Krysten Ritter Comments on Her MCU Return: “I may or may not have an extra jacket already”


Before MCU expanded to Disney+, Netflix had its own microverse of series dedicated to street-level superheroes called ‘The Defenders Saga.’ One of the most notable shows was ‘Jessica Jones,’ following the cynical, alcoholic, and flawed anti-hero under the same name.

The issue of canonicity of ‘The Defenders Saga’ was always a question in the fandom, a question that was recently answered by the release of ‘Echo’ and by the upcoming release of ‘Daredevil: Born Again.’

Since Charlie Cox’s Daredevil is being integrated into the MCU, his story “reboot” but also continued from his previous seasons on Netflix, there have been rumors that the stories of Jessica Jones, Danny Rand, and Luke Cage might continue as well. Ritter who portrayed the notable hero has said several times over the last year that she would be more than happy to return.

She even dropped a few hints over the last several months, like posing in Jessica’s T-shirt and posting a photo of herself with pink hair on her private social media accounts.

Now while discussing her character in ‘Orphan Black: Echoes’ Ritten talked about how her role in ‘Breaking Bad’ influenced her current roles, but she also answered a few questions related to her MCU return, as always Ritten teased the fans:

I am ready and I would, of course, be there in a heartbeat. She’s a character who I absolutely love, and she was a part of my life for so long. […]So if the opportunity calls, I may or may not have an extra jacket already. Fingers crossed, you never know. But that would be exciting, of course.

While we don’t have anything concrete to go on except for rumors, and the hints that Ritter herself left all over social media, who knows, if ‘Daredevil: Born Again’ turns out to be successful enough, maybe we’re in for resurrection of other shows as well?

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