Kevin Costner Comments on His “Disappointing” Role in Snyder’s ‘Man of Steel’: “Maybe I Should Have Read This Thing Closer”


Snyder’s ‘Man of Steel’ on release received mixed reviews. The movie turned out to be highly controversial due to its much darker take on Superman and the fact that Superman breaks his “no-kill” rule.

Snyder later explained that Superman is fake if he can’t kill Zod, and that matter was seemingly settled, but plenty of other criticism was left unanswered, among the most notable being Pa Kent’s death.

As a reminder, Kevin Costner’s Jonathan Kent sacrifices himself during a Tornado in ‘Man Of Steel’ so that Superman doesn’t reveal his powers to the public. The scene and the idea behind it were highly mocked and criticized among fans. The decision to hire Costner for such a minor role in the movie was also resurrected recently since fans started mocking Gunn’s decision to hire relatively less-known actors to portray Jonathan and Martha Kent.

Now Costner himself commented on the role nearly 11 years after the release of the movie. Costner is currently promoting his latest movie ‘Horizon: An American Saga,’ and he answered several questions related to both his past and present projects.

Costner jokingly addressed the fact that he was a normal human in a superhero movie, noting that this was just his luck.

It’s just my luck to be in a superhero movie and be the only person that’s normal. I was like, “really, I can’t fly, and I can’t put my fist through the wall? Maybe I should have read this thing closer. I’m a farmer?!”

Costner also managed to draw parallels between his death scene as Jonathan Kent and one of the most touching moments in his latest movie.

Critics questioned the logic behind Jonathan’s decision to sacrifice himself, arguing that it seemed unnecessary and unrealistic. They argued that he could have accepted Clark’s help to save himself without revealing Clark’s abilities to the public. Fans felt that his death did not serve a significant purpose in Superman’s character development. Instead of inspiring him to become the hero he was destined to be, it seemed to instill fear and uncertainty in Clark, which some viewers found disappointing.

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