Luke Cage and Jessica Jones Have a Child: Meet Danielle Cage-Jones

Do Luke Cage and Jessica Jones Have a Child Meet Danielle Cage Jones

Luke Cage and Jessica Jones are among the most popular couples in the Marvel Universe. Even though their relationship was turbulent, they still managed to find their way toward each other and crown their relationship with marriage. It’s not that rare that superheroes eventually have children, and Jessica Jones and Luke Cage were no exception to this rule, they do have a daughter in several Marvel Universes, and this is why we’re going to bring you everything about her, including whether Danielle Cage has superpowers. 

Danielle “Dani” Cage-Jones is the daughter of Jessica Jones and Luke Cage. On Earth-616, she currently doesn’t have any superpowers and is a little girl. On Earth-15601, Danielle inherited all powers of Jessica Jones and Luke Cage and assumed the mantle of Captain America. Danielle also holds the mantle of Thor on Earth-21923 after she managed to lift Mjolnir. 

Now that we’ve summarized who Danielle Cage is, it’s time to explain it in a bit more detail. If you’re interested in how Danielle came to be, as well as how her alternate versions amassed such mighty powers. Stay with us and keep reading!

Jessica Jones found out that she was pregnant with Danielle while she was dating Scott Lang

Jessica Jones was not your classical superhero. She doesn’t have that mild and righteous personality, instead opting out to react to issues in a truly human way with a side of chainsmoking and alcoholism. It might surprise you, however, if you’re not familiar with Jones’ history that she did, at one point, act as both a superhero and vigilante, respectively. 

Jessica as Knightress

Her vigilante phase was the one that led her to meet Luke Cage, who would eventually become her husband. At that time, Jessica was operating under the name Knightress. She happened upon illegal activities organized by the Maggia crime syndicate, and she teamed up with both Luke Cage and Danny Rand to take them down. 

JEssica Jones meet Luke Cage

After the fight, she properly introduced herself to the duo, and based on the fact that Jessica wanted to escape as soon as possible, Luke assumed that the police wanted her. At that moment, they discovered the two children who remained hidden during the action, and Jessica decided to blow her cover and reveal her identity so she could take the kids into her own custody, preferring for them not to end up in foster care.

Luke Cage returns to talk with Jessica Jones

Luke was impressed and later located Jessica’s place to get to know her better. He was impressed by her willingness to risk her identity so that the two kids could get a “good night’s sleep.” 

Their relationship had its ups and downs, and at the time when Jessica realized she was pregnant with Danielle, she wasn’t even dating Luke. She was at that time with Scott Lang, better known as Ant-Man, a date that Carol Danvers, her good friend, set her up with. 


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Jessica eventually came clean to Scott, and when they ended things, Luke and Jessica tried again, but only after Danielle was born did Cage propose to Jessica, and she said yes. They got married in ‘New Avengers Annual’ #1. 

Jessica Jones and Luke Cage wedding

Danielle currently doesn’t have superpowers

In the mainline Marvel Universe, Danielle Cage doesn’t have superpowers. She is far too small for that and far too young, but considering that both her mother and her father have superhuman physiology and can be considered true powerhouses, it’s only a matter of time before she manifests either super strength or her father’s incredible impenetrable skin. But the Earth-616 version of Danielle is not the only one in existence. 

Danielle Cage

400 years in the future Danielle Cage becomes Captain America 

Danielle Cage was transported 400 years into the future and a different timeline that takes place in the year 20XX. This version of Danielle inherited all powers of her mother and father, although they are in that timeline deceased. 

Danielle as Captain America

Danielle is not the only superpowered individual that finds herself in this timeline as she is soon joined by Jim Rhodes, Thor, Hulk, Black Widow, and Vision. They eventually found out that they had been summoned by Doctor Doom to defeat All-Father Ultron. 

This version of Danielle has Golden Skull as her biggest villain, and instead of a classic Captain America shield made out of vibranium, she has a voice-commanded drone that looks exactly the same. 

On Earth-21923 Danielle Cage was worthy of Mjolnir 

This version of Danielle resides in the Wastelands, a hopeless post-apocalyptic world ruled almost entirely by villains. Logan left Bruca Banner Junior in her care so she could raise him. After Logan’s return to his timeline, he is captured by cannibals but eventually rescued by Danielle and a young Bruce Jr. Dani’s anger at his seven-year absence was evident as she immediately punches him in the face.


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While on the road, Danielle explained the danger surrounding young Hulk as several factions wanted to capture him to abuse his power. The fact that Logan killed several Hulks and Red Skull created a power vacuum that rival factions now abused. 

Mister Sinister will eventually kidnap Bruce Jr., and during the confrontation, Danielle finds herself falling next to Mjolnir.

Danielle finds mjolnir

As soon as she fell next to Mjolnir, Danielle realized she was worthy of it and grabbed the hammer. She was immediately transformed into Thor, and with this power, she managed to kill Mister Sinister, although Sabretooth fatally wounded Logan. 

Danielle Transformed into Thor

In this universe, Danielle has the powers of Jessica Jones and Luke Cage and the powers of Thor via her connection to Mjolnir. 

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