Juggernaut vs. Thanos: Who Is Stronger & Who Would Win?

Juggernaut vs. Thanos Who Is Stronger Who Would Win

Thanos is known to be a resident powerhouse in the Marvel Universe. Even though he is mostly associated with Infinity Gauntlet, he has plenty of offer both in the department of energy manipulation and physical strength, but what happens when we compare Thanos with one seemingly unstoppable character – Juggernaut? We set out to explore this today as we pit these two characters with infinite might against each other. Now, without further ado, let’s see, when it comes to the battle between Juggernaut and Thanos, who is stronger, and who would win in a fight? 

Thanos would win in a fight against Juggernaut due to his versatile abilities, intelligence, and speed. Ever since Juggernaut lost his connection to the Gem of Cyttorak, his powers are nowhere near on the same level as they used to be, and he has nothing to offer except for brute strength and durability, and unfortunately this wouldn’t be enough to win him this fight. 

Now that we’ve covered that Thanos reigns supreme, it’s time to explore why. We’re going to compare the powers, abilities, strength, speed, and durability of both characters so you can see how we came to our conclusion. We’re going to compare the current mainline versions of both Juggernaut and Thanos, so keep that in mind. 

Powers and abilities

Now Cain Marko, aka Juggernaut, was known among the most powerful characters in the Marvel Universe due to his demonic connection with The Crimson Gem of Cyttorak, which provided him with impossible powers and strength. He was able to manipulate energy, create force fields, manipulate his own size, and have plenty of other effects.

Juggernaut also lost his connection to the gem, which instantly depowered him. Now it’s not that the current version of Juggernaut is weak. He just isn’t as powerful as he was when he had the gem. 

He ultimately replaced the gem with Crimson Bands of Cyttorak, which offered him some limited connection to the demonic lord and allowed him to retain some of his former powers, like irresistible force embodiment, meaning that once he charges, it’s impossible to stop him. He can also summon his specialized armor at any time under any circumstances, and this is pretty much all. 


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On the other hand, Thanos has vast powers, even if we are not considering Infinity Gantlet. Thanos is a skilled manipulator of almost all elements, energy, and magic forms. He can utilize his powers in a variety of offensive and defensive ways. He can both project extremely destructive blasts of power and generate durable force fields around him for protection. 

Thanos has some moderate ability to affect objects on their molecular level and the ability to fire disruptor beams from his eyes. He regularly faced powerful enemies like Silver Surfer and Galactus and managed to overpower them with only his energy projection. Thanos is an extremely skilled telepath and is known to be a manipulator of souls and insanity, allowing him to attack his enemies mentally.

Thanos Energy blast vs galactus

It’s easier to list what Thanos can’t do, and there’s probably a lot that I forgot to mention in terms of his powers and abilities. Still, it’s quite clear that the current Juggernaut has no chance of winning the first point. 

Points: Thanos(1:0) Juggernaut

Strength and Stamina 

Juggernaut used to be a Thor-level threat in terms of his strength and abilities, and it seems that he managed to retain this aspect of his character through Crimson Bands. Juggernaut can lift more than 100 tons, and his strength may be infinite. It’s something that he is famous for and something that didn’t get lost even after his connection to Cyttorak was severed through the gem.

Juggernaut strenght

In terms of stamina, it’s pretty much the same. Juggernaut’s body produces no fatigue toxins meaning he can keep on fighting and physically exert himself for however it long it takes to defeat his enemies. 

Thanos doesn’t have occult connections to third parties, but he does have Eternal / Deviant physiology that provides him with more physical strength than you are used from your average Eternal. Thanos is famous for his brutish physique, and it’s no wonder that he can also lift in excess of 100 tons. His strength is quite possibly limitless if he decides to enhance himself through implants or through other magical means. 

Thanos punches through War Machine

Thanos is not human, and due to that, he produces fewer fatigue toxins. He can keep on fighting for a long time until he starts feeling the effects of fatigue. 

There’s no doubt about it, Juggernaut is physically stronger than Thanos, and due to that, the point goes to him. 

Points: Thanos(1:1) Juggernaut


Currently, Juggernaut’s speed is not really impressive as it’s marked as normal human speed. He is much faster in combat and while charging, but this is the extent of his speed. 

Juggernaut charging

Thanos can, at worst, reach speeds of 700 miles per hour. He also quite frequently showcases that he can fly at the speed of light in outer space. But this isn’t really important in combat. What’s important is that Thanos has highly superior reflexes and reaction times, which are more than on a superhuman level. 

Thanos catches Iron Heart

Thanos is able to react swiftly to any kind of danger, and despite his brutish physiology, he is known to be able to speed-blitz his enemies. 

As you can see from our analysis, Thanos is faster than Juggernaut.

Points: Thanos(2:1) Juggernaut


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Now Juggernaut was insanely durable back in the day due to his force field, healing factor, immortality, and other factors granted him by Cyttorak. Juggernaut’s durability was matched perhaps only by the Hulk, and we can’t say that his durability changed much ever since he adopted the Crimson Bands of Cyttorak.

Juggernaut bulletproof

Sure, he doesn’t have the mystical aspect of durability, but Crimson Bands of Cyttorak allow him to summon armor formed out of the red bands, and that armor is virtually indestructible, meaning that Juggernaut is indestructible as well. 

The only objects capable of penetrating the armor so far are mystical weapons such as Magik’s Soulsword and Black Knight’s Ebony Blade.

Thanos is extremely durable once again due to his Eternal/Deviant nature. He has extremely hard bodily tissues resistant to most forms of normal damage, and he has a fast-acting healing factor capable of taking care of even the most severe damage. In some instances, Thanos was banned from dying, and it is speculated that his willpower is strong enough that even upon death, he would find a way to reform himself. 

Thanos durable

We have to give this one to Juggernaut, as he was always famous for his incredible durability. 

Points: Thanos(2:2) Juggernaut


Now, there’s a reason why Juggernaut was always more than anything a physical powerhouse, as he isn’t exactly a genius. He does have some relatively advanced knowledge of the occult, but this is pretty much it. 

Thanos, on the other hand, is known to be among the smartest characters in Marvel Comics. Ever since he was a child, Thanos has shown interest in sciences and anatomy. It’s a shame that he mostly used his intellect to fuel his ambitions. Thanos is well-versed in both sciences and the occult.

Thanos Intelligence

He is known to be cold, calculating, and manipulative. Due to his centuries of experience and being a conquering warlord, he learned something about fighting and tactics. It’s often said that Thanos’ most dangerous weapon is his intelligence. 

It’s clear as a day that Juggernaut cannot win the battle of wits against Thanos. The point goes to Mad Titan. 

Points: Thanos(3:2) Juggernaut


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Combat Skills 

Before Juggernaut got his “powers,” he was in the military along with Charles Xavier. Due to this, he has some experience fighting, but most of his experience came from his days as a superhuman. He, however, always preferred fighting hand-to-hand using brawling and street-fight-level techniques. 

Juggernaut vs Hulk

Thanos doesn’t have to stoop to using his physical abilities often due to the various destructive powers he has at his disposal, but he is known to be among the greatest armed and unarmed fighters in the Marvel comics.

Thanos vs. Ronan

This is because he started training at a really early age and has millennia of experience fighting. Thanos is especially dangerous with his double-bladed sword, which was his most iconic MCU weapon. 

With everything taken into account, Thanos has both more skills and more experience. 

Juggernaut vs. Thanos: Who wins in a fight? 

There’s no doubt that Juggernaut is physically stronger than Thanos, but this is pretty much it, especially when he got relatively depowered. Thanos is vastly more powerful. With his plethora of energy-manipulation skills, he is far more intelligent and would eventually devise a plan to go around Juggernaut’s durability. The older version of Juggernaut was much more powerful, while the gem empowered him, and he actually stood a chance at beating Thanos. Nowadays? No chance. 

Who do you think would win in this fight? Let us know in the comments!

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