bardem who seems like the top choice currently. Galactus already appeared in the old ‘Fantastic Four’ franchise, and it would be an understatement to say that fans were disappointed. This time around with the advance of CGI, Galactus can appear truly epic.

Have a villain to add to the list? Let us know in the comments below!

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